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Asmani Pro


*  Low Risk / Consistent Profit EA.

* Works on EURUSD and EURJPY on M15 Timeframe only.

* Capital requirement :

Minimum : $300

Ideal : $1000 

MUST : Please go through following blogs before Back Testing or Using the EA

1)    General Strategy of Asmani Pro


2)    Inputs explained in detail for Asmani Pro 21.3


3)    Backtesing for Asmani


4)    Profit and Risk Analysis of Asmani Pro


5)    FAQ for Asmani 


Attention : Backtest Images shown below, are based on 99.9% data from 1st January 2015.....

If you are using data with lower precision than 99.9%, then the results may vary !!

Alexkod 2020.06.07 20:21 

За полгода использования на трех парах итоговый минус, хотя поначалу шел бодрячком. Но в апреле-мае всю прибыль как корова слизала, и еще ушел в глубокий минус. Пришлось отключить.

danielshang 2020.04.27 02:53 


brunswickfx 2020.04.10 01:43 

Without a doubt, this is the best EA I have ever had. I have used both paid and free and they are both outstanding

I have been using it for 12 months and it is exceptional.

Good work

ANDREI IVANUSHKIN 2020.02.14 06:24 

40% в месяц последнее обновление

Tamer Mohamed
Tamer Mohamed 2020.02.13 05:46 

Didn't survive the current trend for EURUSD, nearly all the profits are gone now and back to ZERO.

guille.ernest 2020.02.12 18:49 

No free updates for this product, he need an update and lacks to be a great EA. Updates are sold through another channel at an additional cost. If this change i will change my review.

Ovied 2019.12.30 22:15 

Author is still around. EA is excellent. Still using on my live account. Only using AUD/NZD, USD/CAD and EUR/USD pairs.

**** Simply one of the best EAs on this market*****

Alesamo 2019.12.22 11:34 

The author disappeared, no more support, therefore this only can be 0 stars (I gave one since 0 stars are obviously not possible). Don't buy...

Johannes Petrus Berbee
Johannes Petrus Berbee 2019.11.17 06:22 

No updates, risky strategy!!

Author only offers paid updates!! Stay away from this one.

Jing Zhang
Jing Zhang 2019.11.11 07:16 

Could you send me the set, eurusd and EURJPY, which require the safest configuration in 8,9 years

Wichai Chomvijit
Wichai Chomvijit 2019.11.05 08:52 

Strategy is quite risky. If there are stop loss and recovery mode is very good. 3 Stars

chukynax 2019.10.11 14:02 

Использовал в течении 3 месяцев, очень маленькая прибыль...Нахождение в минусе 95% времени (( не советую

OllieG93 2019.09.27 17:59 

Great EA been running profitably for months now, and has paid back it's market price many times over.

fxloot 2019.09.19 05:31 

best ea ever

FXAdvanced 2019.09.05 12:09 

unfortunately I can't rate this EA with 0 stars because this crappy EA does not even deserve one star. Super dangerous grid (and yes it is a grid based system as it opens several positions if the trend goes against an opened trade, just because they're not set to a fixed entry price doesn't mean it's not a grid!), super small gains (10 pips per trade) vs. essentially unlimited DD, no responsible stop losses, often opens positions against strong trends, etc.

I could go on and on but trust me this piece of shit EA does not even deserve one star and the author has disappeared and is nowhere to be seen...

Viktor 2019.08.05 17:30 

It doesn't work, there is no protection against blowing up of my account. No SL used, don't buy it

Saeed Hosseini
Saeed Hosseini 2019.08.01 04:52 


I've been using the Asmani pro expert for a while and have enjoyed working with it.

But in my opinion, this system needs a thorough overhaul.

Since July 23, gradually opened 5 buying positions.

These positions were gradually lost and were added to the depth of the basket losses every day.

And finally, with the serious falling of the EURUSD, it turned out to huge dangerous.

And add this to your daily SWAP deductions.

Result, In my opinion, this system is now only suitable for markets that fluctuate over a certain, relatively limited period and it doesn't protect your money in stormy conditions, unless substantially revised.

Tao Xu
Tao Xu 2019.07.31 13:26 

it needs improving . 1, the EA has sell or buy selectiong( that's good ), but it should increase a selection of stop-trading after EA made a profit and closed orders. 2, increase 1H and 4h selection . 15 mins trade is dangerous sometimes . If above are improved , I thinks this EA is safe .

Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar 2019.07.17 23:43 

I joinrd MLQ5 about 1 year ago. Tried 52 Indicators and 7 EA's

Asmani is the only EA where I have seen regular consistent profits.A stable trading platform.

Only One word EXCELLENT. Developer is very supportive,friendly and helpful.

Xin Tan
Xin Tan 2019.07.09 10:33 


Prabir Paul
Prabir Paul 2019.06.24 03:31 

I have tested this product very carefully. If your lot size is 0.01 for 2000 account, it may be little bit safe. Otherwise small account will lose all money soon or later. Just back test this EA for 2015 in any combination. This will show you the hidden risk of this EA. DD is extremely high. I don't recommend this EA if your account balance is below $2000 and money is important for you.

Ramazan Turkhan
Ramazan Turkhan 2019.06.23 18:15 

At first month it was good.. EVERYTHING changed to losses.. Besides ,The author is activating a marketing technic (social media groups) to sell more, more the expert..that s why this shit sells more..The expert is very limited to (eurusd15 eurjpy m15) . this is one of the best popular social cheating of forex experts .

