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got a great AP using the aml

thanks i been looking for something like this tool for a while

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latest setup

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The Template & indicators

The Template & indicators

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hey Junkie - what is Zup DML?? DML?

and which is the regression channel indicator for separate window in the zip packs?


channel regression

it is the center of gravity COG MACD also the COG stoch is really awsome google it they were both moded by brooky I think. here it is with some other plus a template enjoy.


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these might help

First off, let me apologize if this request is deposited in the wrong area of this forum.

I had an idea last night that I'm sure someone has come up with somewhere in time, but I can't find anything in particular that really comes close to what I'm thinking about.

Lately, in my manual trading strategy, I've been experimenting with the Andrew's Pitchfork and median lines. For those that don't know, the pitchfork takes a top(pivot 1), the next bottom(pivot 2), and the next top(pivot 3), and then bisects the distance between P2 and P3 at it's 50% mark to create a median line. Parallels are then taken from the median line to P2 and P3 creating an upper and lower channel boundary. The inverse also applies, meaning you can start with a bottom(P1), top(P2), and another bottom(P3), giving you the median line and it's slope.

Meta Trader already has a pitchfork built in: This is a 3hr chart of the GBP/JPY from about late March to early May.

Pretty sexy huh. The idea being that price returns back to the median line very often.

So then my idea was that since I set a median line at the 50% level then why not draw parallel lines at my fibo levels as well? This one I basically made by hand with trendlines. I used a my regular fibonacci retracement tool along P2->P3 to see where to intersect the trendlines and then deleted it. If you leave the regular fibo up there it becomes even more interesting, but it's too many lines when taking a screen shot and trying to describe something on a forum.

This is the most recent action at this time of the GBPJPY and this is the 1hr chart.

The blue lines are the original pitchfork, the middle line being at 50%.

The pink lines are my first attempt at hand charting (lol sorta) my internal fibo level idea. The fibo levels are 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, 78.6%, and 88.6%.

The orange line is just a sliding parallel from the median line(50%) that price seemed to be respecting when it violated the upper parallel. I don't know if it adheres to any creative fibo level - it looks like it may adhere to -13.1% but I don't usually use that level as I've only read about it once or twice.

I'm gonna do one more screen shot of what it looks like with the original fibo levels (retracement between P2 -> P3) in place:

Yep, sexy. I mean if it isn't respecting one set of fibo levels then it's respecting the new fibo channel. I was pretty surprised when I first saw it.

The green lines are my regular fibo levels. Other then previosly stated I have a 127% level and a 168% level in my regular fibo tool.

So then, onto an actual request.

I'd like to be able to make the procedure of creating these things a little easier. I can already do it all with trendlines and my regular fibo tool but I have a lot of offline charts with the period converter, and about 10 different currency pair profile setups. And now, since I see that: yes price MIGHT respect fibo levels of a price channel, the slope of which is set by a median line - I will have to do lots and lots of back testing. This will kinda suck doing this manually across multiple time frames and on multiple offline charts.

So I think to myself "If I totally knew how to code (I don't at all) how would I make it?"

It could probably be made a bunch of different ways.

I guess the best way for me personally is how it's set up now which is the stock pitchfork with fib levels automatically added. I suppose if I was writing it myself I would make it all customizable kinda like the regular fib retracement tool is. Meaning I could take out or add any sort of ridiculous or totally smart level I wanted. Make the lines dotted or dashed or whatever. Change colors - perhaps for each fib level, but at very least for the original median line and probably the original pitchfork parallels (0% & 100%). Id have to make sure I could have more then one 'fibofork', or 'fibochan' on a chart just the same as I often use more then 1 fibo retracement on a chart.

So that's it - as much of it as I can think of right now anyway. Might be a pretty big request (I have no idea how tedious it would be to code this 'fibofork' to work the way that I picture it), but I also think it is a pretty good tool just from my preliminary checking it out. I'll probably be drawing and re-drawing 'fibofork's or 'fibochan's all day now manually to see how valid it is and looking for repeatable setups.

Interested? Comments? Questions?

Thanks in advance.

I have NOT read the remander of thei thread so my respones might be outdated. But I may as well add my 2 cents. Thers are two indicators that come to mind immeadiatley. Zup_v_110 which is complicated but once you get the stting down along with the fibo free on the pitch fork it maybe exactleyt what you are looking for. Also, there is another more simplestic indicator I think its called AML_v1. Now, AML_v1 is self explainitory(sp?) and easy to use, but Zup is just awsome and is worth aevery minute of time spent learnign its features. Zup is an all i one, one object stop and has basically become completly centered aroung the pitch fork and patterns. I will attach both here, to learn the Zup I would say that there is the original authors site in russian would be the place to learn it. I use bing translator and bounce back and forth to read and download it kinda a pain to become registered but worth it. there is another russian forum that you dont need to register to download. I will give you both. The second forum is more focused and complete in rgards to Zup usage and setting. with zup it will atu display taget prices and so much more than AML_v1 will ever do. but I hope this helps if you still want it. Also, I might have to do this in a couple posts.


Author site, the whole forum area is his but there are multiple Zup threads, one of which is all about setting development. so the link I give will not be the only thread near by for ZUP, there are many.

Zigzag универсальный с паттернами Песавенто - Forex forum Onix

Вилы Эндрюса в ZUP - Forex forum Onix

Gartley Patterns и их модификации - Forex forum Onix

These are Author Site thread Zup and here is an example of Zup in action and only Zup is being used here. Then after the photo screen shot is the other forum which is very excelent in regerds to the zup



Правила, полезная информация и F.A.Q. раздела ""Анализ ZUP""

Анализ ZUP (основные валютные пары и золото)

Анализ ZUP (основные валютные пары и золото)


AML the other pitchfork indicator

This is AML_v1 which explains itself when you go into the properties. I have 2 screen shots here. the first one is of the pitch fork as is when i applied it to the chart. then I renamed the pitchfork and gave the name to the AML_v1 indicator and choose which parameters to diplay on the fork then the second sreen shot is what AML_v1 does. and you can use fibo for the channels of divide the channels enevly your choice.



very simple to use. there maybe other versions just google it. IDK. Thanks I hope this helps you on your quest for understanding...the coincedences.

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aml_v1.ex4  27 kb
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Robin Raphael
Robin Raphael  

Hi Money Junkie

Thanks for the cool AML Pitchfork. I just wanted to understand how I switch to the Shiff and Modified Shiff. I am easily able to get the AML normal one. Forgive me I am a bit of a technoklutz.

Kindest regards

Thanks for sharing! im going to try some of this out of the next few weeks 
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

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