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Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk


Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk.: Version 5.66 For Dax30 and UsTec(Nasdaq100).

The Dax30 EA MT5 HK is a product for traders who use the MetaTrader 5 platform and are interested in trading the DE40(DAX40) index. The Dax30 EA MT5 HK is likely an automated trading system that uses technical analysis and algorithms to trade the DAX40 index. By automating the trading process, the product aims to eliminate emotional and psychological biases from the decision-making process, potentially leading to more consistent and profitable trade.The Dax30 Ea operates based on the highly reliable Daily current short-term trend analysis. To minimized potential draw-down, the Ea is set to opening only one daily position per pair. The Ea has been optimized for multiple Index CDF and future offering versatility in its trading approach. Unlike traditional trading methods, the Ea dose not use stop loss. The Ea relies on a combination of established market indicators to determine the market trend and execute trades. Utilizing a novel strategy of buying and selling at market price, the Ea operates with a high level of precision.

Live Performance of Ea.        All Details of Ea For Testing Ea on DE40 and UsTec Use this SetfilesLink.
Working Symbols are: DE40, DAX40, GER40, UsTec (Nasdaq100), JP225(Nikki), UK100, France40, AUS200. 
Settings are different for Symbol-wise and Broker-Wise. For testing Ea use our given set file from above link. 
Ea settings come default For DE40 Index. Required minimum Account balance 1000 for lot step start from 0.10. Suitable brokers are IcMarket and TickMill, for other brokers you need specific set file for correct testing of the ea. Ea need different settings for different broker and for different symbols. Set files are stored in comment area.
Before join Dax30 Ea i request all who are interested in Index trading Take your some time on my Live Demo Signal trading. Drawdown is depend on our Lot Size Setting. Higher Lot size = High Profits with High Draw Down. Maximum draw down may be 50%. You can adjust your own Risk by Set Lot Size. 
For more help DM to me and i will guide you all about settings for Live Real Account.  
Bewertungen 2
steler21 2023.05.29 11:12 

Hello, Ea is working very nicely. I just added in Real account. I will update my result you later after one week.

Hamad Albaghli
Hamad Albaghli 2023.01.31 18:31 

Excellent support by the author , worked very fine in backtest and forward test,you can check live monitoring at his signal.

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Stormer RSI 2
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This strategy was learned from Stormer to be used on B3. Basically, 15 minutes before closing the market, it will check RSI and decided if it will open an position. This strategy do not define a stop loss. If the take profit reach the entry price it will close at market the position. The same happens if the maximal number of days is reached. It is created to brazilian people, so all configuration are in portuguese. Sorry Activations allowed have been set to 50.
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Scalping (scalping, pipsing) is a trading approach based on technical analysis and involves opening and closing a large number of transactions in short periods of time: transactions are kept open from a few milliseconds to several minutes. In other words, the purpose of Forex scalping is not to hold a position for hours, days or weeks, but to make a profit in minutes or even seconds, just a few points per trade. In practice, it is difficult to achieve pure scalping within a minute, since, as
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Top Characteristics of the Strategy: Defined Stop Loss and Dynamic Take Profit on all trades. Just One trade per pair at a time. No Averaging, No Martingale. Flexible risk management system. The average of position holding time are about 2 hours. The account leverage is requested for 200 or above. Result: The real signal MT5: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1582966 Supported  pairs: XAUUSD/GOLD EA Running: Working Timeframe: M15. Min deposit:$30. EA works better in low-spread ECN accounts.
