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Grid of pending orders

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Versão 8.8 2016.09.06
v8.8 - fixed opening pending orders with a varying lot size
Versão 8.7 2016.07.22
v8.7 - fixed the line deletion error ObjectDelete("Line stop SELL");
Versão 8.5 2016.05.10
v8.5 - fixed errors of calling to the 'Restore order on labels' function
Versão 8.3 2016.02.03
- fixed disappearing CLEAR button in the panel moving and panel hiding modes
Versão 8.2 2015.12.15
After being placed on the screen, every price label of future orders can be moved anywhere the user considers appropriate.
Versão 8.1 2015.06.09
Order restoration function works in its full capacity.
Versão 8.0 2015.06.02
1. Control buttons have a unified color, while the colors of data buttons are similar to the ones of future order labels.
2. The function for restoring orders by their labels is completely operational allowing users to create a wide range of dynamic grids.
Versão 7.0 2015.05.19
This version has a new opening menu for placing labels and orders. Now you can place label step or order volume with a fixed step (option 1) or a dynamically changeable step (option 2 and 3). Option 2 - from minimum values of the grid step or an order lot to their maximum values. Option 3 - vice versa: from maximum to minimum values.
Versão 6.0 2015.05.05
Added ability to set a dynamic step for placing orders. If you set a step value (from 1 with the increment from 1 to 100) and a step multiplier (from 1.00 with the increment of 0.01 or more to 2.00), you can place orders with a dynamic increasing step. Added a field for setting an initial shift of future order labels in points (from 1 with the increment of 1 to 300) under the START button.
Versão 5.0 2015.04.01
Updated panel for placing pending orders. Variable parameters can now be inserted and edited right in the visibility field.