..İt is true that the author is highly experienced coder . but it s only for himself..he become rich by way of social cheating groups.. NO ,NO,NOtrade

İ want to give a clue to the buyers and author of this ea : trade reverse of this ea(no joke) ,you will be more profitable !!

Jasons3 2019.06.20 01:06 

Here is an honest review of this EA. At first it was trading well and it seemed profitable. It was only trading EU and I have never been able to trade EJ because the development is slow. My hopes were high but then massive DD started to occur. The losses slowly became bigger. It was trading less and losing all profits with one trade each week which is my main concern. It wins slowly make profit each week and then erases all profits with one large bad trade. After three weeks of this consistently happening i'm getting close to just turning it off. As you read the other reviews more and more people are getting frustrated with the performance and the developer is no where to be found. There is no support group, there is no support period.

same day update:

it has lost 100% of trades today and resulted in a major hit to my account even with proper risk management.

ALEXEY CAI 2019.06.19 06:22   

что такое CAP ???

gil380 2019.06.18 15:33 

I made 11% profit in one month with CAP 300, and made 15% in 8 days with CAP 100. A lot of settings i can adjust according with my trading experience. This EA works on M15, so this EA is not following the larger trend. But so far largegest drawdown on my account is 7.8%. If you want to trade safely with this EA, just avoid using it during high impact news.

asaens15 2019.06.16 21:49 

For poor support and/or no response to users in main comments... 1 star to deter new users from making mistake. EA is marginally profitable... nothing special about it... position in popular EAs is misleading. Like many other EAs similar to this one, it is good for ranging markets and attempts to reverse for small gains at reversal points... when it trends, drawdown will increase until account all but gone. Expect to read "stopped out" on most of your orders sooner or later with this EA in its present rendition. Most authors either don't know how the market works or just want to put out a product that works long enough to impress you but are not comprehensive enough to handle long-term scenarios that include ranging, trending, spikes, frequent reversals, major news events, etcetera. You will recognize an author that doesn't know about trading when he doesn't account for swap charges, commission, slippage, drawdown, and doesn't post all EA requirements/recommendations. Again, this EA is only good in ranging markets, when the market trends strongly, even a little, the EA will obliterate your account. If you use highly conservative settings or a large deposit/balance then your return on investment will be poor.

Koenraad Vanhaeren
Koenraad Vanhaeren 2019.06.15 15:32 

Nope. Not good. Wbile DD is growing, there is no structural way out dealing with this. And most important, during such period there is no feedback of the ea maker, no support,... .

PeterSwaby 2019.06.15 14:10 

The author often doesn't reply to pms for weeks at a time and is just unavailable. The ea is unstable and he is unwilling to develop it further without extra payments.

Nicola2018 2019.06.12 18:46 

I optimized asmani 21.3 last Thursday and for now opened three operations for me and immediately closed them all positively.

All right for now! but you have to optimize it!

RedBull 2019.06.12 11:27 

Big drawdown

Not recommend

Maik Siebel
Maik Siebel 2019.06.11 15:58 

So far very profitable with manageable drawdown on the live account.


armin.modaresi 2019.06.11 10:18   

this ea does not makes any trade much , you should be scalper and close your eyes for this expert to work . i could use my money in the better product , no support at all . 10 days i got only 2$ out of it . please return my money .

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2019.06.10 21:48 

Recent market has not been good.

Demo results have not been satisfactory enough to go to Live.

homjung 2019.06.09 06:17 

Developing this EA should continue.

Robert Melkonyan
Robert Melkonyan 2019.06.07 18:45 

это самый плахой продукт который есть в маркете!за 2 недели я потерял весь депозит!самый лучший способ кто хочет быстро избавится от своего депозита!

попросите свои деньги обратно от администраторов,пишите сервис деск и попросите свои деньги!

jimko1 2019.06.06 18:37 

not good at all so far. averaging about 1-5 usd a day which I was happy with now into big (for account size) DD with no sign of recovery. will have to close out trades manually to stop bledding on the recent EURUSD spike/ trend change. will upgrade this review should I receive some advise and support from author

HeretoLearn 2019.06.05 21:19 

The EA doesn't seem that bad in fact is probably very good. I bought the EA on the basis of the review saying how good the support was. However since joining I have had not response regarding my questions or been able to join the support group that is mentioned on the comments TAB.

My feeling is the Author is trying to provide good support but is too busy trying to develop the product. In the two weeks I have had the product there have been another 2 versions. The new versions fix some valid issues but the author is unable to explain or unwilling how the original version ran perfectly in backtesting and yet the new versions over the same time period and setting blow your account.

I don't mind that it does but there needs to be clear explanations as to what is changing so you can make informed decisions.

I would like to support this EA because I think it has potential but the support or lack of it is letting it down at the moment.

Finally don't buy this EA if you are uncomfortable with big drawdown and either have and EA to deal with that or know how to do so your self. My original backtests showed good growth with only 17% drawdown. With more conservative settings I am now seeing 50% drawdown and no answers why

John 2019.06.03 21:38 

Now and the last week produce a lot of loss ,It always goes against the trend , the previous reviews are because the eurusd was on flat trend and this like other Eas that use RSI work great on this market , but when the Market have some trend , the EA produce a giant loss , and if you do not have enough capital, you will burn your account without thinking , and now with StopLoss for the las fourth order it will produce a lot of loss , but now there was an update, so if I see an improvement, I'll change my review

chrisk477 2019.06.03 13:09 

This EA (as far as I can see) cannot deal with a trending market. With my current settings (recommended by the seller) profits per trade basket are about EUR 6,--. The last EURJPY trade basket was at some time at a loss in excess of -100 EUR. If the market went further down the EA supposedly would open an opposing trade to prevent further drawdown, but no mechanism to recover the loss. That means, the EA would have to close at least 95% of all trade baskets with a profit in order to break even. I'm regretting this purchase.

