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Strx Trendline Break and Bounce Trader

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Trendline based utility, you design your trendlines or horizontal lines, the EA opens trades for you

  • Possibility to trade on break and/or bounce events
  • Indipendent break and bounce settings
  • Configurable market, stop and limit orders
  • T1T2 Logic to lock profits and minimize losses
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • Max Spread check
  • Notifies you when your trendlines are crossed
  • No strange trendline name or syntax, you decide the color of trendlines to monitor and EA open trades for you or only notify you as soon as they are crossed.

Testable in MT4 strategy tester; being a semi-automatic EA it is backtestable in visual mode.

T1T2 means that when points specified are reached, half of order gets closed and stop loss moved to breakeven.

Works on every pair and every timeframe; best results obtained on H4 timeframe, but can be used even for scalping on M5 and M15

EA works in points, 10 points always equal to 1 pip even if your account is a 4 digits account: for example, 20 pips stop loss always equal to 200 points.

Input parameters

  • MagicNumber: EA magic number, must be unique for every EA instance and different from any other EAs magic numbers
  • ActiveTrenlinesColor: EA watches trendlines and horizontal lines of this color; every other trendline or horizontal line is ignored
  • ActiveTrenlinesStyle: Style of the line to watch for
  • ATRPeriods: Number of bars to calculate ATR for the current timeframe; ATR is used to determine orders distance
  • TradeTrendlineBreak: if true, when a trendline or horizontal line gets crossed, EA open a trade in same cross direction; for example, if a support line gets broken, EA open a SELL trade, otherwise if a resistance line gets broken EA open a BUY order.
  • BreakPendingOffsetUnits: 0 means to open a market order, a positive value will open a STOP order, a negative value will open a LIMIT order; this number is multiplied for ATR to determine the order distance from current price
  • BreakSLUnits: Initial Stop Loss ATR factor; this number is multiplied by calculated ATR to determine SL distance
  • BreakTPUnits: Initial Take Profit ATR factorthis number is multiplied by calculated ATR to determine TP distance
  • BreakTP2Units: Second Take Profit ATR factor, this number is multiplied by calculated ATR to determine TP2 distance
  • BreakLots: Trade volume for break events
  • TradeTrendlineBounce: if true, when a trendline or horizontal line gets crossed, EA open a trade in opposite cross direction; for example, if a support line gets broken, EA open a BUY trade, otherwise if a resistance line gets broken EA open a SELL order.
  • BounceXXX parameters are similar
  • DeactivatedTrendlinesColor: deactivated trendlines color
  • TrailSLPoints: Trailing Stop Loss points; the more your trades get profitable, the more your stop losses get smaller securing profits and limiting losses
  • T1T2Points: when a profitable trable reach this number of profit points, half of order gets closed and stop losses is moved to open price (breakeven). This is a common strategy used by many FX professionals
  • MaxSpreadPoints: orders are opened only if spread is less or equal than this value
  • PendingOrdersExpirationSeconds: in case or stop or limit orders, they will expire after the number of seconds specified here
  • CancelOrphanPendingOrder: if true, if you decide to open 2 limit orders in case of break and bounce, when one is activated the other gets canceled avoiding edging and/or unwanted doubled orders
  • NotifyTrendlineCross: if true, when a trendline or horizontal line gets crossed, a notification will be sent to you linked smartphone with MQL app installed
  • MagicNumber: number used by EA to identify its orders; if 0 it is auto-generated by pair and timeframe; if you want to activate more than one indipendent EA on same pair and timeframe, please specify a unique number here

Buy Sell Simultaneously
Danny Setyawijayanto
This EA will open Buy and Sell simultaneously after attached to chart. It has customized grouping grid step and lot multiplier group. Please contact me if you have any question. Please Like, Share & Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. I will give this EA for FREE for everyone if there is 2k Subscriber on my Youtube channel , please ask your friend, because subscribe is FREE :). Need at least 10k balance (10k cent or 10k$), or you can adjust with various setting inside the EA to get the minimum dr
1 000 USD
Vladimir Khlystov
EA比较两种仪器,并在这些仪器发散时打开相反的位置。 此外,当工具收敛时,EA关闭总利润的头寸。 该EA适用于任何仪器。 选择夫妇可以在桌子上。 顾问足以把一对捆绑。 例如,对于GBPUSD—EURUSD交易,将EA放在GBPUSD或EURUSD上就足够了。 在图表上,EA绘制货币和柱线表示它们之间的距离。 EA的参数: 外部字符串Instrument_2="GBPJPY"; extern bool direct_correlation=true;//直接相关) 外双Lot1=0.01;//1订单量订单量 外双Lot2=0.01;//2订单量订单量(0-自动) extern ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TF_Trade=5;//TF(EA将只交易它) extern double K_Lot=1.0;//批次系数批次比率 extern int StartDelta1=10;//开仓头寸的最小增量1开仓头寸的最小增量 extern int StartDelta2=10;//开仓头寸的最小增量2开仓头寸的最小增量 extern int StartDelta3=10;//开仓头
800 USD
Black Point AUTO
Sergey Rozhnov
The idea of this product is to create a grid expert Advisor that would not lose like other grid expert advisors. To do this, are used 100 virtual strategies with their parameters, their balance and virtual positions. If expert lose one strategy, we get 1% loss (if Risk=5000,VirtualStopBalance=5000), which can be distributed to other strategies of this symbol, as well as to other advisors involved in global recovery with one common variable. The expert Advisor was created using   GeneratorPro . 
