Experts: MultiTrader - page 7

Cesar Ruiz  
Great job my friend. five stars. My first item on my daily check list. God bless you with lots of pips
Marcus Hindenberger  

Hello, I think the EA in the interface is great. Can someone help me how to use it. Do I buy or sell in the low range? How do you apply the signals?

Marcel Scott  
i are make this open orders itself...
Siti Kamilah Binti Malik  

Hi Guys, is ther away to add smaller TF for the strength ? i.e hourly / minutes ? and how?

another question, could we add up index like US30 UK100 here ? and how ?

Yudianto Yudianto  
Very nice dashboard,, thank you,, more practice using this tool more good the result
I would like to thank the author for the excellent work done with the Multi Trader and above all for having made it available to the community also in its source form. Certainly improvements are possible to make the product even more effective but even in its current draft it is an exceptional product that offers great help both in the analysis phase and in the order execution phase. A sincere thanks to this enlightened developer.
Richard Louis Pastor  
Does this EA have auto BUY/SELL ?  if so how to enable it.  is that what the KeyboardTrading function is?
Hi Alex please can you share EA whit your update (push notification) ?? Thk
Alex B #:

this is an amazing piece of work (art!) 5 stars!

i have looked through the code and tried to enable the push notifications changing the variable from false to true but it doesn't seem to apply. also some of the buttons don't work on some currency pairs but all in all this is a brilliant EA.

the recommended currency pair to trade when certain conditions are met is brilliant!

a job well done!

Edit: i reapplied the EA and update the push notifications form the import screen and i have now received the push notification :)
Guillermo Caceres  

Hi, this looks pretty good.  Does it places orders automatically or it gives an insight of the trend for manually triggering an order?