Tharmathurai Thankarasu
Tharmathurai Thankarasu 2019.06.02 13:01 

good ea . Stop Focusing on Profitability and Go for Growth....

jjarbh 2019.06.01 03:48 

I have used this EA since April 6 and have made $970 so far. Yesterday I lost $47 due to swaps, but you can't expect to win them all. A very solid strategy, and most importantly a very devoted and dedicated author/programmer that is always ready to answer questions, that has an exceptionally well documented EA, that provides backtests already performed. A truly, truly remarkable jewel of an EA, worth much more than the prize you are paying for it. On top of all the support from the author, there is the support group of Asmani users, with very experimented traders and lots of peer help for discussion and strategies. But if you want, you can just place safer settings and kind of let it go in autopilot :-)

Aldric K
Aldric K 2019.05.31 08:03 

So far, I have seen positive results from my backtests with 99.9% tick quality. Asmani is a very stable robot with profitable returns in the long run. The developer, Mangesh has been working hard to roll out improvements to the EA's entry and exits, as well as solve the various issues that the users had experienced, including myself. 5 stars is an understatement.

Hongjun Yu
Hongjun Yu 2019.05.31 05:45 

hope solve the high swap issue in next edition

Wu Zhengchao
Wu Zhengchao 2019.05.29 04:16 

So far good. I will rate 5 stars if it has a recover system after hedging.

Christian Bruns
Christian Bruns 2019.05.28 23:33 

Ingenious EA,

the safest and most profitable thing I've had in a live account so far, maybe some winning currency pair will come to that.

Michael Dhen
Michael Dhen 2019.05.28 21:57 

Leider bin ich mit den Ergebnissen nicht zufrieden, Ich habe nun einige Wochen getestet und den EA auf einen kleinen Echtgeldkonto laufen gelassen. Es gibt zwar beständige Gewinne, diese werden aber von einzelnen Verlusten einfach ausgelöscht.

Ich werde die offenen Positionen schließen, bevor mein Konto vernichtet wird. 2 Sterne weil der Autor sich bemüht, alle Fragen zu klären.

Tran Van Hung
Tran Van Hung 2019.05.27 11:58 

I Will experience it now. Thank you

Marcus Nyman
Marcus Nyman 2019.05.25 13:42 

When the EA was launched a few months back, I was not satisfied with the results. Too slow growth with default settings. Also the EA is dangerous with a grid-like trading strategy.

However, I made extensive tests again with the new updates and with it's popularity. When treating a grid strategy, you need fast growth and then withdraw the money regurlarly. Eventually it blow the account. So I split my deposit to have a reserve and run it with High risk settings. The results are very impressive

Update: Author points out it's not a grid strategy since grid uses pips to open a new position. This EA uses various indicators and combinations to look for a new trade opportunity. This will make it better against any sudden spike in price. So with this in mind, I do think it's less dangerous, but still not 100%. Thanks to the author

prickpaow 2019.05.25 07:40 

Very Good more profit.

And invite me to bought group Thank you.

linkandpia 2019.05.24 21:47 

very cooperative author, this alone is worth alot , he will help you in all the issues you have , till he makes sure it is functioning properly

Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.05.23 16:58 


sfx1971 2019.05.20 20:54 

29th July 2019 update: Rating changed to 1 star

Several months of demo trading have revealed that this EA is simply not good enough. Decent profits have turned to losses over the last month or two and eventually i killed this off and threw it in the trash where it belongs.

Moreover, the once excellent support has disappeared and now I have to join a discord group to receive updatres which I refuse to do. A product purchased here should be supported here and nowhere else.

In my opinion you should save your money and not waste your trading capital on this crap


So far so good. Very profitable and very reliable, I really can't fault it up to now.

The author is supportive, honest and knowledgeable no doubt, I don't think there is anybody better on mql5 at this time.

However, the measure of a truly great EA is how it handles itself when the market throws a curve ball. This has yet to happen - until then I will wait to award 5 stars

Keep up the good work Mangesh

ANDREAS KURT HANS MEYER 2019.05.20 19:06 

Till now I have tried many EA's but this is definitely the best. Very stable at difficult marked conditions with low DD. I'am using it on real account for 2 weeks with profit 0,5 to 2 percent every day. Also the developer is very friendly and helpful at mql website and special whatsapp group for customers.

Ben Henning
Ben Henning 2019.05.20 11:06 

thanks for the good work. Even through a period where most other EA's found it difficult, Asmani managed to show profits. Thanks again.

Christian James Nigg
Christian James Nigg 2019.05.19 20:45 

Hard to say what i feel. But joy and way better than any thing out there. My high risk account grew 20% in 2 weeks that is 10% every week.

Crazy!! worth every dollar and more. Get it now while it´s still cheep.

roberto.crupi 2019.05.19 19:24 

Ottimo EA con ottimi risultati

King S
King S 2019.05.19 12:51 

Review 19-5-2019:

4 stars for trading that has been profit for 2 weeks. but it is not impossible that gloomy times will come & there are only 2 actions that can be done is hedging / cutloss. I will give 5 stars if hedging can be completed with EA Asmani & not by manual trading.

Review 22-05-2019:

Asmani still has take profit problems (especially when the spread is very wide), I hope you can solve this as soon as possible. For a while I used another EA to take over the take profit performance of Asmani.