200 USD
TrendLines And Volumes
Alexander Nikolaev
This Expert Advisor trades based on trend lines, as well as on the basis of volume analysis. Volumes are calculated using minute bars, in order to determine if they were ascending or descending. The trend lines are drawn based on High and Lows in the trade history. There are also additional indicators. Buy or sell signals depend on all those factors. This allows the EA to enter the market with more accuracy and to perform more deals. Input parameters Lots - lot size (if 0, a lot is calculated
25 USD
Full Harmonic Patterns
Jonathan Mcbrine
Price action and high probability pattern trading are two defining characteristics of this Harmonics Pattern EA. It identifies the pattern based on the geometrical shifts in Fibo angles to identify reversals in a trend. It can identify different variants of Harmonics patterns (8 different variants) and place trades. The customer can also toggle ON/OFF any of the Harmonic Patterns as they wish for full flexibility. All timeframes and currencies are supported, but please note that it is recommende
500 USD
SIA martingale grid and hedging
Mohamad Siahi
This system is very simple.. It uses a martingale grid hedging style strategy by increasing lot sizes and grid levels. The open order step and volume can be both fixed and dynamic. The EA is easily customizable. The EA does not use a stop loss and all positions close when the chart move back from trend and arrive last grid level. Recommended :   pairs : Side way pairs is very good for this system.                                 Time frame : not important.                                Deposit
50 USD
Bomber Jacket
Andrey Kozak
Bomber jacket - a unique trading system according to the method of Grainschild. The essence of the trading method is that we, using resistance lines, determine where the price is more likely to go now and open two deals in this direction. One deal with less volume, the second deal with more volume. That is, if we now believe that the price will go down, we open a SELL deal and a BUY deal. But we are opening a SELL deal with a large volume. Therefore, if the price went in the right direction, we
25 USD
Mikhail Malashenkov
Advisor Mm24 works on the principle of overlapping its losing trades. He gropes for the market's turning points, then accompanies the deals. Settings allow you to use the Expert Advisor on any graphs of the MT4 terminal. Parameters of the Expert Advisor: BUY  – A value of true allows the EA to open transactions for purchase. SELL  – A value of true allows the Expert Advisor to open transactions for sale. TF  – Timeframe, at which the adviser receives a signal to open the first transaction. (the
499 USD
Thunder god
Binmin Ma
从交易商品中,选取与美元相关的货币,进行货币间的对冲利润差交易来作为利润 EA在安装的时候会自动关联对冲货币 分别是:EURUSD USDCAD AUDCAD AUDUSD NZDUSD 它会五个品种同时下单 内置算法交易 当它们中间有利润差以后,会进行一个盈利平仓 此EA信号源 https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/783470 EA可以设置止损和盈利 参数 Total account funds  :输入你的帐户资金 ,你多少资金就输多少,如1000USD  就输入1000 USD,EA会根据1000资金的仓位来进行一个仓位配比,如果你的本金只有5000,但是你想轻仓交易,那么也可以输入1000USD,EA会根据1000USD的资金量来资金配比 如你5000USD想做10000USD的仓位配比,那么您在参数那里输入10000.   切记不要重仓交易 StopLoss: 这个是设置止损金额,如输入1000,当亏损达到1000自动平仓所有单子 WinPoint=6;   ( 盈利点数平仓: EA 下的订单的盈利点数:计算公式为:当 EA 盈利超
1 000 USD
Lion VJP
Aleh Rabtsau
We have been looking for the opportunity to carry out grid trading without martingale for a long time and we have found a way that copes with its task. The EA builds a grid of orders without increasing the lot, which allows the robot to avoid large drawdowns! At startup, the robot analyzes the market and opens the first order by mathematical calculations. In case of loss, the grid is based on the principle of opening positions in the direction against the price movement, and if the price turned
360 USD
Evgeniy Murzinov
PriceMaster is a smart trading system defining short-term trends within one day. The built-in filters sort out false signals. All deals are protected by stop loss and breakeven. The Expert Advisor is completely configured and ready for work. It has been optimized for EURUSD. A broker offering a spread of 15 points and lower is recommended (5-digit quotes). PriceMaster has been tested on 5-year history. Features No martingale No scalping 7-12 deals per week Minimum settings Not dependent on a
