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Visual Book on Chart

The indicator shows a supply and demand histogram of the DOM.

The indicator:

  • It includes the option to change the colors of the histogram and selection of the asset, being able to visualize in a symbol the DOM of another symbol;
  • Displays volume by price in text;
  • Adjusts the size of the bars to limit the horizontal displacement of the graph;


jcsinfo 2018.10.15 22:46   

Bom indicador...

Porem está alterando as cores dos Candles...

Version 1.50 2018.10.17
*Recompilação do código;
Version 1.40 2018.09.08
*Update Color Scheme.
Version 1.30 2018.09.07
* Correction of grouping of controls;
* Implementation of black / white color scheme;
Version 1.20 2018.09.06
* Implementation of panel showing market pressure;
* Implementation of color gradient in the histogram highlighting larger volumes;
Version 1.10 2018.09.02
Removed unnecessary parameter entries.