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Gyroscope        professional forex expert   (for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD, EURCHF, AUDJPY, CADJPY pairs)   alyzing the market using the Elliot Wave Index. Elliott wave theory is the interpretation of processes in financial markets through a system of visual models (waves) on price charts. The author of the theory, Ralph Elliott, identified eight variants of alternating waves (of which five are in the trend and three are against the trend). The mo
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Guard Scalper EA is a Scalper Robot based on market trend analys. Guard Scalper EA will look for potential High Probability entries as trigger for entry into the market. Guard Scalper EA is good for use on pairs with low spreads such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, or USDJPY Recommendation : Please add and running  Guard Scalper   EA on low spread pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, or USDJPY on M5 timeframes. You can running on that pairs simultanuously Attention : You can start to trade with $ 300 Minimum initi
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Based on the most famous QFL strategy, this bot combines new entry techniques and many characteristics of the famous QFL strategy. Recommend to backtest everything before you go live. Original setup is for BTCUSD M15 and you need 10k usd on real account or 100 usd in CENT account in ROBOFOREX. Please preserve Quantity 1 , 2 ,3 and 4 relation with EarnTarget. Multiply or divide this values all with the same factor to adjust it to your capital. Multiply all by 2, 4 or else. This strategy buys t
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Ea Hft Ghwak GbpUsd
Diogo Sawitzki Cansi
We recommend using at brokerage: https://tinyurl.com/3sk3bbtr   The expert HFT Ghawk as created by Gustavo Galeti for the GBPUSD asset in the M5 time under Hedge account. It´s a Expert to leverage the account quickly. It is a high hit rate and with that wen take advantahe of Forex leverage to multiply capital.   More information by email suporte.ghawk@gmail.com or by Whatsapp +55 11-948144886
Matrix Arrow EA MT5
Juvenille Emperor Limited
5 (4)
Matrix Arrow EA MT5  ist ein einzigartiger Fachberater, der die  MT5-Signale des Matrix Arrow Indicator  mit einem Handelsfeld auf dem Chart manuell oder 100% automatisch handeln kann. Der  Matrix Arrow Indicator MT5  wird den aktuellen Trend in seinen frühen Stadien bestimmen und Informationen und Daten von bis zu 10 Standardindikatoren sammeln, die sind: Durchschnittlicher Richtungsbewegungsindex (ADX) Rohstoffkanalindex (CCI) Klassische Heiken Ashi Kerzen Gleitender Durchschnitt Konvergenzdi
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Gecko EA MT5
Profalgo Limited
NEW PROMO: Only a few copies copies available at 349$ Next price: 449$ Make sure to check out our " Ultimate EA combo package " in our   promo blog ! Gecko runs a simple, yet very effective, proven strategy.  It looks for important recent support and resistance levels and will trade the breakouts.  This is a "real" trading system, which means it will use a SL to protect the account.  It also means it will not use any dangerous techniques like martingale, grid or averaging down. The EA shows its
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//// Forex Bulls GBPUSD //// No Martingale ,No HFT ,NO Grid  one Shoot Trader      Make Sure to Active Weekdays input For  Bcaktesting  and  Live  This Expert Working 5 day a week 12 month of years        Live Signal =  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2132315   FTMO Mode =   unique strategy where it continuously splits a single trade into seven smaller trades. This means that each time the EA executes a trade, it automatically divides it into seven smaller positions. Forex Bulls GBP USD  s
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Magic EA is an Expert Advisor based on Scalping, Elliot Waves and with filters such as RSI, Stochastic and 3 other strategies managed and decided with the robot smartly. Large number of inputs and settings are tested and optimized and embedded in the program thus inputs are limited and very simple. Using EA doesn't need any professional information or Forex Trading Knowledge. EA can trade on all symbols and all time frames, using special and unique strategies developed by the author. The EA
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Simone Peruggio
5 (2)
Rosaline is an EA that operates with a refinement of a simple strategy based on RSI + bollinger bands + ATR mainly on Gold, EU and OJ. The EA is designed with manually settable 'equity protect' that goes to protect capital from drawdowns. What does this mean?  If you are thinking of using it to pass a challenge you can do so because thanks to this 'feature' you are covered by the classic daily DD rule. Example: on a 100k account you can set a hedge at -4%. If EA reaches that floating loss
2 200 USD
Sepe Expert Advisor
Victor Augusto Cavasso