200 USD
Magic System
Aleksey Lebedev
https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/162330 - the real account the EA works on This multicurrency Expert Advisor uses an advanced adaptive trading strategy based on a position averaging. The product is designed for 4 and 5-digit quotes. VPS server is recommended. Timeframe does not matter. The recommended minimum deposit is 3,000 units of the base currency. It is recommended to disable the EA during the release of important news (set the trading time so that the EA finishes it operation in advance be
299 USD
Vadim Podoprigora
Forest is a Trend Expert Advisor based on the analysis of a unique mathematical model of trend lines, which allows you to determine the trend movement. The Expert Advisor is most suitable for the currency pair "USDCHF" on period "H1". The EA can work on any type of accounts, and with any brokers. The EA uses mathematical analysis to open trades and applies loss control to open trades. At its core, the EA does not use any risky systems with the increase in the volume or increase in the number of
1 000 USD
Vladimir Parfenov
这是一款网格 EA, 同时管理马丁格尔和金字塔网格。这允许产品顺畅地通过具有小回撤的趋势行情。 这款 EA 非常适合那些保守 (提供风险管理,限制最大手数),以及专注于资金增长的投资者。 它无需持续优化,因为它并不试图 "猜" 市场走势。 提供以下信号,监控此交易机器人的操作: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/65470 。 参数 Step – 订单步长点数; Lot – 手数 (若为 0, Risk 参数激活); Risk – 风险数值; Exp – 乘数; MaxLot – 最大手数; DigitsLot – 小数点位数 (1 = 4 位, 2 = 5 位); OrdersNoTP – 设置持仓数量, 与此相反的方向根据盈利停止平仓, 并且支持回撤方向; ProfitClose – 如果到达盈利,所有订单平仓 (按照入金货币); Profit – 订单止盈; TrailingStop – 尾随停止 (设为 0 则禁用); PendingOrders – 图表上的挂单数量。 在设置中提供的主要参数。本 EA 还有大量附加参数已经按照最有效的方式配置
110 USD
Lee Benny Salim
This Expert Advisor trades following the trend and price movement. It opens positions and manages them until they are closed with a profit or hit stop loss This Expert Advisor uses 4 (four) strategies that are based on indicators such as Heikin Ashi, Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Average, and ATR. So it can open three positions and sometimes it will have a hedge position. It does not use strategies like martingale, position averaging, etc. All positions are opened with fixed Stop Loss leve
1 000 USD
Multi Currency Pairs Martingale System
Wataru Inoue
This is EA using the martingale and averaging strategy. This strategy is low risk and high profitability than the normal martingale. Weakness of Martingale is that the order lots increase at an accelerated pace, but also it reduces the profit if the first lot is small. Therefore, to achieve low risk and high profitability by trading many currency pairs in parallel while small first lot. How to use This EA does not work with the default settings. You can trade only symbols specified in the seco
300 USD
Luca Novello
EuroStar is a trend follower EA. It can open orders long and short at the same time. The open trades are managed by martingale. If you don't want use martingale, you can disable it: just set the variable "Max Orders Allowed" = 0. This EA works preferably on EURUSD with time frame from M1 to H1. For correct robot operations, it is important to have a good communication channel with the broker server. Therefore, it is recommended to use a VPS on line 24h. The minimum account balance depends on the
299 USD
Scalping Trap EnvBB
Yahor Masakou
Scalping_Trap_EnvBB is an automated trading scalper EA that will detect high-probability entries for price action breakouts on the current chart timeframe. It uses intelligent algorithms to adapt to the market based on combinations of the Bollinger Bands, Envelopes and Fractals indicators. The trading strategy can be selected in the parameters. This allows to fine-tune the EA for various trading instruments and use tactics of multi-currency trading. The EA uses a SL so the account is always prot
Everex Financial Solutions Ltd.
