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Experts: Bleris - Hedging Strategy

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Automated-Trading 2014.10.14 08:28 

Bleris - Hedging Strategy:

This strategy uses hedging if trend change.

I made this strategy for real trading account, but the reason why I am sharing it now is that I want to get some tips and tricks from you. If you will share your ideas I can share with you the final concept of Bleris strategy.

I made some advanced and successful systems in the past. I am looking for another systems which can pass forward tests and can be used for real trading without big losses.

Author: Tomas Hruby

Tan Phan Ngoc
Tan Phan Ngoc 2014.10.14 08:50  

Bleris - Hedging Strategy:

Author: Tomas Hruby

Thank for your share
Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2014.10.14 10:07  
Hedging seems dangerous.... 
Tomas Hruby
Tomas Hruby 2014.10.14 10:16  
Hedging seems dangerous.... 
Hi Roszey, 
 I think so. Hedgong and martingale are dangerous techniques. I try to use it on a small scale. 
There is variable named LossUSD and ProfitUSD. I am using them for closing all positions when AccountProfit() fall down to LossUSD or when reach ProfitUSD. Its a safety brake for prevention before big drawdown.

Hope it helps.
Tomas Hruby
Tomas Hruby 2014.10.23 19:02  

Frank sent me an email with his results of Bleris. He made 2000€ overnight on demo account.

FYI! But remember to use small lots on real account ;-)

forextraderaz 2014.10.24 00:01  
Is the set file posted just for USD/JPY or is it for other pairs also?
ramasubbu velayutham
ramasubbu velayutham 2014.10.24 13:40  
i have one good hedging EA but its in testing period ,i will share with you later friends )))
Dua Yong Rew
Dua Yong Rew 2014.10.24 17:58

not accessible 

Tomas Hruby
Tomas Hruby 2014.10.25 11:21  
Is the set file posted just for USD/JPY or is it for other pairs also?

Hi forextraderaz,

  tha set file is only for USDJPY but somebody used it also for GBPUSD. But  my recommendations is to make optimization for your market with Every Tick mode! Than you can use it with smaller risk ;-)

Its a good idea to try Bleris simultaneously with multiple pairs (with micro lots, aslo).

Tomas Hruby
Tomas Hruby 2014.10.25 11:23  

not accessible 

Hi doshur.


Yes, I  did not make a website yet. I am not hurry with that because I am getting improvements for Bleris every day. Its time consuming. I will run the website within next month.

muller 2014.10.25 12:57  

Propose to add/change some controls:

- set a % accountequity target instead of an absolute $ amount

- set allowed trading session start/end hours (to avoid ranging low volatility activity)

- might need to check the trend on day & week to know about the big picture (divergence)

- might help to set stop orders (buy & sell) on top/low of ihightest/ilowest levels to secure about big news, with expiry & oco

- set ordersend ecn compatible (2 steps)

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