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Bruces Price Predictor

This is an arrow indicator that shows precise price reversals. A great arsenal to add to any chart.

Bruce's Price Predictor points price reversals with high degree of accuracy and it is great for scalping on the 1min time frame, Or swing trading on the 1hr time frame. Buy and sell arrows are shown on the chart as for entry signals. They do not repaint but confirmation entries with ALERTS are formed after the close of the candle or bar close.

*Great For Scalping

*Great For Swing Trading

*For MT4 Only


*Arrows For Entry

*Arrow Signals Strictly On The "Close Of The Candle"

*Mobile Alerts, Desktop Alerts, Email Alerts

*Works On Any Timeframe

*Works On Any Mt4 Pair

*Perfect For New Traders And Expert Traders

Free Strategy To Trade With Bruce's Price Predictor

  1. Swing Traders
  • Wait for a Daily Timeframe arrow Alert
  • Then go down to the 4h or the 1h timeframe and enter the same direction arrows only 
  • (Close Profits as you please, or close profits at lower low, or higher high, or wait for opposite arrow signal for exit) 
  1. Intra Day Traders
  • Wait for a 30m Timeframe arrow Alert
  • Then go down to the 15m or the 5m timeframe and enter the same direction arrows only 
  • (Close Profits as you please, or close profits at lower low, or higher high, or wait for opposite arrow signal for exit)
  1. Scalpers
  • Wait for a 15m Timeframe arrow Alert
  • Then go down to the 5m or the 1m timeframe and enter the same direction arrows only 
  • (Close Profits as you please, or close profits at lower low, or higher high, or wait for opposite arrow signal for exit)

Always Follow Trend

axel.b 2019.03.20 20:51 

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Ted NO FX 2019.03.19 14:32 

All the positive reviews are from Bruce's students U.S! Pay attention! Bruce's never answer me on messages anymore. What is this shit seller with useless indicator. This students talked to me to write a good review about this shit. Recommendations: Do Not Rent this!!

EsaieBot 2019.03.18 23:54 

All the positive reviews are from Bruce's students! Pay attention! After following Bruce's rules, i'm lossing! the indicator is not really good!

ebonyfunky 2019.03.15 23:52 

Lovely indicator. Follow the rule and you are guaranteed to make profits! It's so easy!

mxp1 2019.03.15 11:16 

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cavatine 2019.03.15 10:42 

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LHOLLA 2019.03.15 06:58   

hello Bruce , the 100 EMA shouldnot be exponential ?

trader1961 2019.03.15 02:16 

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migxibit 2019.03.14 18:36 

First trade after following the rules. Lost...

Say no repaint? Arrow disappears and move to the next higher/lower candle to look like a good entry... can anyone explain this?

Chris Martin
Chris Martin 2019.03.14 17:26 

Easy to use and amazing results! Thanks again Bruce!

vymeika3561 2019.03.11 11:04 

Best indicator I've ever used. Used it the first time tonight in my live account $330.44 profit. I will be having $1000 profit days within 2 weeks. Thanks Bruce your're amazing aside from being in your paid members group this indicator just took my trading to a whole different level. I can't wait to everyone see's you have the #1 indicator in forex game!!!! Just call me #PIPQUEEN

grulobe 2019.03.11 03:26 

No more excuses to make trading, no stressing, easy installation, PIPS all day. Good work Bruce.

wenningfreedom 2019.03.11 01:57 

Bruce is da Boss! He is the best in trading, been a student of his for the last couple of years and now he is making it easier for us with his indicator that he developed. Just got it here yesterday an d gonna put it to the test this week and make BANK!

Donald Mackenzie
Donald Mackenzie 2019.03.11 01:46 

Follow Bruce's comments on how to operate the indicator, use sensible stops and targets and its a no brainer..!!, should be profitable on a daily basis.

qlee0203 2019.03.10 23:19 

Easy purchase, easy download and install, easy to use! Videos on Facebook helped to learn how to use it along with his strategy! Here comes some easy PIPS!!