Working principal The Scalper professional expert advisor trades on major support/breakout levels on EURUSD & GBPUSD pairs. This EA has a continuously adaptive StopLoss system which manages each and every trade. The intelligent Stoploss system analyses, evaluates and reacts to all market movements. No martingale No averaging No grid trading No arbitrage Adaptive stoploss system The Scalper set up The EA is really easy to set up and to use. It is recommended to run the expert on low spread ECN
1 299 USD
Two way Fibonacci trading system
Ge Senlin
双向斐波那契交易系统(黄金比例线交易系统) 本软件是基于双向 FIBO 线作为入场信号,加上固定止盈止损进行风险控制的 EA 交易系统。安全可控。每笔交易必设止损和止盈。主要功能: 1.      交易量:可以采取固定和自动调整交易量两种模式。自动调整交易手数按每 10000 元保证金 1 手这个比例进行开仓。固定手数,可在外部设置。 2.      止盈和止损可以由用户根据需要进行在外部设置。 3.      下单后可以进行报警通知:有三种方式,可自独立。分别是声音,消息框,短信通知,软件加载时,根据用户需要可以打开或者关闭。短信通知方式,参见 MQL5 社区短信通知相关资料。 交易原理 :用我们之前推出的双向 fibonacci 线指标,作为依据在转向时,进场,然后进行趋势跟踪交易。下单后,再进行风险控制。
1 250 USD
Eduard Khisamov
The DoubleEverest Expert Advisor is a pure, distilled idea. This automated EA follows its own unique mathematical algorithm. DoubleEverest : no indicators no martingale, locking, averaging, other risky money management techniques trades every day DoubleEverest catches the price in the European and American sessions. Considers the volatility and dynamics of the market. DoubleEverest places pending orders on the price extremes: of the past and current day, fractals, significant resistance and supp
30 USD
Virtual Bot
Szymon Palczynski
Virtual Bot will open virtual trades, using them to monitor the market to determine the entry point(according to the inputs parameters), at which point Virtual Bot will start opening real trades. Input Parameters  TF - the choice of timeframe Start - choose whether you want to trade long or short positions only or both. Trend  Disabled  Range Trend Period - for  Range.  TF Trend - the choice of Time Frame for trend.   Spread - for 5 digits 2.5 not 25.  Slippage - slippage.  MagicNumber -
20 USD
Trader Simulator
Abdullah Alrai
This Expert Advisor is a semi auto system. It works in two ways: 1. As a simulator You can test it in the strategy tester and apply your strategy (add indicators, draw trends, draw support line, etc.). You can buy and sell in the strategy tester chart and you can activate trailing systems integrated into this EA as add-ons (trailing and hedging systems). The strategy tester report will show the result of your trading robot. 2. Active EA on a live chart You can use it as a panel by using sell
30 USD
Fibo Trader ULTRA MT4
Grzegorz Korycki
Fibo Trader is an expert advisor that allows you to create automated presets for oscillation patterns in reference to Fibonacci retracements values using fully automated and dynamically created grid. The process is achieved by first optimizing the EA, then running it on automated mode. EA allows you to switch between automatic and manual mode. When in manual mode the user will use a graphical panel that allows to manage the current trading conditions, or to take control in any moment to trade ma
99 USD
CAP Zone Recovery EA PRO
Mohammad Ali
CAP Zone Recovery EA is your tool to turn losing trades into winning trades by using a smart "back-and-forth" hedging mechanism. I call it the "Never Lose Again Strategy". Let the price move to anywhere it likes - the awesome CAP Zone Recovery EA will make profits out of the situation. Guaranteed! The secret behind this amazing EA is a famous trading algorithm known as "Zone recovery algorithm" or "The Surefire Forex Hedging Strategy" . CAP Zone Recovery EA is extremely easy to use. You just ope
30 USD
EA AntiTrend Deviation
Alexander Fedosov
AntiTrend Deviation is a MetaТrader 4 trading robot. Trading Strategy Trading is based on the principle that the price has a wave nature, and it is often confined within a certain price range, which it may leave, but often returns to it. The EA determines the moments when the price leaves a price range and, under certain conditions, opens a trade against the current movement and closes it when the price returns to the price range. The good results are achieved on EURUSD. For safety reasons, ph
49 USD
H4 GBPUSD Trend Scalper
Valeriy Potapov
H4 GBPUSD Trend Scalper is a trend signal scalper The EA trades according to the trend strategy using original built-in indicator for opening and closing orders. The external inputs for limiting trading on Fridays and Mondays are available. The purpose of the strategy is to use the current trend with the most benefit. According to the results of testing and working on demo and real accounts, the best results achieved by using the Н4 timeframe on the GBP/USD pair Works on MetaTrader 4 Build 971+
149 USD
Model A
Dmitry Shutov
This product is an experimental development. The focus was on the operation of the EA, but not on the predicted market behavior. The results of testing in the Strategy Tester may vary. This is due to the presence of neural connections in the EA. Trading basics The EA trades within a modifiable channel. At any period. Orders are closed based on the principle of averaging certain profitable orders and certain unprofitable orders. The strategy for opening orders is not disclosed. Input paramete
50 USD
FX Robot Burse for CFDs
BJF Trading Group inc. (2202934 ON inc.)
