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Robo Grid FX

ROBO GRID FX is a grid Expert Advisor.

It is developed for intraday trading in the active market and on fast currency pairs. This is a grid EA with a closed-loop averaging system. The closed-loop averaging system represents a stable strategy of moving to breakeven in case of the deposit drawdown on fast and aggressive currency pairs. The EA places a grid of pending orders in both directions and locks it on the breakthrough of a quote fluctuation in the channel of 40-60 points in case of an unrpofitable position. And it starts movement in breakeven inside the grid (not removing the grid). It does not matter where a quote break the channel through (up or down). The EA does not allow the market position drawdown to pass more than 25-40 points. StopLoss and TakeProfit are constantly modified depending on a situation and direction or reverse of a quote. The robot follows the trend in case of strong trend movement.

All calculations are performed by a preset algorithm inside the EA's kernel. That is why the EA has a minimum number of settings which simplify its work. The EA also has a protection from floating spread which make its operation stabler and provides correct grid placement in case of rapidly changing floating spread. Good results are obtained on rally, strong trends and important economic news release.

Description of Settings:

  • Lots - volume.
  • Steps - step between orders.
  • Steps Sell - distance between the first Sell and the first Buy.
  • TakeProfit - market position profit in points.
  • quantity - number of pending orders in the grid in all directions.
  • beta - distance in points from the current price where the order grid is placed.
  • koef_lot = 2 - lot multiplication factor.
  • Traling = true - trailing locked positions
  • TSProfitOnly = true - switching a zone where trailing starts. If True, trailing starts when profit of the position will reach 'TStop_Buy/Sell+TrailingStep' points. If False, the EA will control the position stop does not exceed 'TStop_Buy/Sell+TrailingStep' points from the current price. In other words if set to True, the EA will work only in profitable area, if set to False, it will work in both profitable and unprofitable areas.
  • TStop_Buy = 12 - trailing size in points for Buy.
  • TStop_Sell = 12 - trailing size in points for Sell.
  • TrailingStep = 1 - trailing step in points. Necessary for sending less requests to a dealer.
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Versão 2.0 2020.03.26