Results of the Best Graphic Panel contest

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  • 43% (6)
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  • 14% (2)
  • 14% (2)
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Total voters: 14

Results of the Best Graphic Panel contest

Today the contest for the title of the best graphic control panel in MQL5 has closed. Eight graphic panels were submitted for the contest, all of them were evaluated by the Jury:

  1. Mischek
  2. Vinin
  3. DDFedor
  4. granit77
  5. joo
  6. Rosh (Rashid Umarov, MetaQuotes Software Corp.)
  7. stringo (Stanislav Strikov, MetaQuotes Software Corp.)
  8. Renat (Renat Fatkhullin, MetaQuotes Software Corp.)
  9. bulat-latypov (Bulat Latypov, MetaQuotes Software Corp.)

Although we held this competition for the first time, we still had expected to see interesting programs. However, the result surpassed all our expectations. Despite the fact that we had announced the start of the competition just a week before it began, the participants managed to provide very interesting graphic panels. 

Evaluation of Panels

Each member of the Jury has chosen best three panels from the submitted works. Depending on the place, each work was given the following points: 

  • 1st place - 10 points
  • 2nd place - 8 points
  • 3rd place - 5 points

Then all the scores were collected in a table, and the final points were calculated for each panel

Panel  Renat  stringo Rosh bulat-latypov Vinin Mischekgranit77DDFedorjooTotal:
 Panel №215  exControl panel MCM    5 
 Panel №218  FAT PANEL  10 10  8
    10 38
 Panel №220  eInTradePanel     5
  8  8 21
 Panel №221  TradeExpertPack    8 10 8 10 8 5 49
 Panel №222  ControlPanelExpert
 Panel №223  VirtualTradePad  5 5 10 58 10    43
 Panel №231  AdvancedEAPanel     10
 5 5 10  30
 Panel №233  Patterns Engine Control Panel  8 8  
   5  21

Contest Results

Here are the contest results after the closed voting of the Jury members.

The first place and the prize of $1000 goes to TradeExpertPack written by TheXpert

The second place and the prize of $500 is given to VirtualTradePad by Vladon 

The third place with a prize of $300 goes to Vigor for his panel and visual generator of strategies FAT PANEL (The First Algorithmic Trading)

In accordance with the Rules of the Competition all prizes will be credited to the accounts in the's internal payment system. You can withdraw funds through WebMoney.

We congratulate the winners and wish them success in their further developments!

The contest has closed. Hail the new contest!

After the successful experience of the first contest, we have decided to regularly hold such a competition event. We are happy to announce the next contest - "The Best Visualization in MQL5". In short, look for ideas, study the animation and be creative!

Note that not only members of the jury are entitled to present their assessments of the works, now any registered member of the can make his own choice. We have created an open public poll in which you can also vote for the program your like. Hurry vote now!