EA - Sepe is the right tool to make some money in the forex market, with this Expert you can let it running with no worries. Obvously you have to learn how to configurate it for the symbol you choose. You are going to have very complete material with the EA, with videos teaching how it works and explaining each config.  Basically it works using hedge, so we are always long and short at the same time at the market. One link to show some usage of this EA: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/180859
599 USD
Martini EA MT5
Abhimanyu Hans
5 (3)
NEXT PRICE : $799  (FREE TRIALS ARE AVAILABLE) WARNING : Use Set Files Only For Backtesting And Live Trading Martini EA MT5 is a  forex pair  trading expert advisor based on a  strong scalping strategy  in the night when the market volume is low combined with a  strong trade management and execution system. Trading Strategy Martini EA MT5  trades   GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD $ USDCHF  using pending orders.   It starts instant orders on specific times  with   Hidden Profit Booking mechani
699 USD
This EA uses a variety of strategies and functions such as neural network grid scalping, mobile stop loss, automatic lot number setting, etc. Use revolutionary price model algorithms, price behavioral trading, and signature collaborative work with artificial intelligence adaptive processing units. The system adopts some kind of reverse sampling development method, which makes the system show a very substantial benefit in the 13-year historical backtesting. Profit drivers to keep profits maximiz
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Euro GB Advance Grid
Mr Tanakorn Suwannawat
This EA is written to generate cash flow for you. Using Grid system to make profits easier Just you set the values according to the instructions. The risk would be a safe risk. Cost 1000 USD per 0.04 Lot and Profit Target = 20 USD. For example , if the cost is 2000 USD Init Lot = 0.04*2 = 0.08 Profit Target = 20*2 = 40 Initial cost should be 1000 USD. Features - Open order with Safe Signal. - Easy to Setup ( Using Default Input Variable ). - Suitable for Generate Cashflow. - Backtest o
299 USD
Ozymandias EA
Jaime Furlan De Paula
Algotrading EA basiert auf Trendlogik und Preisbildung unter Verwendung von gewichteten linearen Durchschnitten LWMA. Die Berechnung wird von den aktuellsten Preisen beeinflusst, die ein höheres Gewicht in der Durchschnittsberechnung haben. Dieser Durchschnitt wird berechnet, indem jeder der Schlusskurse in einem bestimmten Zeitraum genommen und mit einem vorher festgelegten Gewichtungskoeffizienten multipliziert wird. Sobald die Position der Zeitperioden berücksichtigt wird, werden sie summier
299 USD
Manuel Espinosa
" Outro " is an expert in automated " multi-symbol " trading that requires the trader to test on the pair of his choice and modify the entries according to his convenience. This Expert Advisor has been designed with non-optimized inputs, and   uses a Martingale system   for risk management. It is very important to read the   blog   post before you start. Enter to the private group .  Outro   uses two main indicators,   Relative Strength Index and Stochastic Oscillator , for input decision making
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Fully automated, which does not use grid strategies, martingale, averaging positions, waiting out a loss, etc. The idea is not complicated, when flat, 2 limit orders are set when using USE_LIMIT_ORDERS = true, otherwise it trades by market. When an order is triggered, the position is closed by TAKE_PROFIT, SIGNAL_TRAILING_TAKE_PROFIT in an unsuccessful situation by STOP_LOSS_VIRTUAL. Or the orders are deleted. After closing a position, the expert looks at how the position closed, with
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Wir stellen vor       Quantum Emperor EA   , der bahnbrechende MQL5-Expertenberater, der die Art und Weise, wie Sie mit dem prestigeträchtigen GBPUSD-Paar handeln, verändert! Entwickelt von einem Team erfahrener Händler mit über 13 Jahren Handelserfahrung. WICHTIG! Bitte senden Sie mir nach dem Kauf eine private Nachricht, um die Installationsanleitung und die Einrichtungsanleitung zu erhalten. ***Kaufen Sie Quantum Emperor EA und Sie können kostenlos mit Quantum EA oder Quantum Gold Emperor han
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AI TradingVision GPX
Yu Mei Cheng
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Hinweise Der EA enthält maximal 6 Einstiegspunkte, die Losgröße pro Trade entspricht der Order-Losgröße multipliziert mit 6, daher bitte keine zu hohe Losgröße verwenden. Die standardmäßige Losgrößenberechnung erfolgt nicht prozentual zum Kapital. Unsere Standardberechnung ist nicht von der Hebelwirkung beeinflusst und ermöglicht eine genauere Risikokontrolle.  Es wird empfohlen, Kapital über 1.000 US-Dollar einzusetzen, um die Risikobeständigkeit zu erhöhen. Bei gleichzeitiger Nutzung mehrerer
399 USD
Quantum StarMan
Bogdan Ion Puscasu
5 (31)
