I need help / Preciso de ajuda

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Alecksey Reis
Alecksey Reis  

Maybe someone has a good technical knowledge and can clarify.

I entered the site of Metatrader4 and I did not find an email for me to ask my questions.

I recently had a problem in a VPS and I decided to hire another from another country.

The question is as follows.

I want to open the same platform in each of the VPS with the same account and put the same expert.

Everything will be doubled.

What you have in VPS1 will have in VPS2 with the same strategy, the same brokerage and the same account (all exactly the same).

If any of them have any problems the other guarantees.

My question is if you can have a problem if I do this.

Can anyone tell me?


Talvez alguém tenha um bom conhecimento técnico e possa me esclarecer

Entrei no site do Metatrader4 e não achei um e-mail para eu tirar minhas dúvidas

Eu tive recentemente um problema em um VPS e resolvi contratar um outro de outro país.

A dúvida é a seguinte

Pretendo abrir a mesma plataforma em cada um dos VPS com a mesma conta e com o mesmo expert.

Será tudo duplicado

O que tem no VPS1 terá no VPS2 com a mesma estratégia ,a mesma corretora e a mesma conta (tudo exatamente igual)

Caso algum deles tenha algum problema o outro garante.

A minha dúvida é se pode ter algum problema se eu fizer isso

Alguém sabe me dizer?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
I do not know ... You can make an experiment with it.

But as far as I remember about it from my experience: if I used RDC to connect to the VPS, and if I did not close the sessions and connect to same VPS with same Metatrader once again so I will have 2 connections to VPS on the same time. And it is related to your story about 2 VPS'ses. So, as a result - I got 2 orders instead of 1: because those 2 metatrader instances works independently from each other.

  • 1 your VPS - your EA opens one trade;
  • the other your VPS - your EA opens one trade.

Yes, everything will be doubled incl your trades. Because I think (correct me if I am wrong) - the trades are not per broker's account, trades are per metatrader instance.


It was my experience. But you can make an experience with it beause I think - you may have the different experience in case you are using/subscribed to the signals and so on.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
But I think - it is not related to MQL5 VPS.
Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban  

Hello ...

Yes, everything is doubled to some degree.

Imagine you have 2 rules in the code like ...

1- Close all orders if profit > $10 ...

2- Max allowed number of open orders at any time is 5

 Then ...

One of EAs will have a chance to open 3 orders while the other one open 2 orders ...

Practically, if there is no big delay, yo could have 6 orders instead because both EAs

will have the same order with almost no difference in time to enable the EA to check

what is the number of current opened orders.

Ok. At this point we got an extra orders ...

All the time the EA will check the total profit ... So, once the EA (any one of them)

has made a profit >= $10, then it will send the order to close all opened orders

regardless to which EA has opened these orders.

I believe in such case, you have to split the lot size, double the Max Orders, double

the total profit in $$$ ... This will at least try to make both EAs trying to do the job of

one EA to some of degree.

Bottom line, in my openion, this could make un-balance in the EA results in some

cases which depends on the logic of the EA.

Just come to my mind, think about using different magic number to keep each EA

works alone with half power in the worst case.

For me, I don't prefer to go in such complications or risks could face in the future. 

Alecksey Reis
Alecksey Reis  
Thank you all for your help.
I'll experiment with a demo account before.
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