Review 02-06-2019:

Sorry, until now EA is still classified as a lot of errors. I will give a better rate, if the error can be fixed.

Review 03-06-2019:

After update to 21.2, I can't use Asmani on EJ, until you reply my chat in discord I'll change my star.

ken4rex 2019.05.19 03:53 

So far Asmani Pro have a very good track that I have run almost 1 month. I appreciate the support given by Mangesh and he commits to support and listen to our comments and to make the EA runs better and fine tune when it is necessary.

Joe Mastro
Joe Mastro 2019.05.19 01:18 

So far this product is performing well and holding up in any conditions,

I just hope that the creator keeps up the good work and keeps ahead of the changing markets, Unlike the bad product the failed product that i bought,

ENZO and the creator both failed, massive losses, But ASMANI no losses.

2840023 2019.05.18 21:41 


mak1986 2019.05.18 14:19 

Anyone who has achieved poor results or losses here in recent months has certainly risked too much of his capital. If you have a 500$ account and risk 50$ or more per trade, it's your own fault. That has been and always will be the case.

Who correctly calculates his MM was allowed to expect so far with consistent win.

I myself have invested several 100$ in EA's. No one has existed for more than 2 weeks without incurring heavy losses. Asmani PRO is by far the best and first EA, which brings me very good profits for weeks.

Mangesh did a very good job here. Keep it up!

Rankstar 2019.05.18 14:11 

Mangesh is a very experienced developer. The expert advisor can be run very very safe and also risky..it depends on the user....the support is vergy good and the most important thing i have to say....

It is the best expert advisor by far i have tested here and i have tested really many.....

Thomas Vogel
Thomas Vogel 2019.05.18 13:29 

Comunnication OUTSIDE MQL5.COM :-(

The new Customers get no Informations and Insights about the Product until they bougth the Product.

This Form of Custumer Care should be banned from Metaquotes.

I wan´t to keep my PhoneNumber private!

Mohamed Naeem Ali
Mohamed Naeem Ali 2019.05.17 17:08 

As mentioned by Mangesh it’s one of the safest & reliable system

Happytraderww 2019.05.17 16:50 

It is hard to come by such an honest EA developer with such a high level of passion for his work and clients. 5 stars is an understatement. The level of support you will get from the author is unparalleled.

Even with its great performance now, the author is still striving to make it even better and safer.

Thank you so much, Mangesh :)

Weng Joe Leong
Weng Joe Leong 2019.05.17 16:33 

Very nice EA,Just buy 1week,i get 8% Profit

Thomas Coget
Thomas Coget 2019.05.17 06:26 

Asmani is the best EA I've got to use : good profitability and low drawdown. My profit factor is > 6, which is the best I've found on the market! Moreover, Mangesh is a great developer, very helpful and always ready to help you. There is a Whatsapp group you can join to discuss between users of the paid version.

This EA does all the job, just set and forget, then collect the profit (7-15% monthly depending on your risk settings).

FernetBranco 2019.05.16 18:29 

The best EA around! I'm using it on both currency pairs and it gives me a profit of 10% per month with low risk setting. It has excellent support and a active whats app group with hundreds of satisfied customers. Documentation and FAQs are well written and always up to date.

pablovalero 2019.05.16 16:59 

The EA is delivering results so far and its strategy is simple and straight to the point. I'm very happy so far also the description is not updated but you can use it now on EURUSD and EURJPY!

javibs69 2019.05.15 19:19 

Amazing EA, very good support.

Nico Fini
Nico Fini 2019.05.15 10:53 

Ottimo EA! Super soddisfatto!

Ralf Fink
Ralf Fink 2019.05.14 09:33 

i did try a lot of EA but this one is the best.

best support with a whatsapp grp


Todd Williams
Todd Williams 2019.05.13 17:53 

Five years of backtesting with Autolot On and 300 per 0.01 and this thing doesn't even break a sweat. Truly hands off EA. Running it live now and it's great. Been searching for a solid compounding EA on here for weeks and finally found it here. Brilliant algorithm.

mike27399 2019.05.12 17:47 

Die letzten 3 Wochen war eine Herausforderung für viele Expert Advisor. Habe in der Zeit einige vorübergehend deaktiviert. Asmani Pro war einer der wenigen EA´s die man laufen lassen konnte. Geringer Drawdown stabile Gewinne. Es gibt nur wenige EA´s die das schaffen. lg

iamdreamer 2019.05.12 04:19 

Really just wanted to B # 50

So far so good after 1st few days though!



Been 3 weeks now with this EA

Week 1 down 500 pips on EU - 200 on EJ - Both Came Back

Week 2 down 500 pips on EU - 500 on EJ - Came back on EU - Got out on EJ with Huge Loss (500 pips)

Week 3 trading only EU - down 500 pips on EU - got out with 50% loss on account

Author working on updates every day to make a better product - Great coder - Great intentions - I just bought EA to early - Will wait on using again for a few weeks to see if members have better results moving forward!

Fenglei Yao
Fenglei Yao 2019.05.11 15:23 

我购买了这个EA,目前实盘效果不错,感兴趣的联系我 微信:jackmse

Christopher Christian Kobiela
Christopher Christian Kobiela 2019.05.10 20:47 

Awesome product followed by great support by ist creator. It is better to use save Settings. You have to do your homework. I advise everyone to do backtests with 99% data. Keep in mind, that while doing backtests and you test with different spread, that the number are not pips, but Points. So when you apply the number 10 in the spreadfield, this means that you are testing with 0.1 pips. Thank you very much Mangesh!

gimcos 2019.05.10 01:08 

Lo tengo en cuenta real 9 días con un profit de 4 %. 80 % trades positivas. Solo hace una media de 3 trades por dia.

