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Check out the Swiss Army EA here

It allows you to set a breakeven at a certain number of pips, trailing stops and more.



Break Even EA For pyramid Trading

Hello attached is a basic and good break even EA. The problem is that it does not manage multiple orders. Lets say for example I have orders spaced 10 pips apart example: 131.00, 131.10, 131.20,131.30 131.40, 131.50, etc. Total range 100 pips within 131.00 - 132.00.

I need the EA to kick in and set a break even on all orders once the price has gained 50 pips and reached 131.50. Then from that point after 50 pips if the price continues up to use a break even of 20 on all orders after 131.50 till the daily trend for that day gets weak. Then on my next buy signal if the trend is still strong and continuing up the EA would be reopened, and the process repeated on a set of new pending buy stops.

If anyone can modify this it would be appreciated and I think help a lot of trades to be more profitable with pyramid trading



Break Even Formula

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few weeks I've been trying to come up with a formula to implement into an EA. Sadly, my brain just can seem to wrap itself tightly around the concept. Here's an example.

If you're limit is 100 and you're lot size is 1.00

If you're looking to make say, 100% off of what you've lost in a previous trade then your break even point would be 50 pips. (not too hard).

What I'm trying to figure out is, if I wanted to sell off increments of that 1.00 lot up to 50 pips in order to break even, what would the formula be?

For example, if at every 5 pips I wanted to exit X amount up to 50 pips that would break even, how would the formula look?

I'm not even sure it can be done but I wanted to ask.



I tried the BReakeven.mq4 ea but it does not move my stop to breakeven on hitting my profit target set

I put

after 150 (5 decimal placing)

test false

profit 1


BreakEven trailing stop

Hi folks

Attached is a trailing stop EA i found here on this forum made by Steve Wilson

This EA is just great., but i need to modify it some.

I use it to start trail right away when in profit and i disable it when the trade is at breakeven

Is it possible for someone to add the following:

- When the trade hits breakeven i want the trailing to stop

- modify the Takeprofit so it closes x lots at the TP value




A little help please...

Hi there guys,

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of an EA of sorts or perhaps a script that would move my stop loss to break even after a certain number of pips. That's all I need it to do. I'm messing around with a stratergy and can't seem to get any trailing stop EA's I found to do whgat I need.

Any help would be much appreciated!


EA to move stop to BE only


I'm after some code that can move my stop to break even (or BE + 1pip) when the trade is X pips in profit and leave it there.

I've searched the threads on stops but all seem to continue to trail the stop when in profit, I am using a MA cross as a stop so I don't need this.



Break even EA for five digit brokers

Could someone fix this breakeven ea to work with five digit


Locking in +1 pip would also be helpfull

thank you for any help


EA for break-even and automatic closure


My English is not so good, sorry ...

I am looking for an EA for Metatrader 4.

The following features should be present:

1. Break even

2. At what time the open positions and pending orders are to be closed


I give each day a number of pending orders. For that, the EA may be suitable. Pending per order, I use a new chart window.

Thank you for your help