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CyberZingFx Volume

CyberZingFx Volume Indicator

Best to find market reversals.

Best used with CyberZingFx Trend Reversal Indicator which shows accurate market reversals- https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42305

After Downloading send me a message to get CyberZingFx Chart Switcher Tool which is very useful tool for traders to switch between multiple charts without opening multiple chart windows

Important :- This Indicator repaints. So make trading strategy combining other indicators.

Shows Volume BUY and SELL power.

Volume power value is displayed on right side for both BUY and SELL.

Alert High is most recent Alert value.

Gives Alerts at levels given under settings.

Alert is given with a Risk Reward chance of profit from 1 to 100. Higher the value, higher the chance of WIN.

Good at catching peak reversal prices.

Alert Settings

Popup Alert for BUY and SELL signals

Sound Alert for BUY and SELL signals

Email Alert for BUY and SELL signals

Mobile Notification for BUY and SELL signals

Виктор Лищук
Виктор Лищук 2020.02.21 19:16 

Недавно скачал этот индикатор, гонял и в тестере , на демощете -работает отлично , я впечатлен это один из лучших индикаторов . Afsal Meerankutty благодарю Вас что поделились таким хорошим индикатором бесплатно.

Kopeykin 2020.01.15 21:51 

Пользуюсь этим индикатором 3 месяца ни разу не подвел, он четко дает сигналы на разворотах рынка, работает без ошибок на H1 и H4, как дополнение к другим индикаторам это лучший помощник. Спасибо Afsal

Viktor Koroveshi
Viktor Koroveshi 2020.01.10 20:34 

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Victor Khalif
Victor Khalif 2020.01.02 09:37 

The indicator realy impresive and not repaint as founder pointed out, but additional filters are needed to filter out false signals on the indicator; perhaps if the indicator owner can share his additional filters it will help increase the efficiency indicator resalt several times! I finded this indicator very helpfull for trading!Thanks!

yamez 2019.12.19 13:49 

Good to confirm "bounce" levels, such as S/R or trend lines.

cvdestyfx 2019.12.16 18:44 

Dmitry Karagusov
Dmitry Karagusov 2019.11.23 14:22 

Очень помогает в виде дополнительного подтверждения.

sunnychow 2019.11.08 14:54 

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makita 2019.10.25 18:39 

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farzad raufinejad
farzad raufinejad 2019.10.23 13:05 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

4xtrader41 2019.10.20 04:16 

So far so good, working good for me

ohm 2019.10.16 09:57 

This is an amazing indicator. No volume/volatility indicator can compare with CyberZingFx Volume. Thanks for sharing it.

Aravind 2019.10.14 10:07 

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RobertCz 2019.09.30 21:48 

CyberZingFx Volume, ist eines der besten Werkzeuge mit den ich gearbeitet habe. Aber einen großen Nachteil hat er. er verbraucht Unmengen an Energie. Mehr wie drei paare kann man nicht gleichzeitig laufen lassen .Das schafft der MT4 nicht , und stürzt ständig ab. Mit anderen Indikatoren geht natürlich auch nicht weil die Ressourcen nicht ausreichen.

Dmytr Npwmnysz״
Dmytr Npwmnysz״ 2019.09.28 01:28 

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Spoonman 2019.09.26 14:11 

A good adviser, accurately shows market reversals, has become a good addition to my strategy. Much better than the built-in volume indicator m MT4

Version 1.4 2019.12.18
Removed Indicator Name From Chart to have more clean chart area
Version 1.3 2019.10.13
Option to change volume bar and text color
Version 1.2 2019.10.02
* Fixed over usage of resources while using in multiple charts

Indicator will work in multiple charts now without stoping mt4
Version 1.1 2019.09.25
Default alert level set to 30