BurseCFds MetaTrader 4 EA交易程序根据自己独特的算法确定价格图表上的极值。 Real Account results:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/658015 对于每个差价合约,MT4机器人在特定时间将止损限价订单(买入止损位于最高极值和卖出止损位于极值极值附近)放置在极值附近。 如果价格细分极值,则将执行止损订单并且将应用追踪止损规则(对于自己的差价合约特殊)。 Expert Advisor还使用盈亏平衡算法,并具有标准止损和获利订单以提供额外保护。如果极值不是盈亏平衡且价格反弹,外汇机器人BurseCFD会打开市价订单(卖出市价单,如果价格从顶部极值和买入市场订单反弹,如果价格从底部极值反弹)。追踪止损,标准止损和止盈也将适用于市场订单。 Expert Advisor具有GMT班次自动确定模块。 Expert Advisor完全针对DAX,DowJ,HK50,NAS100,XAUUSD进行了调整 EA交易有可能以固定手数或建立资金管理进行交易。 没有鞅,没有网格。 时间范围:H1 差价合约:DAX
749 USD
Diego Paterna
XBot EA is a simple, yet powerful, EA based on price action. It attempts to identify the market trend, and then places trades in the opposite direction. It is equipped with an advanced method for closing trades while in profit. It also features a classic trailing stop closure method. No risky strategies are adopted, no hedging nor martingales, and therefore the EA is suitable to be also used with low-size accounts. Parameters Magic Number Lot mode : can be "Fixed" or Auto; in the latter case,
499 USD
Price Action DashBoard
Chantal Sala
The Price Action Dashboard is an innovative tool to help the trader to control a large number of financial instruments. This tool is designed to automatically suggest signals and price conditions. The Dashboard analyzes all major Time Frame suggesting price action conditions with graphic elements. The Dashboard can suggest you the strength of the trend identifying directional movement, it is an indispensable tool for those who want to open position themselves using market trends identifiers. The
200 USD
Pearl Diver
Oles Filonenko
This is a powerful streaming system of tools for technical analysis; it can be used for build trading strategies. A specially selected set of internal modules provides wide target functionality for trading, from intraday trading to the long-term strategic positioning. In general, the system represents one of the implementations of ideas and principles described in the article at https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/1350 . Let us consider the composition of the modules: Murray square 8x8 with the Gan
220 USD
News Trader Pro
Vu Trung Kien
新闻操盘手专业版 是一个独特的机器人,让您使用您预先定义的策略进行消息交易。它从几个流行的外汇网站加载的每条消息的片断。您可以选择任何消息和预设的策略进行交易,之后新闻操盘手专业版根据选定的策略,在新闻来临时自动进行交易。 新闻发布给出了赚点数的机会,因为在那个时刻,价格通常有大动作。现在,利用这款工具,新闻交易变得比以往任何时候更容易,更灵活,更令人兴奋。不要等待,不要错失,不要再迷惑了。每周只需针对重要新闻设置一次,这个工具将完全按照您的计划进行精准交易。 演示版: 由于这不是一个自动交易机器人 (它是半自动), 您需要下载单独的演示版本: https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/5931 参考: 如果您只需要加载新闻 (无需交易), 您可以购买新闻加载机专业版: https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/5463 功能 包括所有 新闻加载机专业版 的功能 (查看详情)。 针对每条新闻构建您自己的策略,具有非常灵活的参数。 支持五种高级策略,带有大量控制参数 (止损, 止盈, 尾随, 网格间隔, 手数缩放
299 USD
Pairs Signs Expert Advisor MT4
Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi
Pairs Signs is the name of this Expert Advisor because it acts as an indicator and it analyzes 28 pairs and therefore its output is indexes of 8 currencies as follows: EUR_Index, USD_Index, JPY_Index, GBP_Index, CHF_Index, CAD_Index, AUD_Index, NZD_Index. It is possible that your broker does not have some of these pairs to trade, you can find how many pairs are used to analyze the index on the left bottom corner of the chart. The more pairs are analyzed, the better signal is shown. After achievi
200 USD
KL 4X Lab
Krzysztof Lorenc
The 4X Lab is a next generation software that massively helps professional traders take full control on chart, alerts and orders. Control your trading intuitively, easily and precisely. Place orders using four unique methods, all in accordance with Risk Management, all doesn't require specific skills. Are you confused by Expert Advisor panels occupying half size of the chart? A lot of unwanted information? Too much information on the chart can cause sensory overload. When you suffer from sensory
240 USD
Elliott Wave Counter
Omar Alkassar
Is a Multi-purpose tool for analyzing Elliott Waves for MetaTrader 4 trading platform. You can: Single-click to count wave according pattern and degree. Single-click for generation Andrews Pitchfork. Single-click for generation target Fibonacci levels (depending price and time) uniquely configured for each wave type. Single-click for generation Fibonacci wave channels uniquely configured for each wave type. Followings are main features. 1. You can use one chart for all currencies You can use t
