Error: Virtual Hosting: read failed [12030]



I subscribed to a signal also rent vps from mql5 in terminal but keep receiving this error in journal tab:    Virtual Hosting: 6434696 read failed [12030]
should i be worried or it's ok?


is it about MQL5 VPS?
Did you migrate your signal subscription to this VPS?
Anyway, you can check all the procedure once again (just in case you missed something):

How to Subscribe to MT4/MT5 Signal - new instructions

And this error ( 12030 ) is in Metatrader journal or MQL5 VPS journal?
Because, I was reading this thread Push Notifications Error Message 12030 and I understand that this error code is indicating the internet problem.

  • If it is in Metatrader journal so it may be internet problem with Metatrader in your computer (the forex market is closed for weekend, or for any other reason);
  • If it is in MQL5 VPS journal so you can provide the migration of the signal subscription once again (today or tomorrow morning), or change MQL5 VPS server (tomorrow morning for example) - post (second part of the post) about how to change MQL5 VPS server.

Anyway, you can monitor the situation using MQL5 VPS journal when the market will be opened for example.

Push Notifications Error Message 12030
Push Notifications Error Message 12030
  • 2018.12.19
I am running mt4 on a VPS...


It is on the meta-trader journal not mql5 vps journal .vps journal is showing zero record from the beginning.
Yesterday I rent two vps for two signal subscriptions only one of them has this problem.
Anyway this morning checked again. ERROR is still there and journal on vps side is blank and no record. but everything works fine. terminal is do just fine and trades are receiving on my side .weird!

Solved . I think it was from my internet as you mentioned.