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Market Profile Singles indicator MT5


24 hour event. Discount -34% on the product market profile singles indicator. Next price 75 usd .

Market profile - Singles :
Singles or single prints ( or gap ) of the profile are placed in the middle of a profile structure, not at the upper or lower edge. 
Singles draw our attention to places where the price moved very fast (  impulse movements) and therefore the market imbalance and show us the area of imbalance.
Singles are usually created when the market reacts to unexpected news. It is these reports that are capable of causing extreme imbalances and preparing the spawn for the extreme emotional reactions of buyers and sellers.
Used as support/resistance zones , but be careful not always.
Usually it works very well on trend days.
These levels are watched by the big boys and the banks.
This indicator will show you these levels.
The market will want to revisit this area and examine whether these price levels are not traders interested in trading at these prices. Why should these merchants be there? Because the market literally flew through the area and only a small number of traders got a chance to trade there. For that these areas are likely to be filled in the future .

Observe money and risk management .
Always use a stop loss . RRR minimum 3:1 .
Take a risk a maximum of 0.5 - 1% of the account per trade.
Remember there is more than a 70% chance that these areas will be tested in the future. This puts the probability to our side.

I enclose three strategies that I trade myself.
These three strategies are repeated in the market, so it is good to trade all three .

Strategy 1: Trend is your friend 
Strategy 2 : Test the nearest level
Strategy 3 : Close singles and continuing the trend
Recommended time frame is M30

If you learn to trade these strategies and you use the right one money management you will be profitable. 
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