T101 basket trading system - math analysis - page 19

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dieter schragner
dieter schragner  

anyone trade this system?

hy, anyone trade this system?


david mackay
david mackay  
Hey Jey

That is correct. The indicator uses the "Sum of" the 14 pairs to create the offline charts candles


I found the best settings to be on the 8 pair basket.

If you go into the code you will see a number of "case" in the code.

You can input your desired "case" number into the "dialogue box"

e.g. if you only want 4 pairs then you input 4 into the "Basket" of the "dialogue box". If it is not your desired 4 pairs then you can change them in the "case"4 of the code. (or change any case pairs )Once changed press the compile button.

You should then get a "0 error(s), 0 warning(s)"

at the bottom of the page.

Close MetaEditor and Restart MT4.


Thanks so much for this..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prohallad Roy
Prohallad Roy  

true hedging?

these correlation type systems work! but correlation do change,, resulting in high-drawdown at some points as the exposure isn't zero..


Basket Manager EA

I'll post this in EA requests instead, thanks.

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