Lo recomiendo.

drnsf 2019.05.09 18:22   

I am obligiged to delete my first review .Isuggested in the begining this robot to others.Excelent at first stage but i must confess that i believe anymore what mr Ramazan Turkhan believes.Why such behaviour developers ?There are small accounts too.No money for great losses....

dhanaa 2019.05.08 09:28 

This is one of the Best EA. No more Words. Excellent

RobotGrail 2019.05.08 07:12 

Присоединяюсь к восторженным отзывам ! На автора этого советника - точно нашло озарение ! Автор в отличии от многих - очень открыт для общения,захотели пользователи вацап да пожалуйста ! Торгует он "душа радуется" ! Покупайте пока есть такая возможность !

Ramakant Duggal
Ramakant Duggal 2019.05.08 02:40 

I used the free version for bit over a month and then decided to buy the pro. It's performing very well, as promised for the last week or so. The support from Mangesh is top grade. His hard work and dedication to the product is what makes this EA a great piece of software.

Update :

The EA has a contingency setting for big DD situations, to prevent account blow out. Nice safety feature on the face of it, but reality is complicated. If you use this setting, the EA will open opposite hedging positions which you will have to manage manually. Hedging is a very complex trading style, if I am hedging expert I will not be buying a product like this. I had suggested automatic hedging by the EA, this was ignored. I had 2 weeks profits wiped out by this occurrence and have stopped using the EA since.

Developer seems to be more focussed on breaking fresh ground with a new EA, i.e., another USD 300 per copy for him. It is unfair that MQL5.com has no provisions for refunds on such products where the developer is not support focussed and the product has performed very poorly.

NOT recommended.

MMOmaster35 2019.05.07 17:19 

I have been using Asmani Pro on a live account for 2 and a half months now and I must say I am impressed with the results.

You should however use proper money management with this EA. I recommend that you backtest this EA with multiple risk settings to find what works for you. For safe trading you should consider at least 300$ per 0.01 lot if you plan on EURUSD and more if you want to use multiple pairs. You can use something more risky but I would not recommend it on a big account as it had big drawdown in the last 10 years. Make your own backtests to know more. Also I don't recommend basketlock since you need to take care of the trades when it locks and a lot of people seems to have no idea how.

I also want to address many of the negative reviews. Don't buy something if you don't understand the backtests! So many of the negative reviews don't make sense. For example the losses, there is only 4 ways a trade can close ExitDD, StopLoss, Margin Stop or TakeProfit and if people didn't use a super high risk account there is no way you would have gotten any losses, in the last 2 and a half months (at least for EURUSD) the worst it got for me was -30$ per 0.01 lot so even if you use a high risk account with AutoLotsCap 100 you would not have been in any real danger, and if you used a reasonable AutoLotsCap like the default of 400 or higher you would not even break a sweat. If you use basketlock it's up to you to take care of it and you should known that from the beginning. If you just close the trades when the basket is locked then of course you will lose money.

There is no holy grail. This EA works very well if you know how to use it. Just do backtests and look at more then just the profits. Check the drawdowns, how long those drawdowns lasted. Backtest with a fixed lot to reduce the number of variables and have a better picture. If you don't do that then you are the only one to blame for your loss.

nouvococo 2019.05.07 13:07 

I have been using this EA for 3 weeks, free version then pro version. Very stable EA, very good entries and exits with low DD. Results are very good and I can't wait to add more currency pairs.

Mangesh is really very helpful with setup and improving EA on a constant basis. He takes good care to money management and to release new versions only after intensive backtesting and forwardtesting.

Kwok Keung Cheng
Kwok Keung Cheng 2019.05.05 06:14 

This EA very Good! Good result! And this EA really only can use on EURUSA M15 for best result!

I like this !

Pankaj Kamat
Pankaj Kamat 2019.05.04 13:51 

Best EA, consistently giving profit. Good support from developer, Mr.Mangesh. Shree Swami Samartha

Evilgenki76 2019.05.03 20:39 

For now very good EA, i have small account, so small size orders and small size profit, but very steady profit and i like it, looks pretty safe too.

yardoh 2019.05.03 16:27 

Best decision I've made on an EA purchase! Before I purchased, heavily backtested 4 years, 99%, ~50 times in multiple variation of risk/reward settings... somewhat of a waste of time as the default settings win (v.20.4)! (Note: I did need to edit a couple of settings to remove possibility of hedging which is illegal in my country... however, support clearly defines how to address this with DD and LockBasket, so I only needed to test it a few times to ensure proper DD value for my taste). Shows how much effort was put into this EA. Running now in demo environment and making profit, looking forward to live environment after the next few weeks of running just to be "triple" sure but man is this looking good!

Heiner G.
Heiner G. 2019.05.03 09:42 

Reliable, fair price, good results, great support: 5 Stars

Update 04.6.2019: Unfortunately, we only did the support outside the platform mql5.com. Unfortunately only: 3 stars.

Update 16.6.2019: Extremely bad support. Nothing heard from the manufacturer for 2 weeks. Backtests passed in previous versions will no longer be passed with the latest version. Unfortunately only: 2 stars.

Update 01.08.2019: When I started with the Asmani I was very enthusiastic. With every update the quality got worse. From now on, I will not continue to use Asmani. High DD and bad entries. Reduction of the stars to 1

kasun211 2019.05.02 07:40 

best one

Christophe Godart
Christophe Godart 2019.05.01 21:29 

Maybe a simple and effective principle but at the end not sustainable long term.

