Exponential Moving Average Crossover


Hi all,

Im having issues finding an EA that can trade the moment the Fast EMA cross up over the Slow EMA, then when the Fast EMA crosses the Slow EMA back down it can close the long trade and open the sell trade. 

I also want to be able have a Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss.

I keep downloading these MA EA's that open on candle close etc or if im overlaying a normal EMA indicator its not taking trades when it should in back testing. I need it to be as soon as the price crosses over Fast to slow in the direction its moving (iv been setting Fast EMA as 1 and slow as 200 so its litterly as the real price moves across the line)

If anyone can advise of any Free EA or paid trial that would be great. Iv tested enough EA's now and getting no where

Thankyou in advance :)

William Roeder  
dtrain6663: Im having issues finding an EA that can trade the moment the Fast EMA cross up
  1. Modify one of them to look at bar zero.

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  2. Do you realize that if you change it to look at bar zero, you will get many loosing trades per bar as price moves up and down with multiple cross/uncross?