Hallo zusammen, ich möchte mich kurz vorstellen: Ich bin Quantum StarMan, das elektrisierende, frischeste Mitglied der Quantum EAs-Familie. Ich bin ein vollautomatischer Multiwährungs-EA mit der Fähigkeit, bis zu 5 dynamische Paare zu verwalten: EURUSD, NZDUSD, GBPUSD, EURAUD und USDCAD. Mit höchster Präzision und unerschütterlicher Verantwortung bringe ich Ihr Handelsspiel auf die nächste Stufe. Hier ist der Clou: Ich verlasse mich nicht auf Martingale-Strategien. Stattdessen verwende ich ein a
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TrendMaster FX
Chen Jia Qi
4.7 (63)
Vorstellung unseres MT5 EA: Mit fortschrittlichen Algorithmen und Deep Learning Technologie ausgestattet, ist unser Expertenberater (EA) sorgfältig designt, um Sie durch die verwickelte Welt des Devisenhandels zu navigieren. Das System analysiert fleißig die Marktaktivitäten und führt Trades basierend auf vorher festgelegten Kriterien durch, damit Sie Markttrends effektiver erfassen können. Empfohlene Währungspaare: Live-Signal: Live-Signal FX MT4-Version: TrendMaster FX MT4 Optionale Währungsp
938 USD
Gold Trade Pro MT5
Profalgo Limited
5 (11)
Promo starten! Nur noch wenige Exemplare für 449 $ verfügbar! Nächster Preis: 599$ Endpreis: 999$ Erhalten Sie 1 EA kostenlos (für 2 Handelskonten) -> kontaktieren Sie mich nach dem Kauf Ultimate Combo Deal   ->   click here Live signal:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2032269 New live signal:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2084890 Live Signal Set Prop Firm Set File JOIN PUBLIC GROUP:   Click here Gold Trade Pro tritt dem Club der Goldhandels-EAs bei, allerdings mit einem großen Un
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Quantum Trade EA MT5
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Wir stellen vor       Quantum Trade EA   , der bahnbrechende MQL5-Expertenberater, der die Art und Weise, wie Sie mit dem prestigeträchtigen GBPUSD-Paar handeln, verändert! Quantum Trade wurde von einem Team erfahrener Händler mit über 13 Jahren Handelserfahrung entwickelt       EA wurde entwickelt, um Ihre Handelsreise mit seiner innovativen und dynamischen Breakout-Zone-Strategie auf ein neues Niveau zu heben. WICHTIG! Bitte senden Sie mir nach dem Kauf eine private Nachricht, um die Install
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Deeptrader AI MT5
Ruben Octavio Gonzalez Aviles
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Deeptrader AI ist ein komplexer und neuartiger Algorithmus, der künstliche Intelligenz in Kombination mit traditioneller technischer Analyse nutzt, um Marktbewegungen vorherzusagen. Dieser Expert Advisor nutzt rekurrente neuronale Netze, insbesondere Long-Short-Term-Memory-Zellen, die anhand von Daten aus Indikatoren der technischen Analyse trainiert werden. Durch diese Methode ist der EA in der Lage zu lernen, welche Indikatoren für künftige Kursbewegungen am relevantesten sind, und auf diese z
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AI Meta EA MT5
Denis Kurnev
3.95 (19)
Introducing the AI Meta EA advisor - a remarkable leap in the world of trading! If you've always aspired to something greater and uncharted, then AI Meta EA is what you need. It harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, developed using neural networks and hidden algorithms in the deepest corners of the internet. What makes AI Meta EA so uniquely exceptional? Forget about old strategies and mundane indicators! My advisor possesses an intuition that even the most experienced tra
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Boring Pips MT5
Thi Thu Ha Hoang
5 (10)
Hast du dich jemals gefragt, warum die meisten Expertenberater im Live-Handel trotz ihrer perfekten Backtest-Performance nicht effektiv sind? Die wahrscheinlichste Antwort ist Überanpassung. Viele EAs werden erstellt, um perfekt aus den verfügbaren historischen Daten zu "lernen" und sich anzupassen, aber sie können die Zukunft nicht vorhersagen, da es an Verallgemeinerungsfähigkeit im konstruierten Modell mangelt. Einige Entwickler wissen einfach nicht von der Existenz der Überanpassung, oder
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Gennady Sergienko
4.91 (11)
Hallo, ich bin   NESCO   / - Ich bin Experte für vollautomatische Roboter und analysiere selbstständig den Markt und treffe Handelsentscheidungen. Einige meiner Funktionen sind mit   GPT-4_COPILOT   geschrieben und vom   MQL5_CLOUD_NETWORK   optimiert. Ich habe meinen eigenen Server, um Finanzereignisse in der Welt zu übertragen. Ich kann rund um die Uhr ohne Ihr Eingreifen für Sie arbeiten und Sie mit einer Nachricht am Telefon benachrichtigen, wenn Ihre Aufmerksamkeit erforderlich ist. Mei
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Big Forex Players MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
4.68 (25)
We proudly present our cutting-edge robot, the Big Forex Players EA designed to maximize your trading potential, minimize emotional trading, and make smarter decisions powered by cutting-edge technology. The whole system in this EA took us many months to build, and then we spent a lot of time testing it. Only after all that work did we decide to add it to our list of products. We will not create additional EAs, instead, we are going to dedicate our time to the expansion of this EA, guided by cus
999 USD
Goldminer AI MT5
Ruben Octavio Gonzalez Aviles
4.64 (25)