The author not that responsive anymore and dying community.

Lesson learned.

I was stuck for 4 weeks in a trade, huge swap and closed in minus.

Constant updates are also a minnus ( v 21 now )

imo a good Ea in ranging markets but once the trend turns, it will burn the account...

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2019.05.01 18:01 

it does not count the swap.

RIZA DOEK 2019.05.01 09:14 


jggvjgghg 2019.04.30 09:13 

definetly the best EA on the market..only profits throughout so far

Bunyamin Cam
Bunyamin Cam 2019.04.29 18:32 

So far so good, there is a smart logic behind EA. Not like a simple RSI entries. To my opinion, time filter and news filter will give more flexibility for lot sizing.

Den JH
Den JH 2019.04.29 15:21 

Just bought it and run on real account. So far so good.

I will update rating after one month.


19/6/2019 2 stars for good profit in sideway market but huge DD in ranging market. Auther didn't update EA for a while.

John Brennan
John Brennan 2019.04.27 10:44 

I'm so pleased that I found Asmani Pro and after one month, it has proved to be a good investment. Amazing support from Mangesh. Thanks...

Tyy96913 2019.04.25 16:30 

three week, 700 profit with 1700 account

Adetomi Adekunle
Adetomi Adekunle 2019.04.25 14:45 

Excellent so far!

kushmirc 2019.04.23 00:31 

Great EA, I have it running on a live account with steady results so far. Backtesting is also solid. Excellent support from the developer.

Shiju John Manayil
Shiju John Manayil 2019.04.15 22:48 

5 stars. Excellent EA. Believe me when I say that I have used many EA. Almost all of them have been disastrous. Asmani is one of the few reliable ones. It works on a simple logic and has an excellent P/L ratio. My equity has been growing steadily. The author is proactively updating the EA. Has a good blog and is open to suggestions. Thanks Mangesh.

jpglac 2019.04.15 17:58 

le 18/06

les dernieres mises à jour de la 21.3 ne donnent pas les promesses des versions précédentes..... dommage.... nous servons en fait de cobaye pour les ameliorations ??? à venir ???

je retire 3 étoiles

le 17/04

First take this morning in less than 3 minutes with two positions for two tests

324970531 - 12:00:00 buy - 0.16 eurusd 1.12906 1.09143 2019.04.16 12:03:05 1.13012 0.00 - Profit 15.01 Asmani_Pro19.0

324970533 - 12:00:00 buy - 0.25 eurusd 1.12906 1.09143 2019.04.16 12:03:05 1.13012 0.00 - Profit 23.45 Asmani 2 - 19.0

Mohamed Jami Gafoor
Mohamed Jami Gafoor 2019.04.12 06:39 

Best EA I have used ever , Author is helpful and supportive. also he listen to customers. Amazing EA.

nxasokan 2019.04.12 00:36 

I have been using this EA for one month now. It looks very impressive. My hearty congrats and thanks to the author for coming up with such an EA.

ARM1965 2019.04.11 19:28 

I am very much satisfied with this unique profit making EA, and Excellent support from author, congratulation Mangesh sir

wroger 2019.04.08 11:18 

EA works very well, low DD, Daily good Profit.

JUAN rulfo
JUAN rulfo 2019.04.08 09:54 

Very accurate expert Advisor.

Mr. Mangesh Is a very kind person and answer every email. It opens every day two three times baskets.

You can go to sleep an live your computer to mister Mangesh.

mctien 2019.04.05 18:00 

already use in 2 weeks , profitable and low risks

Fast respond

Haseebsh88 2019.04.03 21:58 

Best EA in the market so far.. Opens limited trades in a day and closes them down on a decent profit.. No lagging trades...One of the best EA's i can trust on.. Nd yes, To be very frank and honest - The author is super supportive as well. Thanks for the super development.

rkntrd01 2019.04.03 10:15 

Excellent EA as well as friendly and helpful support from the author, Mangesh. Like the approach and logic for the EA that allows for a conservative yet consistent profitable outcome. Just move from test to live and so far working as expected. Also, appreciate the attention to both updates and improvements. Deserve maximum stars. Thank you very much!!

chuskas 2019.03.29 18:44 

Very reliable expert, the best I have tried so far.

And the support of the creator....absolute top notch, he answers your question almost "on line".

Thanks, Mangesh: sure you will get a superb EA, and we will benefit from it.

maakuone 2019.03.29 13:54 

2 weeks with small little profits. i just hate the constant update

Tobias Grosse
Tobias Grosse 2019.03.22 15:08 

The EA got better now, the developer is really a nice guy. The default settings of V18.1 are working well. The only problem is the year 2014 where it could crash the account.

I keep testing.

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 2019.03.21 23:12 

Great EA and developer. Constant updates and optimization. Had the free version and bought the paid one because the author Mangesh and the EA are that good. So far this is totally recommended.

ivan 2019.03.21 20:41 

This EA is awesome, and best of the best is author's support. This deserves ten stars !

DOMENICO DI VAGNO 2019.03.19 13:46 

good job! Congratulations Mangesh

upload 17 june 2019:

one account cleared and another with very high DD. You need to update EA when the baskets are locked

sachanvajra 2019.03.18 19:12 

This is the "Real thing" in mql5 market with very good support from the author. You should buy it.

saimanoj18 2019.03.17 16:49 

From my interactions with Mangesh, I can certainly say that a lot of effort has gone into developing this EA and most importantly the risk has been minimized almost to nill. He is an experienced developer with almost three decades of programming experience.

