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Visual Book on Chart

The indicator shows a supply and demand histogram of the DOM.

The indicator:

  • It includes the option to change the colors of the histogram and selection of the asset, being able to visualize in a symbol the DOM of another symbol;
  • Displays volume by price in text;
  • Adjusts the size of the bars to limit the horizontal displacement of the graph;

***The indicator is running in MetaQuotes server for teste. To certify that you can run in your account verify in your book if the broker is send the market depth to your platform. 

***The indicator can to be slow in assets with high volatility, like in future markets.

jcsinfo 2018.10.15 22:46   

Bom indicador...

Porem está alterando as cores dos Candles...

Версия 1.90 2019.01.08
* Reduction of the overlay area allowing interaction with other objects.
Версия 1.80 2018.12.27
*Options to execution time optimization.
Версия 1.70 2018.10.31
*Correção de erro.
Версия 1.60 2018.10.29
* Error correction (changing the color of the candles)
* Option to show / hide the histogram and / or panel;
* Option to draw the indicator in the background;
* Implementation of rendered control;
* Implementation of transparent control;
* Alteration of the panel design;
* Alteration of the histogram design;
* Protection against destroying objects;
Версия 1.50 2018.10.17
*Recompilação do código;
Версия 1.40 2018.09.08
*Update Color Scheme.
Версия 1.30 2018.09.07
* Correction of grouping of controls;
* Implementation of black / white color scheme;
Версия 1.20 2018.09.06
* Implementation of panel showing market pressure;
* Implementation of color gradient in the histogram highlighting larger volumes;
Версия 1.10 2018.09.02
Removed unnecessary parameter entries.