Jesse James
Jesse James 2019.03.10 22:40 

Not only is the strategy dope, but this indicator makes it easier then ever to catch PIPS! 💯 Stop sleeping 💤 and get this indicator NOW!!! Let’s get this money 💰💎💰

LilXavier65 2019.03.10 22:09 

5 Star Indicator 🤑!! Instant Profit 💪🏼 Best Entries , Preciate it Bruce 🏆 We Up Next

iamt2gmofficial 2019.03.10 21:52 

This indicator will change the Forex game folks! Whether you're new or experienced, grab this Indicator and catch you some big PIPS! Shout-out the homie Bruce Webb for bringing this to the Forex community! 💯💯🙏🤑💵

Michael Smart
Michael Smart 2019.03.10 21:45 

Absolutely killing it with this indicator and strategy!

This is setting me financially free !

Mads Christiansen
Mads Christiansen 2019.03.10 21:45 

It’s all good people

5 star ⭐️ work. Get it now and make money 💵

#brucewebb #mentor #theboss

Sepp1985 2019.03.10 13:50 

Combined with Bruce´s strategy...absolute FIRE!!! Pips all day!

Dannyd85 2019.03.09 22:31 

Bro this is LIT talk about slaying PIPS ALL DAY!!! See ya at the BANK BRO!

RedBull 2019.03.09 10:13 

Easy and accurate

Best indicator

elshadhi 2019.03.08 16:37 

OMGoodness ! Okay so I just got the indicator on last night and like I could not go to sleep! Man, I was getting HITS all last night ..had to turn my phone off so I could get some SLEEP! This is a great tool to add to Bruce's Strategy and this indicator makes it so much easier I tell you and really EASED up the Stress as far as the ENTRY. Okay so I can say a lot more but ALL I CAN SAY NOW is #GetItWhileItIsHOT lol

Amir Mirghani
Amir Mirghani 2019.03.08 12:38 

GO GET IT NOWW !! I Literally made back my money using 0.5 lot the same hour lol. Big ups to the brotha Bruce for coming thru with this! So glad to be part of this legacy !! Time to get the diamond package now :D :D

marvinwoods765 2019.03.08 02:32 

If you dont stop playing and get this free money!!! You will be wiping ya butt with $100.00 dollars bills in a 100 days with this indicator.......


vollmerama 2019.03.07 22:57 

it really is good! best results when you pay attention to the trend - sell or buy trend

mhotes 2019.03.07 13:37 

Super accurate predictions, easy up down arrows, for trades, alerts and everything, by far easiest and most profitable indicator

hectorp724 2019.03.06 19:58 

This indicator lays it all out for you! About to take my trading to the next level!!

am3048336 2019.03.05 22:27 

Back testing this #badboy for 8 hours in different pairs. After review and seeing the results that this baby can do, I went and got it with out hesitation. Chief Bruce answered the questions I had and the purchase was easy and painless. Great Job Bruce.

MaHo80 2019.03.05 21:46 

Guys no repaint Indicator! It will help for more confirmation! If it doesn't fit your Strategy go to Bruce and contact him for his Strategy it is worthy! Hit him up on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/bruce.webb.334 ! The Stuff is worthy !

jeanmichel3838 2019.03.05 15:16 

Amazing I try I bought when it comes to Bruce I know it will be the real indicator. Now after I test it and how I trade I'm wow he simplify the GAME. Real indicator real stuff SO PROUD.

JudahTheWolf88 2019.03.05 01:10 

Easy as hell mane!! NO REPAINTS!!! Easy to install!! Easy to use!! You literally have a signals being sent straight to your phone!!!!! All money signals, INSTALL ASAP!!!

GavinMcNeill 2019.03.04 23:28 

I didn't know what forex was a year ago. Now Bruce has me trading like a pro with this new indicator! #BruceHasGotTheJuice

jahdal1 2019.03.04 03:04 

The setup was super easy and with this Predictor I feel more confident getting into trades. I highly recommend this to newbies and veteran traders

397295 2019.03.03 23:09 

This might be the best thing since Miller High Life, great setup bro, ladies and gentlemen it’s no gimmick! If you want to really buckle down and focus use this indicator. Much respect fam #traderesponsibly #tradewithBRUCE

ShelDon Buzzard
ShelDon Buzzard 2019.03.01 17:47 

Easy install.

Followed directions, first trade Excellent results.

Does exactingly what it is suppose do.

Alerts on your cell!

Great work Bruce!!

Kelynn Tan
Kelynn Tan 2019.03.01 17:44 

It is definitely the best indicator for buy and sell signal