It was a pleasant experience interacting with Mangesh!

I have thoroughly backtested Asmani EA with below changes as recommended by the author Mangesh.

1. lotmultiplier = (balance in USD)/120

2. Autolots = false

3. Profit Per basket = 1

Reat all settings are default.

I could not find a case where the EA was failing. The final drop if you see, thats because the data is over and all the open orders are closed with their standing positions.

I will be running the EA on my live account from tomorrow, March 18 and will share updates :)

Its absolutely great to connect with Mangesh and looking forward to working with him :)

Chuan Tian Jian Si
Chuan Tian Jian Si 2019.03.15 16:58 

I will tell all how I actually moved it.

*add 15.04.2019

I think I've been used this EA longer than anyone, but to be honest, it's impeccable! (at least now)

Stars were increased from 3 to 4!

Aravind 2019.03.15 16:54 

I purchased EA a week ago. I faced some minor issues running the EA but quickly resolved by the author Mangesh. He is contantly upating and improving EA. The EA is on fire with profitable orders. I am sure this EA will go very long way and can be used for profitable trading and gradual increase in equity growth. No dangerous trading method and opening orders in the direction of movement gives peace of mind. And I am a happy customer.

RaK 2019.03.15 03:56 

Excellent support, EA seems conservative yet consistently profitable. I have had four trade baskets, all four have closed profitably. I will keep posting weekly performance in the comments section. Lot multiplier should be 1 for every $100 (average or medium risk). Expect on an average 1-2 trade baskets daily.

jamirc 2019.03.08 11:25 

Excellent product with an outstanding customer service. A must have aid to support Forex profitability.

Ronald Mühr
Ronald Mühr 2019.03.05 10:18 

I am very satisfied, but have rented the EA but have now bought it. Thank you very much

Yuriy Goncharov
Yuriy Goncharov 2019.03.04 19:05 

Использую уже 3 недели, удивительно, но все сделки пока идут в плюс. Продуманная стратегия входа и нормальный профит.

Хорошая техподдержка, автор постоянно на связи.

Заслуженные 5 звезд!!!

版本 23.0 2020.03.09
1) As per suggestions for few clients, now there is input called as “Open Both Baskets Simultaneously”. So If you set to true, EA may open both Buy and Sell Baskets simultaneously if its respective triggers.

a. Please note that JUST by changing “Open Both Baskets Simultaneously” = true, will not make much effect unless you properly change the other inputs (e.g. RSI Period or OPB) based on some backtests done at your end on 99.9% data.

2) Swap issues solved

3) Some clients reported that there was an issue that numbers of Trades per Basket was not taking more than 5. Actually there was no Bug in EA. Please note that present EA settings are done based on lotss of Backtests. There are combinations of various inputs which actually give the expected results. Hence just by changing one input (keeping the inputs same as default) will NOT work as expected. If you change the Orders Per Basket (OPB) more than 5 then you ALSO have to change the Inputs “MA Trend Slope to Check” and / or “MA Trend Reduction per Trade”… For OPB = 5 the default values for these 2 variables are 5 and 1 respectively. It means that for the first trade, the slope is checked = “5” and then it goes on reducing by “1”. Hence when it tries to open 6th Order the Slope has already reached Zero which makes it difficult to open order > 5.

a. Hence if your set OPB > 6 then you have to change MA Trend Slope to Check > 6 or you can set MA Trend Reduction per Trade < 1 (say 0.5)

b. So for OPB > 5 Please set MA Trend Slope to Check >= OPB and set MA Trend Reduction per Trade < 1 (say 0.5)

4) One major input now added is “Basket Exit Mode”.. You can set it to 0 / 1 / 2

a. If you set it to 0 then the Basket will exit as per earlier Asmani versions

b. In earlier Asmani, there was one small issue that while exiting the basket, it was not considering the spread for ALL open trades. It was considering spread for only one Trade. Hence sometimes at higher orders, the basket was closing in loss. Now if you set “Basket Exit Mode” = 1, it will consider all spreads and Basket will NEVER close in loss

c. In earlier Asmani, the basket was closing considering all open trades. Hence if PPB is set to 1 and if the open orders were 3 of 0.1 lots then it was exiting the basket at 30$. if PPB is set to 1 and if the open orders were 4 of 0.1 lots then it was exiting the basket at 40$. In short, it was waiting for every single trade in the basket to achieve the PPB. Now If your set “Basket Exit Mode” = 2 then it will exit when COLLECTIVE profit of whole basket will reach PPB. Hence now if PPB is set to 1 and if the open orders were 3 of 0.1 lots then it was exiting the basket at 10$ only irrespective of number of open orders. This may give less profit per basket but will help to exit basket very early in profit.

