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Indanguang Samrow Panmei  

this is a terrible comparison, you can trade a martingale system on a 1:100 leverage account with $10k and profit around 4% a month with trading 0.01 lot sizes... the problem with martingale is size and capital... the smaller your size and the larger your capital the more you minimize risk. you dont have to 2x every entry either a 1.3 or 1.5 for example are just as effective. if you can access a larger account preferably without a "max daily loss" and just "a max loss" while trading small, 0.01 0.02 you can still profit a nice monthly profit  

key components in a successful martingale are:

JUST THINK, A 100K ACCOUNT WITH 1:100 LEVERAGE TRADING MICRO LOTS WITH A 1.3-2X MULTIPLYER show me that blowing on any demo or test 

good observation i suppose
Nasser Ali Fael Al Zarii  
It is never exist . One case is that take your profit and never come back . But , noway to exist the system you become addict like any other bad thing like cigarettes or alcohols. Yiu are the feed for Forex market ( liquidity source)
It is really sad to see many people they think they are trader and trading . Incorrect information spread everywhere on the net for a purpose to keep you stupid and keep bring a part of your salary everyday 

Keith Watford  
Dao Liang Ding #:
If martingale is used as the main strategy for entering the market, there will never be a safe one;
However, if martingale is used as one of the methods of fund management and controlled within a certain range, it may be a topic worthy of further study

Martingale is not a strategy for entering the market.