249 USD
Personal Assistant Tool
Omar Alkassar
If you wish to draw Support and Resistance lines, view: daily market opening, classical pivot levels, Fibonacci pivot levels, trend lines, Fibonacci levels, the remaining time to candle closing, and current spread. If you seek to place your orders with the exact lot that meets your desired stop loss risk. If you wish to do all this and more with just one click, then this is the perfect tool to use. This tool will allow you to feel more relaxed when deciding to open orders, as well as predicting
249 USD
GTC Panel
Artyom Simonenko
Trading information panel for fast trading on the Forex, CFD and Futures markets! Application features You can instantly send buy or sell market orders with specified volumes and also close positions with a single click. Language support: Russian, English 5 types of Trailing Stop ( Manual, Volatility, Fractals, Parabolic, BarExtrimum) 3 types of lot calculation ( Manual, percentage of deposit, percentage of the Stop Loss level) Preliminary data on the potential profit (or loss) Automatic adjustm
209.99 USD
MT4 Strategy Builder
Jacobus Van Schoor
MT4 Strategy Builder(“ StratBuilder”)是一种网格交易订单管理实用程序,可为交易者提供开发自己独特策略的功能,而无需编写MQL代码! STRATBUILDER的新手? -通过应用我们的半自动样本策略同时交易9个交易品种,您可以在几分钟之内实现自动交易。 强烈建议从MQL5租用虚拟专用服务器(VPS),并将交易者计算机上的设置迁移到这些服务器之一,以使StratBuilder可以不中断地24/7运行。 示例策略方法:StratBuilder开立一篮子交易,当未结头寸共同达到帐户余额的预定百分比利润时,就会发生获利回吐。当达到目标利润百分比时,所有头寸同时平仓(每个交易品种,每个方向用围栏围起来的环,即分别计算同一交易品种的买入和卖出交易的获利)。 应用半自动样本策略的步骤(假设您的Windows计算机上已经下载了MetaTrader4平台): 通过选择“注释”选项卡中列出的Google云端硬盘链接,或从产品网站的“用户指南”页面上,将要交易的每个交易品种的长短文件.set文件下载到计算机的下载文件夹中。在“评论”标签中) 在MetaTrader4终端上下
340 USD
Trade Copier Agent
Omar Alkassar
Trade Copier Agent is designed to copy trades between multi MetaTrader 4 accounts/terminals. With this tool, you can act as either a provider (source) or a receiver (destination). All trading actions will be copied from the provider to the receiver with no delay. Followings are highlight features Switch between Provider or Receiver within one tool. Each account can act as both Provider and Receiver, so accounts can copy to each other in 2 ways transmission. This is like a trade sharing network
249 USD
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro
Vu Trung Kien
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal
299 USD
Unlimited Binary Options Copier Remote
Vu Trung Kien
Unlimited Binary Options Copier Remote is a powerful tool to copy binary options trades remotely between multiple accounts at different locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his binary options trades with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to unlimited receivers and one receiver can get trade from unlimited providers as well. The provider can set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will no
299 USD
One Touch Trader by DNG
Dmitriy Gizlyk
We offer you a new trading panel for working in the MetaTrader 4. This development allows the trader to open and close trades with "One-Touch", which is very useful for scalping. At the same time, the panel is able to autonomously maintain open positions, its features include optional algorithms for stop loss, take profit, transferring to breakeven and trailing stop. All algorithms have virtual levels that are not transmitted to the broker, which allows the use of ultra low levels, which are pro
200 USD
Advanced Gann Fan
Yosef Shriki
Advanced Gann Fan - for accurate key levels! AGF script calculates the exact level based on the original Gann's theory and draw unlimited lines (levels). One of the most important things in trading is strong and accurate key levels. AGF script, after practicing in draw it correctly, will draw you strong and accurate key levels (on all time frames), that will help you to know where is a good place to enter and put an order. It is important to combine your strategy decision with AGF script levels.
