A problem with withdrawal


I made a withdrawal using the Paypal method and I use the telegram method but can't but after waiting all day I have not received the SMS code.

I did it 3 times until it is locked and I can only do it tomorrow.

I had made more than 200x withdrawals and there had never been a problem like this.

please fix this problem.

Yes, The Same problem with me. Admin, please fix this problem

Yes, I withdraw using Paypal and I also use the telegram method. I can receive the SMS code, but after that I did it 2 times until it was locked.

What happen. If anyone knows, help answer as well.

Thank You


I do recommend not to try any more sms. But contact the service desk as soon as possible.

More message they receive, then will recognize how serious this problem is. Hence, they will fix soon.

Kind regards.


I got the same problem.

I tried many times, but I did not receive any SMS code, and the Telegram is blocked in China, I can't access it.

It could be better to send the verification code by email.

There ia already a thread about that: https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/320471
Withdrawal Via Paypal and Funds that are "locked".
Withdrawal Via Paypal and Funds that are "locked".
  • 2019.08.20
  • www.mql5.com
Hi, In the last few days MQL5 has "locked" my funds and won't allow any withdrawals. I have sent a message to them but no reply yet...
I have also have this problem, both SMS and telegram method have been disabled in two last weeks! What can we do?

They have "fixed" it. They grayed out the button. :-O

There are websites, that allow you to convert WMZ (webmoney) to paypal. Google it and google also to confirm, that they are not scam sites.


To everyone who have problem with PayPal:

Read the Thread above. Sergey Golubev posting important things there.


Has any of you here had this problem fixed?
Same problem too