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Target Geometry

Target Geometry is a next-generation indicator that uses the geometric nature of the markets to give high statistical probability levels (Fibonacci).

This indicator creates a very important map that optimizes the entry points and it optimally defines your own money management.

The indicator can be used both in static mode or in dynamic mode, you can use it on any financial instrument.

The use in multi timeframe mode is a very good ally to have.

The indicator is equipped with a pop-up and audio alarm and also it is completely customizable.

The target levels are high statistical probability, therefore we recommend to use extreme caution.

This indicator will give you a new perspective and it suggests you a decision on the market.

We are very happy to have created this indicator and we hope it will be useful to all.

Input Values:

  • Drawing_Mode
    • Static (the zones colored are static)
    • Dynamic (the zones are colored when the price is between 2 levels)
    • Scalping (for use in low timeframes)
    • Intraday (for use in middle timeframes)
    • Multiday (for use in high timeframes)
    • Level_Font_Size
    • X (Distance of label from position)
    • Position 0=Left 1=Right
    • Signal Colors (Strong, Weak, Flat)
    • Level Colors, Style and Width
Abdullah Alrihily
Abdullah Alrihily 2018.11.26 05:37 

good indicator so far

Vitaliy Kuchanskiy
Vitaliy Kuchanskiy 2018.06.12 14:07 

very nice indicator. useful indicator for scalping to get TP positions. рекомедую.

lrimondi 2018.05.02 13:00 

Useful in trending markets, useless in sideways markets.

Mikhail Repnikov
Mikhail Repnikov 2018.04.08 20:55 

Однозначно пять ***** звезд! аналогично отзыву rpd2 купил не мало индикаторов все они 50/50 просто невозможно ! такое впечатление складывается что 99 % продавцов мошенники ! показывающие красивые картинки своих индикаторов ну все хватит негатива) теперь Я нашел реальный индикатор зон где я могу искать покупки / продажи проанализировал целый месяц и удостоверился в надежности показателей ! Спасибо автору за данное чудо) В обсуждениях буду делиться скиншотами своей торговлей по данному индикатору.

silverforexhk 2017.05.11 15:03   

Scusate, io ho un problema. Non mi installa l' indicatore sulla mia piattaforma mt4. ho provato in diversi modi. Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi? Grazie

rpd2 2017.03.29 14:33 

I must thank the developers of this indicator. I am almost ashamed to say, but after spending so much money on EAs and indicators on MQL5, this is the

first indicator that is actually making me real cash consistnetly already. I don't know how to say thanks more. It changes the way I look at the charts and

my confidence in confirming other sigals. It is simple to use but I think a bit complex in its internal design.

Thanks guys. Whether you want to scalp, day trade or longer term trade this is the indicator for you.

My personal strategy is to load the indicator on mulitple instruments at the beginning of a new trading day.

Analyse the market from scalper to day trading to intermediate mode.

Then set orders buy and sell a few pips outside the buy and sell zones clearly marked by the indicator.

I set TP conservative at Target 3-4 , but manage it depending on the signal of stregth of market which the indi also shows.

Then I may add other pending orders depending on the signals that the indicator will give during the day.

I rented it for 3 months and made back the money in 1 trade on a 200$ account with 0.01 lots.

I hope everyone that buys this indicator will have good success.

There are lots of indicators for hundreds of dollars that are not worth 1 cent. I highly recommend this.....

Orteip 2017.03.27 08:29 

Great indicator, i use it on my live chart

Nathan Muir
Nathan Muir 2017.03.26 19:47 

fantastic and precise indicator, combined with the navigator, becomes an indispensable tool for the modern trader.

alfapenna 2017.03.26 12:14 

very nice indicator! price levels are given before. This indicator is the strength! Congratulations to the creator

Marco Rossi
Marco Rossi 2017.03.26 10:14 

Fantastic, really functional and practical, it has changed the way to approach the market!!!

Version 2.3 2019.02.05
Defect on refresh after restart platform.
Version 2.2 2018.01.08
Add inputs to customize lines.
Version 2.0 2017.05.30
Fixed problem on TF display.