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Hello guys,

sorry for stupid question, but what is the purpose of the history center ?

 I have the feeling, that i am continuously have to run for historical market data.


Not each time but very often when i open the history center, for instance

the 1 hour bars for AUDUSD are just back 1 year and i have to re download 



Is this intended ?

What can be done, that MT just downloads missing data and DEFINITELY stores

already downloaded data in some location and makes those data accessible

in charts or backtest. 


Also, i am not clear how the backtester is using history data: 

Are those data copied or directly used ?



I said it already. But i mean, such a concept like MetaTrader: shouldn't it do the best to provide best backtest

capabilities ? Instead you always have to seek for market data. They sporadically disappear or they are completely different

from broker  to broker demo or live accounts. It is quite frustrating.


Can anyone agree ?


Thank you for answers 

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

How to prepare MT4 for backtesting/trading with some pair:

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MT4 History data generation

Sergey Golubev, 2016.05.28 10:58

Hi peperibal:

It is not a fully related to your questions but it is about what I am doing when I want to backtest/check/trade using some pair for example:

1. I open MT4.

2. Open USDJPY H1 chart (if I want to do something with this pair).

3. Go to Tools - History Center, find this pair and double mouse click on every pair's timeframe so

before double-mouse click on every timeframe there:


So, by this action - I downloaded the history for this pair to MT4.

4. Now I want to transfer this history to the chart (to trade, for backtesting, and so on).

So, I change timeframe for USDJPY chart to M1, right mouse click on any space of the chart and choose 'Refresh', and all history is loaded to the chart - and I can see it from the Journal about how many bars were loaded from my MT4 History Center to this chart:

Same with M5 timeframe (Refresh), same with M15 and so on up to MN.


After that only I will backtesting/trading or whatsoever anything with this pair (USDJPY in our example).

Just my experience

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