500 USD
Block Meters
WHY TO USE BLOCK METERS? With Block Meters you can easily follow trading market situation, market activity and market noise, all in one visualized tool. You don’t need any charts. Block Meters helps you to detect strong and weak signals in market situation. You can easily follow each currency and currency pair, and see all market forces and changes real-time. HOW TO USE BLOCK METERS? It is easy to open new chart by one click in Block Meters window. Just choose the right currency name and click
7 500 USD
Pavel Avraamov
This script searches for TA patterns of Japanese candlesticks. It contains about 30 combinations of the popular trend continuation and reversal patterns, that are greatly demanded by traders. The script calls to history of quotes and displays the analysis results on all available instruments on the screen. To work correctly, the script requires the necessary instruments to be automatically updated or the charts of those instruments to be kept open.
300 USD
Telegram Publisher Agent
Omar Alkassar
The Telegram Publisher Agent was designed to Publish all your trades as signals in your channel and group. All you have to do is provide the trades, the Telegram Publisher Agent will then do all the heavy lifting for you getting your trade signals out to your trading channels or groups with just a click of a button. The Telegram Publisher Agent accommodates 2 separate trading styles: Binary Options , Forex Trading . The Agent boasts the following features Preparing Signal: This is where you se
299 USD
Dashboard Babon Scalping System
Wang Yu
提供专业的EA编程服务,推出特色仪表盘EA编程,将您的交易策略自动化,可视化,一个图表管理多个交易货币对,详情查看: http://www.ex4gzs.com  Providing quick Developments and Conversion of MT4/MT5 EAs, Indicators, Scripts, and Tools. If you are looking for an Dashboard EA to turn your trading strategy into auto trading algo and to manage multi trades in one chart with visualizing tool, come and visit http://www.ex4gzs.com/en for more details. 如果产品有任何问题或者您需要在此产品上添加功能,请联系我 Contact/message me if you encounter any issue using the product or need extra featur
200 USD
MHS Recovery
Masoud Bagheri
The new version published. (Version 2.0) MHS Recovery is not a fully automated Expert Advisor, but it is a tool that can help you come out of the wrong trades without loss. The first trade volume is determined by the EA, and you have to use Buy and Sell buttons on your chart to enter the trade. The EA provides three lines (green, blue and red) for you on the chart. Before entering into a trade, you have to set three lines correctly on your chart. Then, enter a trade by clicking Buy or Sell
499 USD
Equity Guard Watch
Farshad Rezvan
This EA can help you to trade manually with daily cycles and long term trends. You see some trades opens (if allowed so) and then closes with losses but eventually a growing profit trade comes out. Don't do any action until it maturates and ripen well. Then manually at the end of trend, take profit (close it) at the very topping or bottoming. Figuring out the end of a trend is not so easy, but this EA minimize risk of your incorrect decisions and helps you to be an edge ! Just Take Profit of tra
250 USD
Pairs Trade
Oleg Pechenezhskiy
The Pairs Trade indicator is a utility for semi-automatic pair trading. It allows combining the charts of two arbitrary instruments, even if the schedules of their trading sessions are different. It displays a spread chart in the form of a histogram with an overlaying moving average. It calculates the swap that will be charged for the synthetic position (in the deposit currency). It is possible to set a level for automatic opening of a synthetic position on the spread chart (analogous to the 'se
360 USD
Corporate Report
Pavel Verveyko
The script displays info about the share's corporate reports. The data is downloaded from https://investing.com/earnings-calendar/: Report date Profit per share (EPS) Revenue Market capitalization The program works the following way: Searching for a ticker it is launched on (works the same way with "#ticker" "ticker"). If no data are found, it offers to find # in the Ticker List and enter # manually (one-time action) in the lower left window having the # mark. If you need to change the previousl
2 570 USD
Auto Stop Take Profit Stacker EA
Michael Kroeker
