4 reasons to rent a VPS for trading - page 5

Eleni Anna Branou  
massdefect #:

So I uploaded an EA to the VPS with a couple pairs.  Each pair was optimized and a setting file created for each.  The settings for the EA are slightly different for each pair. How do I tell if the VPS is using the correct settings for the EA?

If you are talking about MQL5 VPS and you've migrated the EAs with the new loaded set files, you are OK.

Each time you change something in your EAs settings locally, you must migrate these changes to your MQL5 VPS to take effect.
Buster Solomon  
Agree about using VPN. In some areas there might be restrictions, especially if we speak of crypto.
Eleni Anna Branou  
Heycke2014 #:
Need some guidance please guys. So I have registered a VPS for an EA and my VPS journal shows between 2 and 5 ms ping...is this good? And secondly my signal bar bottom right states that DC1 is 203 ms...is this normal when you are running on a VPS?

Your MQL5 VPS journal writes the ping that you are currently using for trading with your EA on the cloud, 2-5ms is excellent.

The 203ms of your local terminal is the ping that your computer's platform has to your broker, which is large but not the one you are using for trading.

You would use that slow ping if you hadn't registered a virtual server and had to trade with your EA locally.

You Cheng Jian  
Paula Ramirez # :
is it worth renting vps

If your internet keeps disconnecting or your computer keeps crashing, vps is worth it