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Registered a Virtual Server and paid with MT5 account but it has dissappeared on my MT4 Desktop terminal

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Brian 2014.10.30 07:29 


Problem description

I registered and paid for the new virtual server service offered through our MT5 account.

It is running some EA's.

When  I log onto my desktop, MT4 is asking me to register a virtual server . In other words it thinks I don't have one but I already have one.  The money for the Virtual Server has been locked on my MT5 account but now on my MT4 desktop platform there is NO synchronization option. It is asking me to register the virtual server AGAIN!

Has anyone else had this problem? 

It is quite URGENT because I cannot access EA's that have been left on the Virtual Server and they are running!



Trinh Dat
Trinh Dat 2014.10.30 11:38  
you registered virtual server on MT5 account . But you want run EA on MT4 acc ?
Brian 2014.10.30 18:14  
No, Registered on MT4
Heiner Diephaus
Heiner Diephaus 2014.10.30 22:23  

Hallo, I've such a  problem. Few days ago , i start the rented(3month) server with built 735, it runs best, Today it seams there is a new built 745.

No protokoll ist written today. The server at navigator ist seems green, but after a click it turns to red, but i cant activate the server again. The synchronisation was accepted and the migration ok.

But the last entry in the Client journal says  

2014.10.30 21:53:09.854    Virtual Hosting: 1485 start OK

2014.10.30 21:55:57.847    Virtual Hosting: 1485 status is 'stopped'

The last protokoll record loaded from server was ok, on 2014.  Now I'm searching for service.  My MT4 Client  now trading.

Brian 2014.10.31 08:17  

Thanks for your response. It is working now after I reported it to the service desk but I am still not sure what was wrong.

RASHIDIN 2014.11.08 04:13  


Please help me!!!

1. how to activate trading accounts for the broker FxUnited?

2. I never use MT4 Multi Terminal..

I've attached it as your reference

Thank ALL....

Roman Sergiyenko
Roman Sergiyenko 2015.12.26 14:19  

I am trying to open virtual server but I don't have such a function. Can somebody tell me why?? Is it my broker's fault??? I use mt5 and I work on mac os. Any ideas boys.



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