This Stacker EA will: Automatically set Stop loss on a new order Automatically set Take profit on a new order Stack (or open up to 4 additional orders at the same time) when a new order is placed, the SL/TP can be preset individually for each order. Provides a transparent replacement for the standard 1-click trading buttons in MetaTrader 4 (1 click still works and SL/TP will automatically be set as well as Stacking). Automatically calculate lot order size according to preset risk management perc
3 500 USD
FXFledgling Exit Tool
Joel Protusada
FXFledgling Exit Tool is a complete risk management tool that analyzes both the open trades and the direction of the pair of open trades. As long as the suggested entry and lotsizing management presented here is followed strictly, you will have a high chance (but no guarantee) of surviving the trade. What It Does It is used as an exit tool. It helps the trader to manage any manual trade that he transacted. It does the following: Trail Stop Dynamic Stop Loss - a calculated stop-loss that change
300 USD
Crypto Market Pro
Daniil Kurmyshev
New opportunities for analyzing cryptocurrency in the usual MetaTrader 4. For example : We select the symbol of the cryptocurrency and attach any indicators, Expert Advisors or scripts. Startup Mode View cryptocurrency; Data collection. Capabilities Work as with a standard currency chart; Automatic update of open charts; Selection of individual cryptocurrency for updating; Selection of individual timeframes for updating; Work on the desired timeframes; Open charts do not affect the work of C
500 USD
Telegram Notify
Kin Hang Tan
简介 Notify Telegram 是一个链接 MT4 和 Telegram 的 EA 。这个 EA 会监控您 MT4 的活动例如下单,修改盈利止损,关单等并透过 Telegram 机器人发送通知至您的 Telegram 户口/频道。这个 EA 不会在您的 MT4 户口上进行任何交易活动。这个 EA 适合用来监控其它 EA 在您的 MT4 上的交易活动又或者透过 MT4 上的交易在您的 Telegram 频道上进行喊单。 设置 Token =""; - 输入您的 Telegram 机器人 API token ChatID =0; - 输入您的 Telegram Chat ID 或者 Channel ID AlertOnTelegram =true; - 服务开/关 NotifyInitialSetup =true; - 启用初始化发送通知 NotifyOrderClosed =true; - 启用关单通知 NotifyPendingFilled =true; - 启用挂单开单通知 NotifyNewPending =true; - 启用新增挂单通知 NotifyNewOrder
250 USD
Risk Controler
Georgii Garanin
Risk controller is a tool allowing you to automatically control orders, losses and emotionally motivated actions. Main advantages Limitation of the total account loss. When the MinimalDepo value is reached, any trade will be closed. Limitation of losses per day. Limitation of losses in each trade. If a trade is accidentally opened with a large volume, the excessive volume is closed. Set the maximum number of trades opened at a time. Set the number of consecutive unprofitable trades. Set the ma
300 USD
Easy Strategy Builder
Gheis Mohammadi
The Easy Strategy Builder (ESB)  is a " Do It Yourself " solution that allows you to create a wide range of the automated trading strategies without any line of codes. This is the world’s easiest method to automate your strategies that can be used in STP, ECN and FIFO brokers. No drag and drop is needed. Just by set conditions of your trading strategy and change settings on desired values and let it work in your account. Also, ESB help to back test and optimize your trading strategies in fastest
299 USD
Telegram ChartSnap
Kin Hang Tan
Telegram ChartSnap is an utility tool to bridge your MetaTrader 4 activities to your Telegram chat/group/channel. It will screen shot your MetaTrader 4 chart and send it to your dedicated Telegram chat/group/channel through a Telegram bot. The whole process will keep repeating based on a time cycle that predetermined by the user. It is a convenient tool for those who like to get access to their favorite system/dashboard that only available at MetaTrader Desktop. Beside that, trader can easily
250 USD
Saheb Hemati
Like Trader is so planned that several technical analyses in all symbols in the table of Like Trader are at the disposal of the trader simultaneously. In fact, limit free in the timeframes and the special mode are so planned that the trader can use output information with costume setting. The analyses conform to any kinds of strategies and give you the information so that you can make decision about a symbol easily. In Like Trader, you can add or remove any symbols without any limitation. In oth
399 USD
版本 1.24 2020.10.10
- Using ATR for Units
- Bugfix for LIMIT orders
版本 1.10 2018.03.06
Remove unused parameter InvestInTrendContinuation