Goldminer AI ist ein komplexer und neuartiger Algorithmus, der künstliche Intelligenz in Kombination mit traditioneller technischer Analyse nutzt, um Marktbewegungen vorherzusagen. Er verfügt über einen revolutionären Erholungsmodus, der jeden Einstieg in mehrere kleinere Trades aufteilt und diese nach und nach mit den Gewinnen aus anderen Trades abschließt. Außerdem ermöglicht ein neuer Mechanismus die Gewinnmaximierung durch den Einsatz von Trailing-Pending-Orders. Dieser Expert Advisor nutzt
599 USD
Darwin Swing MT5
Guillaume Duportal
4.91 (35)
Darwin SWING Einführungspreis 999 USD , zukünftiger Preis 1490 USD. BESCHREIBUNGEN: -- Um zu verstehen, wie es funktioniert, lesen Sie den Blog (Dieser EA spiegelt meine Philosophie des Devisenhandels wider...Wenn Sie meine Art, die Dinge zu sehen, mögen, dann werden Sie auch meinen EA mögen. Nehmen Sie sich die Zeit dafür!!! (Forex ist kein Rennen): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -- Um die vergangene Performance zu sehen hier die Links zu den Signalen. Live- und Demo-
999 USD
Yvan Musatov
5 (3)
Professional expert Bird analyzes the market using a special algorithm. The basic principle is that the bot takes the indicated prices for a certain period of time and calculates the strength and amplitude of the price by comparing it with its own indication system based on the actual data. Version for mt4 :   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/102081 The moment is fixed when the trend loses strength and reverses, and then the previous series closes and a new one is being prepared. The bo
1 299 USD
XG Gold Robot MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
4.48 (60)
The XG Gold Robot MT5 is specially designed for Gold. We decided to include this EA in our offering after extensive testing . XG Gold Robot and works perfectly with the XAUUSD, GOLD, XAUEUR pairs. XG Gold Robot has been created for all traders who like to Trade in Gold and includes additional a function that displays weekly Gold levels with the minimum and maximum displayed in the panel as well as on the chart, which will help you in manual trading. It’s a strategy based on Price Action, Cycle S
799 USD
Darwin Evolution MT5
Guillaume Duportal
4.61 (56)
Darwin Evolution. -30% Förderung !! 1490 USD bis 990 USD begrenzter Zeit (Angebot gültig bis zur Ankunft des nächsten Updates, verschwenden Sie keine Zeit ) !! Sie können diesen EA nicht bagten, es öffnet Bestellungen ohne Logik ! Beschreibungen: - Um den Betrieb zu verstehen, kommen Sie und lesen Sie den Blog (dieses EA spiegelt meine Philosophie des Forex-Handels wider, wenn Sie meinen Weg mögen, um Dinge zu sehen, dann werden Sie meinen EA mögen. Nehmen Sie sich die Zeit, um es
999 USD
Waka Waka EA MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.42 (36)
EA has a live track record with 4.5 years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make p
2 400 USD
Quantum Gold Emperor MT5
Bogdan Ion Puscasu
5 (17)
Wir stellen vor       Quantum Gold Emperor EA   , der bahnbrechende MQL5-Expertenberater, der die Art und Weise, wie Sie mit dem prestigeträchtigen Paar XAUUSD(GOLD) handeln, verändert! Entwickelt von einem Team erfahrener Händler mit über 13 Jahren Handelserfahrung. WICHTIG! Bitte senden Sie mir nach dem Kauf eine private Nachricht, um die Installationsanleitung und die Einrichtungsanleitung zu erhalten. ***Kaufen Sie Quantum Gold Emperor EA und Sie könnten Quantum Trade EA kostenlos erhalten!
799.99 USD
SST Kill Shot
Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
4.33 (9)
Stock Sniper Trading proudly presents SST Kill Shot, our kill zone intra-day strategy which is our own unique adaptation of the famous 'Silver Bullet', where we target the fair value gaps / imbalances that form during the first hour of a trading session. High volatility as a result of above normal volume transactions and market orders that take place during the first hour of the trading session will create gaps in the market (which tend to act like a magnet for price to pull back into and grab t
750 USD
SIEA PRO NG ist die nächste Generation von SIEA PRO und unterscheidet sich völlig von allen bisherigen EAs aus unserem Hause. Die angegebenen Preise sind vergünstigte Preise zur Markteinführung von SIEA PRO NG! Die wichtigsten Fakten auf einen Blick handelt eine Mean-Reversion-Strategie basierend auf 5 vollen Jahren unserer einzigartigen realen Volumendaten jeder Trade wird mit einem festen Stop-Loss und Take-Profit versehen die durchschnittliche Handelsdauer beträgt weniger als 48 Stunden vi
799 USD
Perceptrader AI MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.5 (4)
EA has a live track record with 48 month of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Perceptrader AI is a cutting-edge grid trading system that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, utilizing Deep Learning algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to analyze large amounts of market data at high speed and detect high-potential trading opportunities to exploit. Supported currency pairs: NZDUSD, USDCAD, AUDNZD, AUDCAD, NZDCAD, GBPCHF Timefra
2 200 USD
Dark Algo MT5
Venus Labs S.R.L.
