Cat Fx 50 exit systems

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I'd like to start a thread that focuses on exit strategies that traders using the CatFx50 system are using.

I personally have been using several things:

Pivot & S/R lines (using these as targets, if they cannot penetrate - then close the trade)

EMA 100 & EMA 120's (if they cannot penentrate these levels - then close the trade)

EMA 5 & EMA 8 cross (once the 5 and 8 lines cross on the 15 Min chart, close the trade)

I'd say that I have had low to moderate success with these.

** By low to moderate success, I mean that I always end up leaving without getting the maximum potential Pips -- or I leave after the price has peaked and cut out some of my profit by leaving too late.

What do others use?

Erman Ardianto
Erman Ardianto  

I found this on the net,

Exit efficiency = maximum possible difference in prices for this exit/profit potential.

for long trades ;

Exit efficiency = (ExitPrice - LowestPrice)/(HighestPrice - LowestPrice)

for short trades ;

Exit efficiency = (HighestPrice - ExitPrice)/(HighestPrice - LowestPrice)

A good number is 60% or more. With this calculation we can analyze whether our exit strategy need an improvement or already "just fine"


A good number is 60% or more.

So, Is 60% the percentage of maximum potential pips that you actually grab in profit?

i.e. - The maximum possible pips were 100, and I exited when I made 60 ?

Erman Ardianto
Erman Ardianto  
So, Is 60% the percentage of maximum potential pips that you actually grab in profit? i.e. - The maximum possible pips were 100, and I exited when I made 60 ?

60% is not maximum potential pips, maximum potential pips is always 100%, but 60% is considered "fine", at least that's what I understand, you can find full article here :

Trust me, to get more than 60% is not that easy. Well.. you can try it. And it's not rely on a single trade only, it's calculated base on your overall performance


good thrend you started i think u should invite moneyline and nina to this thrend

more pips for u


Here are the notes for the exit I made during I study the thread


I hope this will help. I took notes when I studying catfx50. When I saw one post his thought about exit strategy I will record it on my note. Here it the result .


We have a nice system but we shouldn't trade it blindly. Never!!

scale lots and switch to TF5.

CatFx50 makes money 98% of the time. It is free. You have a powerful entry. You only need a EMA and an indicator (a filter) to validate the cross. That's all you need. Now we are tweaking the exit. We'll make it. Sure

1.StepSto_v1 (5,5,3) (---when corossing each other, exit)is the best I've seen so far for exits along with Stochastic. We should keep searching

2.StepMA Stoch setting:

PeriodWATR 10

Kwatr 1.1

HighLow 1

3.Use WCCI 13 cross back at +100/-100 for exit...///Add CCI turbo 6 or 14 and level +100/-100 and you can use it for razor sharp exit...

4.Parabolic Sar set at 0.02 and 0.2 could be another way.

5.HMA 21 3 0

When the color change exit!

HMMA is more than enough to find the good entry and exit points after a considerable amount of screen time

6.Plot 50EMA on Inverseind. Nice and earlier signals.

7.Hi all,

First off, I don't know if I've said thank you to Nina yet for posting this method, so Thank You.

Second, I'd like to suggest using StepMA v6.2 with a Length setting of 100 (everything else default) for the exit. After looking at the code, I still don't really understand how it works, but in many of the trend-following systems that I'm testing/developing, this indicator has really helped with exits. Basically, once in a trade, stay with the trade until the step turns against you on the Close of the bar. If the step goes flat, you stay in the trade.

This thing does a really good job of keeping you in the trade for the big moves and not letting you get stopped out due to a small retraction in price. Of course, this will never get you out at the very top or bottom of the move, and sometimes you may give some profits back, but the abililty to stay in the bigs moves more than makes up for that (IMHO).

8I used this indicator for exit. MaksiGen_Range_Move.mq4

I exit for USDCHF with the price 1.2738 or 1.2739. It is almost the same with Nina. If the price touchs the resistance line of this indicator I exit. It is Low (if you click on the bar you will see Price open, close, low etc). It is the same with any EA: price is touching or crossing some line (resistance line or the profit level line) and order is closed.

