confused about Fractal

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Hello everyone,

Ok, before I start asking more questions concerning fractal indictor. I am going to try and answer my own questions.

How does fractal work?   Its looking at previous data and taking into consideration its next movement.

Is it based on price calculations?  Calculating its MA period.


Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  

 Just look into the code of eg. this indicator?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

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Sergey Golubev, 2012.08.24 09:37

Multi-Dimensional Fractals & Fractal Channel

Forum threads

  • Key thread with indicators
    Multi-Dimensional Fractals (up to 4 Dimension) give us market structure with different kinds of supports and resistances and Multi-Dimensional Fractal Channel - for more precise undestanding of market structure.

The articles



Composite Fractal Behavior (CFB)

CFB tells you how long the market has been in a quality trend. This value can be used to adjust the period length of other indicators, especially stochastic bands. In order to quantify the overall duration of a market's trend, we replaced classical cycle analysis methods (FFT, MEM, MESA) with a form of analysis that works even when no cycles exist. We accomplished this by examining a time series for specific fractal patterns of any size. We then gather all the patterns found and combine them into one overall index, CFB (Composite Fractal Behavior) Index.

Composite Fractal Behavior and its aplications - good thread with the following indicators:

  • CFB indicator, CFB channel, CFB_adaptive Stochastic Confidence Bands indicator, CFB stochastic, cfb new and cfb channel new indicators, cfb channel new - separate indicator.
  • Cfb - normalized, Cfb - zero mean (z-score) normalized, Cfb - sigmoidal (logistic and hyperbolic) normalized, Cfb - logarithm modified sigmoidal (logistic and hyperbolic) normalized.
  • Velocity cfb adaptive indicator, Dynamic zone velocity cfb adaptive dj indicator and Dynamic zone velocity cfb adaptive 1.01 indicator (Velocity that uses cfb for changing / adapting it's length. The velocity itself is a smoothed momentum indicator and can be used as a signal indicator but the "cfb adaptive" is different indicator which gives dramatically faster crosses for the signal).
  • cfb mtf indicator (Multi Timeframe version of Composite Fractal Behavior and the other MTF version - cfb call).
  • cfb channel new on ds jurik , Rvi on jurik cfb adaptive indicator, rsx cfb adaptive dj new and velocity cfb dj adaptive new indicators (These are similar yet a little different, used jurik smoothing for these 3, with double smooth = true then it is using double smooth jurik, and with it set to false uses regular jurik).
  • cfb adaptive wpr's on bands indicators, cfb adaptive smooth wpr with bands_mtf_arrows_alerts + delayed indicator, Cfb adaptive Dmx nrp indicator (Its multitimeframe with alerts on slope change), cfb channel stop_mtf_alerts indicator, cfb new jurik mtf_alerts indicator.
  • Cfb adaptive adx indicator (This is Wilders Adx jurik smoothed, using cfb to make the adx length adaptive, using the Short and Long Limit, it is mtf with alerts, with the alerts going off if positive slope of adx and its greater than trigger level (set to 20 by default, but its changeable) and plus greater than minus for buy and plus less than minus for sell), cfb adaptive rsx-jma-nrp indicator (RSX not smoothed with jma, but using guess you could call it an JMA smoothed with RSX, anyway has multialerts for jurik and rsx cross, rsx slope, and rsx slope with jma cross). 
  • cfb call indicator for Metatrader 5, cfb channel indicator for Metatrader 5, cfb_channel stop_mtf_alerts indicator.


Fractals MTF alerts

It is very advanced multi timeframe fractal indicator with alerts. There are some good features such as how to show the arrows when showJustOneArrow parameter is set to true :
showArrowType parameter :
0 -> draw arrow just on the first bar of the target time frame
1 -> draw arrow just on the last bar of the target time frame
2 -> draw arrow when the high is equal to high fractal or low is equal for low fractal
Additional option is to show the arrow just on the first bar of the target time frame fractal, or to repeat it on every bar belonging to that time frame bar. 

  1. Fractals MTF alerts indicator - the post and this post.
  2. Fractals mtf alerts 2 indicator - the post: it will not alert you on a first start, on time frame change, on parameters change ... It will alert only if a new fractal is drawn. So it can alert only once for a fractal.

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