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Renko Charting for MT5

Renko indicator helps develop Renko charts on different symbols.


  • Drag and drop the indicator on M1 timeframe of the symbol chart
  • Realtime updates
  • Indicator can be used for Expert Advisors and technical analysis
  • Backtest your strategy using Renko indicator


  • BOX SIZE: Input the number of box size. The box size reflects the difference of the symbol price. So, a 50 box size would reflect a 5 pip value difference in a currency pair symbol
  • Show Wicks: If true, high or low of the bricks will also be shown.

How to use

  • Attach the indicator to a chart (timeframe M1) to create the Renko chart
  • Input box size to select the difference you want to use
  • Use Renko chart on M1 timeframe only.
  • Please go through the screenshots to understand the steps

Details on benefits of renko charting, indicators and EAs are provided in the Comments section.

Wells Velasquez Maciel
Wells Velasquez Maciel 2019.02.10 22:09 

Very good