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Need help to convert mtf qqe to histogram

Hi Folks,

Need help to convert the attached MTF QQE indicator to histogram/bar.

Many thanks.


Gann Hi-lo Activator


Do you guys think it would be possible to incorporate a sound and visual alert to the Gann Hi-lo indicator? So, for example, when price closes above the Gann line....'boom' sound alert. Same for price closing below the Gann line....though with a different sound....maybe a sound like your house is on fire.

This and the MACD are my only two indicators and it would be great if it would wake me up since I trade the hourly.

If it is possible, would anyone be kind to code it? I can clean a dogs ass better than I can code.....it's pretty sad.

thanks for reading and your time.



I like the gann too. Can you show me a chart how you use it on the 1hour? I like it for the 5 minute off a pivot. Thanks

I like the gann too. Can you show me a chart how you use it on the 1hour? I like it for the 5 minute off a pivot. Thanks


I basically use Gann as a tool to let me know that a 'consolidation' period has just ended. "Most" of the time, when price crosses the Gann line, (and the MACD confirms it) it tells me that the consolidation is over and that a new leg is about to begin. But, this in mind, I keep an eye out to make sure the new leg is still part of a 'smaller' Elliott Wave or ABC pattern. If the Gann fails to make a new high (in a long position) I usually try to find a new wave pattern forming.

If you take a look at the hourly on AUD/JPY, you'll notice that the Gann line clearly points out the start of Wave 1 around 7/2/09 and the ending of the Wave (Wave 5) around 7/8/09. The hourly shows a very weak 'ABC' ending to this Elliott Wave. Anyway, in the image I posted you'll see how the Gann on the hourly points out Wave legs pretty well.

The last two weeks with the EUR/USD and GBP/USD has been difficult with the Gann though....since it seems that these two pairs have moved with some serious sideways action. I've been trading the 5 minute chart for the last two weeks on these pairs.

I guess, in a manner of speaking, I use it like people may use the Kelter and Bollinger Bands (as a squeeze) to show consolidation/expansion.


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Is it a Gann in your pocket...or you are just happy to see me?


qqe how to use

can any body kindly explaine to me how to use the qqe im new to this qqe and what is the best compination with it