5 (23)
Last copy at 399$ -> next price 499$ Dark Algo  is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for   Scalping   Trading on   Eurusd . This Expert Advisor is based on the latest generation of   algorithm  and is highly customizable to suit your trading needs. If you   Buy this Expert   Advisor you can   write a feedback   at market and   get   a second EA for   Free , for More info contact me The basic strategy of this EA is built on a sophisticated   algorithm  that allows it to   identify   and   follow m
399 USD
Antares mt5
Marina Arkhipova
5 (7)
ÜBER DEN BERATER Antares ist mit modernsten Technologien ausgestattet und verfügt über alles, was für einen erfolgreichen Handel auf dem modernen Markt erforderlich ist. Der Roboter spürt den Markt sehr gut und bestimmt punktgenau die Ein- und Ausstiegspunkte von Positionen. Dadurch hat es eine sehr hohe Gewinnrate (siehe Signale) Funktioniert in einer Reihe von Aufträgen und verwendet für jeden Handel einen harten Stop-Loss! Um nach einem Signal zu suchen, werden die brillanten klassischen Ind
500 USD
First Brick EA
Hoang Danh Duc
First Brick  - DCA EA - Many options from safe to high risk high return - Use D1 to confirm buy and sell zone - DCA with M15/H1 - Hold profit for combo - Lower risk than other strategies, but higher profit than all of them - open around 4-5 times in a year for a pair -> use 8-10 pairs that will open 3-5 times for a month - can be make x500 after a year with risk ratio if the markets is not too strong (ratio 0.05/1000$) dm me to get setfile and recommend all pairs to run telegram @goldcrazy <ifr
1 499 USD
Anton Kondratev
5 (5)
Zenvo EA       ist ein offenes und vollautomatisches Multi-Währungs-Handelssystem. Not    Grid   , Not    Martingale   , Not     AI     , Not     Neural Network. Default Settings for One chart    AUDCAD H1     (Supports 1OHLC mode for weak PCs) Zenvo GUIDE Signals Optimization Updates Aktuelle Muster wurden anhand der identifiziert       Vorwärtsoptimierungsalgorithmus   (FOA)       bis Dezember 2022. Dies bedeutet, dass aktuell       Schwachstellen       auf dem Markt sind bereits       Man
615 USD
Thinker GOLD Fx
Ghifari Al Farizi
5 (3)
Black Friday.. The Latest Promo, Only 5 hours left, come on, hurry up., Price will be 800 USD at Monday. Only a few copies left at 599$! Thinker GOLD Fx  Ea is Powerfull and accurate EA and can be running XAUUSD pair. In the context of forex trading,"Order Block", refers to a specific price level or zone on a chart where significant institutional orders have been placed. These orders are typically large in size and come from well-informed and experienced traders, hedge funds, financial institut
599 USD
Promex MT5
Evgeniia Terekhova
5 (3)
Promex ist ein einzigartiger Berater, der bei einer starken Kursabweichung vom normalen Wert handelt. Wenn Sie Trades zu einem Zeitpunkt öffnen, an dem eine Bewegung in die entgegengesetzte Richtung sehr wahrscheinlich ist, begleitet der Promex-Berater sie mit einem kurzen Trailing-Stopp, wodurch ein kleiner Gewinn vom Markt erzielt wird, aber mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von 95%. Sehen Sie sich das Signal des Promex-Beraters an ( Mehr als 12% in den ersten 2 Wochen ):  https://www.mql5.com/de/
1 279 USD
Price Action Gold MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (7)
We present to you Price Action Gold EA - progressive Expert Advisor that changes the way Gold is traded, the most popular tool in the forex market! Our vast experience in trading and programming since 2004 helped us to create aт unbeatable Price Action Gold Expert Advisor to change your way of trading. After purchase   Price Action Gold EA     you can additional Expert Advisor for free.  MT4 version: CLICK HERE The real MT5 signal: CLICK HERE All our   Signals  and   programs can be find he
1 250 USD
Heracles Pro EA MT5
Lo Thi Mai Loan
5 (1)
SPEZIALANGEBOT: Holen Sie sich einen RABATT auf Heracles, jetzt nur noch $799.99! Heracles EA Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2059112?source=Site+Profile+Seller Heracles EA MT5 ist ein Expert Advisor, der speziell für den Handel mit dem Währungspaar GBPUSD entwickelt wurde. Seine Funktionsweise basiert auf der Eröffnung von Orders mit Hilfe des Heracles-Indikators, was bedeutet, dass der EA der "Trendfolge"-Strategie folgt und sich dem vorherrschenden Trend anpasst. Für den Expert
793.99 USD
Gold High
Barat Ali Rezai
5 (4)
*** Only 3 copies left at $500 next price is $700 ***  Gold High is a complete automated trading robot that has been designed and created based on our best strategies in forex trading.  All trades are protected by stop loss. Users can use a fixed lot or auto lot money management. Our team will regularly check the data and will publish updates If needed. Why this EA : T he EA has successfully passed live testing for over 43 weeks Smart entries calculated by 9 great strategies The EA can be run
500 USD
Weitere Produkte dieses Autors