5) Dashboard made more comprehensive
版本 22.1 2019.07.15
1) USDCAD status added in Display
2) Swap will be considered only if its negative
3) Bug for Friday check for basket opening solved
版本 22.0 2019.07.08
1) Hedge basket logic changed to single Big Lot hedge Order (New Free EA will be released soon to release the locked baskets done by Asmani)

2) Total 5 Pairs backtested and enabled based on optimisation changed parameter values

版本 21.3 2019.06.04
1) Bollinger band entry delay corrected
2) Log report unwanted log entries removed to reduce file size
3) Basket exit based on target price only
4) 4th and 5th Trades made more proper based on H1 chart RSI value
5) Commission / Swap / Spread values checked with automatic calculations
版本 21.2 2019.06.03
1) Entry delay due to EMA issue solved
2) Buy Basket Exit when Bid > Exit Price
3) Sell Basket Exit when Ask < Exit Price
4) Option to consider Swap in profit given
5) Commission calculation automatic
6) Target Exit Price made dynamically changing due to spread and swap variation.
7) MaxSpreadInPipsWhileOpen and MaxSpreadInPipsWhileClose given separately
8) Detail Log file creation option given
9) SL Pips input After last Basket Order
10) While basket lock, Hedge Pips Gap given as input
11) ResumeAfterBasketLock (yes / no) option given
12) Logic for TP and SL after lockbasket changed.
13) FIFOSLCheck Option given
14) Input to adjust position, font, gap between lines for Status Box given
15) Only EURUSD pair will work now for one week . After one week, 2 more pairs will be added


As per my experience of live market in last few weeks, I have observed that even after back testing the EA extensively, there are few issues which arise in live market, due to variety of Brokers and MT4 setups and VPS. Also few issues such as Swap are not anticipated in the EA earlier.

Now based on my experience of live market of you all trading using EA with different brokers on various VPS I have recently made many changes mainly in entry and exit of trades. Also, many changes are done based on valuable feedback from many of you. Please note that all these changes are not for changing the main strategy, but for improving the results of the same strategy.

Since all these changes are done now, I would prefer that we all trade only on one pair in this week i.e. EURUSD. Lets all finalise and agree that all these changes are giving us the results as expected. After that, increasing the number of pairs wont be a big task. But now before 100% finalizing the EA logics and results, there is no point in working on more than one pair.

The changes such 1 to 5 as mentioned above, give totally different results and hence after these changes, the backtesting of more than one pair again from zero becomes a big task.

Hence please dont use Asmani on any other pair than EURUSD for this week. This is my honest opinion.


版本 21.1 2019.05.14
1) EURJPY parameters for MA Changed to avoid late entry in trade

2) Commission calculation made proper

3) Drop down box for corelated pair input added
版本 21.0 2019.05.12
1) New Pair Added by optimising internal parameters of Indicators

2) Status Display improved

3) Commission and spread inputs added for correct profit caculations

4) Basket Exit Price lines shown on chart

5) RSI Values and Arrow Indicators Shown on chart

6) Input given for options for trading co-related pairs
版本 20.4 2019.04.28
Please go through the following blog to know more about new inputs


1) Commission per 1.0 lot added as input. If your broker charges commission then you can add that value as input and it will be considered while booking profit.

2) Bollinger band settings changed for additional confirmation of entry

3) Minimum Pips Gap between two orders added as input (Default = 0)

4) Display of Asmani Status box added as option in input (Default = true)

5) Friday Dont open basket, option added (Default = false)

6) More time added for entry and exits of trades so that the entries are not missed due to VPS speed or Slippage

版本 20.3 2019.04.22
1) Since hedging is not allowed with some brokers, LockBasket concept will not work. Hence a new Exit Check added, which will close the basket if DD reaches given % of equity

2) Status Box made more informative

3) Some indicator values improved for lowering DD
版本 20.2 2019.04.18
Exactly Same as 20.0... Just improved status box by adding few more informative inputs.. and modified internal variables for indicators.
版本 20.1 2019.04.17
Exactly same as Version 20.0.. Just small change in input screen...
版本 20.0 2019.04.17
1) In version 20.0, even if MT4 or VPS or Internet is stopped and restarted, then Asmani will retrieve the orders which are already opened by Asmani and trading will continue. This will also work if trader manually closes any Asmani order(s). Asmani will always dynamically retrieve the open trades and will continue by resetting itself online. (Free version + Paid version)

2) There are 2 new options "BuyOrdersCheck" and "SellOrdersCheck", using which trader can select whether he wants ONLY buy or ONLY sell trades to be opened by Asmani. Default Asmani will trade both. (Only Paid version)

3) Asmani status screen on chart improved. (Free version + Paid version)

4) Some more inputs added for indicators, so that trader can make his customised combinations as per his risk taking capacity and capital. (Only Paid version)
版本 19.0 2019.04.04
1) Safety Lock added by locking the Basket with equal no. of buy orders and sell orders in case of Market goes in wrong direction even 7th trade.

2) Magic number added as user input

3) Comment made as User Input

MUST : Please go through following blogs before Back Testing or Using the EA

1) General Strategy of Asmani Pro (Version 19.0)


2) Inputs explained in detail for Asmani Pro 19.0


3) Backtesing for Asmani 19.0


4) Profit and Risk Analysis of Asmani Pro 19.0


5) FAQ for Asmani 19.0

版本 18.1 2019.03.26
1) Auto Lots Default changed to True

2) AutoLotsCap increased to 1000 for more safety.
版本 18.0 2019.03.25
1) Changes in Strategy of Opening and Closing the Basket

2) Default values finalised based on back testing of 4 years with 99.9% data
版本 17.2 2019.03.21
1) Default values changed as per new back tests.

2) One input added for trend identification

Please read this blog fully...

版本 17.1 2019.03.19
1) Small change in default setting

2) One correction in EA for continuing trading after SL hits
版本 17.0 2019.03.19
1) Basket level SL added for safety from DD

2) Option for Martingale for Basket added (Please use it with Proper Money Management)

3) EMA check added for double verification

4) Some parameters made open to user

5) Internal parameters optimised
版本 16.1 2019.03.15
Modified for all versions of EURUSD pairs (such as EURUSDi)
版本 16.0 2019.03.13
Max DD per Basket is changed to % of equity..