Problem is that these support and resistance lines from this indicator are the dynamic lines. It means these lines are moving sometimes.

How to use this indicator:

When you attach this indicator to the chart you will see two high lines and two low lines. And the trend lines. And sometimes you may see the level of buy stop or sell stop orders (you may place this orders if the price will break all the S&R lines). These high/low lines are the support and resistance (S&R) lines. The price may stop near these lines for simetime, or to break the lines out.

Some people are using this indicator to trade when the price is breaking these lines (first resistance line or second one) following the indicator's instruction for buy or sell orders (you may see it from the image attached).

The other people are trading following the trend line and support and resistance lines to manage the orders and for exit (for the orders which are already opened).

If we opened the order we may use this indicator just to inderstand when to exit (and why). Usually people are using this indicator on M30 and M5 timeframe in the same time.

These lines are the dynamic lines. They are changing but if you can see from the image nothing was changed during the several hours already. On M30 timeframe the lines are changing if all the situation is changing (one or several times per day may be).

Together with this indicator are am using static support and resistance lines from the indicator attached.




12.I sell the first lot at the 38 Level, the second lot at the 55 level and the third if i get it at 89 level. In the evening i take what the market gives me if i still have positions


After following and re-reading this thread for some time I am amazed by how much input there has been to constantly analyse, test and improve something soooooooooo simple......that merely started with a bare naked you say!!!

Yet you constantly stay open and encourage new here's another one!! (btw How's CatFx16 coming along?)

I would like your thoughts on this simple idea:

You said "you typically go to a 5min chart" to "fine tune" your exits manually off of supports and resistence and fibs and pivots....don't most discretionary traders do this?

To help our exits, I suggest we employ a 5min chart running in the background with the following alert set up as the assistant to our CatFx50 30min charts.

The Simple 5min alert:

Stochastic 5;3;3 5min tf

We know, the standard Slow Stochastic is plotted as two lines called %K, a fast line and %D, a slow line.

" %K line is more sensitive than %D

" %D line is a moving average of %K.

and that the 80% value is commonly used as an overbought warning signal, and the 20% is used as an oversold warning signal.

BUT......I am finding the signals become even MORE reliable if you WAIT.

Try this: (demo of course!)

on an uptrend, enter the exit (or a reversal!), when the fast, %K line, is >95% AS LONG AS the slow, % D line, is <90%. ( if %D is above 90% it indicates considerable strength may remain in continued direction).

on a downtrend, enter the exit (or a reversal!), when the fast, %K line, is 10%...(same logic regarding remaining strength.)

OF COURSE..........EVERYONE use all other discretions/rules regarding support and resistance, daily trend, trading times, news events, candle formation etc. for exiting the trades (this use of the stochastic is meant to be HELPFUL to the "ART" of exiting NOT a mechanical answer to prayer!!

If this is helpful to our exits, we would simply need an alert signal for the slow stochastic indicator that is structured for the above.

It would simply trigger on the fast %K line equal to or greater than 95% and below 5% and run in the background while we moniter our 30 min charts!

If this is a bad idea then please just throw it out....and we will keep moving on polishing this "holy grail"

14。I try found exit for CatFX50, setting MACD 45,144,9 (someone post this setting by picture here) level 0.0015 and -0.0015, RSI 14 combine with StepMA only Blue line

for reading if CatFX50 give signal up then create some point and after that RSI 14 move below blue line and MACD signal (green line) still hold below 0.0015 it's good point to exit see pic1

for opposite see pic2

if price want more pips up we jump again when RSI cross again blue line and MACD signal move above 0.0015 level for confirm (see pic3) and exit when yellow line cross blue line and MACD signal downtrend (see pic4) but by this entry we not at the first boat and usually we missing great pips and need another filter for collecting every pips


read all the pages and i have almost all indicators but i miss only one and i cant find it now :Stepma stoch ...i have StepMa_stoch but as i could see from one post they are not the same.Can someone please post it again please.

