Risk managment in EAs (limit the EA lose per period)

Elior Akiva  


I'm trying to build a system with multiple EAs and want to limit the loss that every EA can perform in a specific period of time.

Let say I want to limit an EA to lose up to 1% of the account balance in a single month (if the EA loses already 1% of the account balance, it will not be able to open new trades until the next month and so on).

There is an option to add a simple code to an existing EA and limit its optional loss it can make every month?

Hope there is a simple solution for this issue :)



There is no very simple code for this feature because it requires regular analysis of the Trade History separately for each EA


words are relevant to this case:

Before opening a new position, sum the closed positions profits for your specific period and test it.


words are not relevant to this case:

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