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Market Patroller is a tool designed as an indicator that allows you to review a list of as many instruments as you want and select those that could give you a trade opportunity.

It combines the possibility to watch in detail each instrument with all the screen space that you need but with the comfort of be capable to monitor later, multiple instruments trough a "hot list" of opportunities at the same time.

Easy to use:

Install the MarketPatroller on one chart (this will be your detailed analysis chart) to monitor all the instruments in your list, by switching between them with simple "previous (<<)" and "next (>>)" buttons.

Analyze them and each time you find an opportunity near, you can send this chart with all its trend lines, arrows, shapes, fibos, etc to a "follow-up" chart.

You can set as many follow up charts as you want, and each one of them can have an expert advisor and/or a set of technical indicators pre-installed and they will continue working without any problems.

Once you finished your "market patrolling" you can minimize the detailed analysis chart and watch follow up charts tile organized.


In an empty Profile, set a Template in your platform to include the indicator(s) and/or expert that you normally use

Open as much charts as you usually need to give a close followup of opportunities in the market (no matter the time frame or instrument) and apply the template you designed.

Open one more chart (this will be the detailed analysis chart) and add MarketPatroller on it

Press the Set Charts button in the top of your chart with MarketPatroller. A series of green buttons will appear in the rest of the charts. If there are some chart that you want to use for anything different than as opportunities followup delete the green button from it.

Once you have finished the selection process press the "Done" button in the chart with MarketPatroller.

To customize your set of instruments (pairs) to watch: go to File>Open Data Folder and in the Window's explorer turn to MQL4\Files\MarketPatroller\.

In there double click on the file that starts with Pair and add and/or remove the pairs until you end up with the list of instrument that you want to look for opportunities (write one per row). After you have your desired list, save the file, close the file and the Window's explorer and continue working with the MarketPatroller in the MT4 platform.

When you want to change the next instrument in the list press the button ">>" if you want to get back to the previous press "<<".

Analyse your instruments in all details with the chart maximized and when you see some interesting setting about to be usable press the green button "Follow", this will copy the chart into one of followup charts.

Followup charts are used in the order that appear in the bottom of your platform.

Once you are done, minimize the analysis chart (the one with the MarketPatroller) and press the Tile button on the platform to make a mosaic of followup charts.

And that is all.

You can customize the sound that Market Patroller makes when press the "Follow" button  and the distance between the extremes of the chart and the Market Patroller buttons in the Input's tab into the indicator's properties window.

Please watch the demo tutorial video included in this page to better understand how the MarketPatroller works and how to use it.

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