As for exit i agree to take 15 or 20 pips as this is crazy market and let other part run.Try to use Supertrend indicator for exit.

This system is very good,i used before entry when MA5 crosses MA34 but with no filter (my cousin who teached me trading did not tell me about filters

so i lost almost my whole account later...mostly due to lack of confidance after big loses) and those 2 systems lookes almost the same.MA5 with MA34 is old system and many traders out there use it with success.

Bunny system is simular,WMA5 with WMA20 with 25-30 pips filter but i found NIna's is best for now due to indicators maded and it is fast (no lag) almost like you look at price action.

I hope one day we will made our brokers to forward our trades and not to take other side so with plenty of Nina folowers (all trend folowers) we could move he market like in old days...few years ago when forex was a lot easier.

Keep up good work;i am sorry that i can't take a part in programming mql4 (i am educated programmer) because i am tired right now from learning new languages and mql4 does not look to easy (i learned CTL(GFT platform),easylanguage for prorealtime,tradestation...) but it would be grait if someone could make EA with this system with variable exit strategies.


Hi All, here are some common sense rules for exits:

a) Identify what it is that you want?

Do you want to make a killing on only one trade, or do you want to do many trades and get a 10 to 20 pip nibble?

b) Identify the market you are trading in.

Draw trendlines to see what have been the highs and lows of the last 5 - 6 hours. Look for S/R and pivot lines. I'm always amazed at how well the price action follows those price points.

c) Program an alarm with the day's news events to warn you of upcoming events a half hour ahead.

d) Run a 5 minute chart and look at the action on the 5 minute chart. If you are using then 30 minute chart, this is like having a window into the future.

e) Beware of many of the indicators we have. They look into the past to reflect their output, and many will only tell you of a move when it's already an accomplished fact


Since what I've wanted to accomplish with this Forex thing is to become a steady, but long-term player, I've looked more at the behavior of the more experienced traders as a general guideline. This is what I've learned from watching them:

a) There are essentially 2 kinds of Forex days: regular and news driven days

**On regular days most of the experienced traders are pleased to get their 20 to 25 pips.

** On news days they get up early if they have to, and are ready for the news event. The news affecting the US Dollar seems to be a major event.

b) They are well-versed in the different markets and have a strategy for dealing with them. I've seen markets go from trending to near flat, and they were able to profit from both.

c) The best of them keep it simple. They only use a small number of strategies and indicators. Most of us here at this forum run the risk of "indicator addiction" and forget to develop our own trading philosophy ...hmmmm, I wonder if there is a 12 step program for that?

If you gather that your style of trading should be the general guide, you're quite correct. Technical indicators make good servants, but terrible masters.



hi moneyline you have come a long way fast you have just entered the"REALITY ZONE" basicilly it comes down to this do you want to make a living at this where you can work from home and be finanacially secure or do you want to treat this like going to the casino to beat the house? you have to make this determination before you decide to give your money away and you will unless you take this seriously as a business


Hi Harold and All,

Yeah, this forum is great because it gives us all the options. I mean, you can explore indicators and EA's from A to Z.

On the minus side, it could distract us from working on our own trading style. I know that in the short time I've been coming here my knowledge has grown 10 fold. (not hard to do when I started from zero!)

It doesn't matter how many pips got away from you, or how many you could have had. What matters is to define an exit strategy that will satisfy your requirements.

Like they say: A pip in the hand is worth more than 2 in the bush.



couldnt have said it better as for me consitency is the key for those who will do the math if you have a 60 % win loss ratio and you have a 20 pip target and 20 pip loss ratio starting with 10000 even with out increasing lot size and trading it 1 full lot at 10.00 a pip you will double your money in a year so think about that for awhile


hi all

i just use trigger lines on M5 and exit

also exit on reverse signal

i dont know beter system

your helps will be useful

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