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This expert has been designed with manual traders in mind. It allows you to:

  • Place and manage orders faster with keyboard shortcuts and in a visual manner
  • Setup entry and exit points directly in chart
  • Easily control risk and money involved in each operation

DEMO warning: If you want to try the demo version do not download it directly as keyboard events do not work in the strategy tester. 

Please go to the following link instead for a limited trial versionhttps://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/36783

1. Main Features

  • Open and manage orders with graphic lines and simple keyboard shortcuts
  • Easy risk and money management
  • Use of virtual stop-loss and take-profit with real levels as a security measure
  • Partial close of orders
  • ECN broker compliant

2. Controls

The expert is controlled using keyboard keys and simple shortcuts. Almost all commands are triggered only when 1 key is pressed, but some important commands like opening, closing and modifying an order are triggered only when 2 keys (main key plus SHIFT) are pressed. The available controls are the following:

2.1 While on WAITING state:

[O]Open a position.
[1-9]Manage selected opened or pending order.
[SHIFT+A]Close all positions.

2.2 While on OPEN state:

[TAB]Change operation type. Program can automatically guess the position type depending on the stop-loss, take-profit and open-price line, but if you don't use any of these then you must specify the order type.
[S]Toggle stop-loss line. If it is hidden then the order is opened without stop-loss.
[T]Toggle take-profit line. If it is hidden then the order is opened without take-profit.
[P]Toggle open-price line for pending orders. If it is hidden then the order will be a market order (BUY or SELL).
[SHIFT+O]Confirm and open the order.
[E]Cancel and exit.

2.3 While on MANAGE state:

[M]Modify position.
[0-9]Set x10% the position size to close. E.g. if you press 2, you will set it to close the 20% of the total position size. For an original 1 lot position, after closing the 20% the volume of the remaining position would be 0.8 lots.
[SHIFT+C]Close the % specified in a market order or delete a pending order.
[E]Cancel and exit.

2.4 While on MODIFY state:

[S]Toggle stop-loss line. If it is hidden and the order previously had a stop-loss, then it is removed.
[T]Toggle take-profit line. If it is hidden and the order previously had a take-profit, then it is removed.
[P]Toggle open-price line for pending orders.
[SHIFT+M]Confirm and modify the order.
[E]Cancel and exit.

3. Recommended terminal settings

  • Go to Tools > Options > Charts and check Use 'Alt' key to drag trade levels
  • Right click anywhere in chart, go to Common tab and uncheck Chart on foreground

4. Input Parameters

  • EA unique non-zero identifier
  • Max. slippage: Maximum slippage in points for opening and closing orders.
  • Volume calculation type:
    1. Fixed lot size: Lot size directly specified by user and fixed for all positions. E.g. 0.10.
    2. Max. account money: Maximum money in account's currency for each trade. E.g. 30.
    3. % Account Equity: Maximum money given by the % of the account equity for each trade. E.g. 2.
    4. % Account Balance: Maximum money given by the % of the account balance for each trade. E.g. 1.
  • Volume data: Its units depend on the volume calculation type chosen.
  • Lots when volume can't be calculated: If you set Volume type to a value other than Fixed lot size and try to open an order without a stop-loss, this field will be used for the lot size.
  • Enable virtual stop-loss and take-profit: Set to true if you want to use virtual levels.
  • Distance in points between virtual and real levels: When virtual levels are enabled, the program also uses real levels as a security measure in order to prevent fatal losses if, for example, the connection is lost.
  • Draw virtual levels: Set to true if you want to see the virtual levels lines.
  • + Other self explanatory parameters for controlling visual aspects (text color, lines style, etc).

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