Future of Ea: This ea using extreme trend indicator for open trades. We added advance trend filter in ea better quality result. Ea using grid type trading strategy after open one position.   Use of Ea: Using ea On Eur-Usd Pair for good result Download ea and attached it to H-1 time chart. You have to optimized Ea for better results if Needed. This ea is open Both types orders Buy and Sell, Just Like Hedge strategy. Ea will closed all open Buy and Sell Orders at same time at target level. Ea is
Introducing our Chandrayaan 3: Designed with advanced algorithms and early catch-up market trend. Chandrayaan 3 Expert Advisor is created to help you in the intricate world of Forex trading. The system analyzes market new high-low and conducts transactions based on specific criteria, empowering you to engage with market trends more effectively. Ea strategy work on short term market trend change with higher time trend analysis. Ea is a very power full  currency pair scalping tool. Ea has ability
51 USD
Future of the Enjoy Dax40 Scalper: We make this Ea on scalping strategy for Higher time frame trend. Ea is best work on the Dax40(De40), Ger40 index only. Ea is also able to work on UsTec(Nasdaq100), US30(DJ IND).We using our personal custom trend indicator with other short term and long mt5 standard trend indicator. Ea is working on pending Buy Stop and Sell Stop order model. Every Order protected by fixed stop loss. We provide you proper guidance to use the Ea. You can contact me for the Ea se
51 USD
Pure Gold 24 Carat Mt5 is the Best Hedging Trading Strategy working on "XAU-USD"(Gold) Pure Gold 24 Carat EA is very smart hedge EA. Ea best works on XAUUSD pair On H-1 time with default settings. We made this ea specially for Gold Traders. Ea works on Very Low Risk. No Martingale and Grid system in the ea. EA works only with his fixed parameter trend, fixed time gap set in the ea. We used Fixed Lot Size in Ea. You can set your desire Lot size as your account balance level. A Minimum capital
51 USD
Us30 Scalping Ea works only on Us30 Index: Minimum Balance Required 2000 Usd For Best Result From Ea:               1.Best Working on IcMarket Mt5 Account With Leverage 1:100 (Don't Use Account More then 100 Leverage). <==========================================================================================> We have Tested Ea From Dt.01.01.18 to Dt.11-11-21 On IcMarket Mt5 Platform and Put Screen Shot In Screenshots You need Optimization for better result then my Given settings in set file. <=
100 USD
The Ai Index UsTec De40 ea is the most effective trading strategy for the USTEC. The USTEC(US100, NASDAQ100) index is the only indices for which the EA was designed to works. Suitable for dealers and traders of all skill levels. Ea's base strategy on higher sharpe ratio.   The AI Index UsTec De40 es has been testing on tick data based on Real Tick for the last three years with positive results. Working with extremely low risk and strict money management. After extensive research by an in-built
51 USD
steler21 2023.05.29 11:12 

Hello, Ea is working very nicely. I just added in Real account. I will update my result you later after one week.

Pankaj Kapadia
Antwort vom Entwickler Pankaj Kapadia 2023.06.08 13:18
Thanks for your review on Dax30 Ea on working on Live Real Account. You can contact me any time for any help for Ea settings.
Hamad Albaghli
Hamad Albaghli 2023.01.31 18:31 

Excellent support by the author , worked very fine in backtest and forward test,you can check live monitoring at his signal.

Pankaj Kapadia
Antwort vom Entwickler Pankaj Kapadia 2023.01.31 18:49
Thank you Mr. Hamad Albaghli for your valuable positive feedback on Dax30 Ea. We also look forward to serving every client the best product and best backend service.
Antwort auf eine Rezension
Version 5.66 2023.10.27
Ea Strategy Update.
New Input Added in the Ea Settings: Open Order Closed at Fixed the Time Hours.
Default settings for DE40, Dax40, Ger40( Future and CDF)
Requirement: Mt5 Account Netting and Hedging Both Support.
Minimum Balance Require 1000 for Low Drawdown. Lot Size calculation 0.10 on Fixed Balance Step
Ea supports Other Index Also, contact us for settings to work with Other Index.
Version 5.55 2023.06.28
Ea strategy Update in version v.5.55
Default working on DE40(Dax40) on H-1 time chart with a Minimum Balance of 300 on All brokers with Lot Digit =1(0.1) Minimum Volume step = 0.1
Ea working on UsTec on Time Chart H-1 with using of Set. With a minimum Balance of 100 USD.
Broker to Broker Settings is Different. Ask us for your perfect set file for working on Live Real Account.
The best Broker is IcMarket and TickMill.
For working on DE40 and USTEC both symbols on Real Account you Need a Minimum Balance of 500 USD.
We provide you set the file as per the symbols specification of your broker.
Lot Size calculation if AutoMode on Balance of 300 USD for starting Minimum Lot = 0.10.
Version 5.51 2023.06.24
Dax30 Ea v_5.51 Strategy Update.
Best Working With DE40, GER40, DAX40 symbol on H-1 Time Chart.
Best Broker IcMarket, TickMIll with Minimum Leverage 1:100 and Above.
The minimum Balance Required is 300 USD and a Multiple of 300 USD (For Minimum Lot Steps Start From 0.10)
On TickMIll Broker Minimum Balance Required is 300 USD.(For the Minimum Lot Steps Stat From 0.01).
Version 5.34 2023.06.06
Ea strategy optimized updates some parameters.
Now Ea is able to work on Both Indexes "DE40" and "USTEC".
Default settings for IcMarket Broker DE40 index on H-1 time.
Required Minimum Balance 1000 for two symbols.
You required different settings for TickMill and IcMarket Brokers and Also for Different Symbols.
For proper settings contact us via the mql5 chat app.
Settings may be different for different brokers and different symbols.

Version 5.33 2023.05.30
StopLoss and Take Profits Problem Fixes.
Added Take Profits and StopLoss in Equity Amount and Also in Terms Of Percentage of Account Balance.
As per the request received from the customer, we updated the EA.
Version 5.32 2023.05.28
Strategy Update With Extra Risk Management Settings.
Add an Option for Less Account Balance for trading in a Fix Percentage of the account balance.
Add Lot Size multiplier if Broker's lot size step in Dax40 is = 0.01 and for other broker settings are default.
Version 5.31 2023.05.27
Ea strategy Update.
Spread Problem Fixed.
Working Best on DE40, DAX40, GER40 on H-1 time chart with Default Settings and
Version 5.30 2023.05.11
Strategy Updated.
Fixed problem in Auto Lot with 1 Digit and 2 Digits Lot Step on other Broker on Testin Ea.
You can test Ea on Any Broker On Real Tick Base Data history From Dt.01-01-2021 to the Current Date.
Strategy fully optimized on Last 2 and half years Real Tick Data History.
The recovery Lot multiplier Default is set to 100% from the last in New Version For low Risk during a heavily volatile market.
Auto Calculations on Balance Allocation by you from 300 to 1000 For Minimum lot Step 0.10(IcMarket and Other Broker) and from 30 to 100 for Minimum lot step 0.01(TickMill Broker)
The last and final Update is done. The next update will be done as per the request received from the customer if required.
We continuously observe Ea performance on the Demo account from Jan-23 and also started on Live Real Account From May-23, and will take necessary action in the Ea if required.
Version 5.28 2023.05.10
New features added in Ea Input Option:
Fixe Lot =0.10 (Default settings.)
If Fixed lot=0 Means = Auto Lot is Enabled.
For Auto Use Balance Stepper lot 0.01(Minimum)
Lot Didits = 2(2= Lot 0.01, 1= 0.10, 3=0.001)

Recovery Order Lot Multiplier in Percentage of First Order:
You change value according to you.(100 = 100% = Last Open Lot Size x 1 ),(200 = 200% = Last Open Lot Size x 2)
Version 5.27 2023.05.02
1. Fix Lot Size option added
2. In Auto Lot Freez Balance in Percentage Of Equity is added to Save some Fixed portion of the Account Balance for Safety and Reduce Huge DD.
3. For Loss Recovery Order percentage of First Trade Lot size multiplier option added for fast recovery of losses.
4. Negative Swap charges are also calculated into Take Profits if Trade is not closed on the same day.
Version 5.26 2023.04.21
Minor bug fixed related to AutoLot Size.
Version 5.25 2023.03.05
Ea fixed minor problems of an Order comment.
Ea optimized for More positive trades.
The new version of Ea is working on DE40 Index and UsTex Index on M-10 charts.
Version 5.24 2023.03.04
Trade Settings Default For DE40 Index(Dax40), German Index.
While on Testing Set Time From hour = 9 and Time From Minute = 30,
Fixed Auto Lot Settings per Balance with minimum Lot Step.
Add Order Swap charges calculation In Profits.
Add Balance Freez Option For Protection against Big Draw Down.
Version 5.23 2023.01.09
Just fixed small inputs and nothing changed from the previous version.
Version 5.21 2023.01.08
New Updated Ea is able to work on Many More Currency Pairs along with Dax40 Index on Any Broker. For testing Ea in Mt5 Tester on Real Tick Data use the set file given by me in the comment area.
Version 5.12 2021.12.06
Some description changes and no more.
Version 5.11 2021.12.06
Dax30 Ea v.5.11
All settings of Ea are calculation Pips Basis.
Works on Scalping Strategy.
Working on TickMill and IcMarket with Our Set File.
Dax30 Ea v.5.11 support De40 Index And Us30 Index On M-5 Time Chart.
Test Ea as mentioned in the set file:
M-5 means 5 Minute Chart, M-15 Means 15 Minutes chart.
Version 3.1 2021.11.19
Changes in Take Profits in Second Buy Order;
Version 3.0 2021.11.19
Update Ea to Investment Purpose.
Version 2.50 2021.11.10
Updated Version v.2.50
Recovery Order Price Distance In Percentage For 2nd Order
Buy-Order =True/False
Sell-Order = True/False
you can manage Only Buy, Only Sell Or Both Buy, Sell According Market Situation
Stop Loss Error Fixed.
On Chart Account Info Display
Version 2.0 2021.10.30
Fixed Take Profits Problem In Dax40.
New Indicator Added.