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Candle Alert

The Candle Alert indicator recognizes 27 main candlestick patterns.

Indecision Early Reversal Decisive Reversal Others
Doji Hammer Bullish Engulfing Bullish Harami
Grave Stone Shooting Star Bearish Engulfing Bearish Harami
Dragon Fly Pricing Morning Star Bullish Yin Yang
Spinning top Dark Cloud Cover Evening Star Bearish Yin Yang
Spinning Bottom
Doji Close Low 3 White Soldiers
Hanging Man
Doji Close High 3 Black Crows
Inverted Hammer   Tweezers Top Bullish Inside Break Out Bar
    Tweezers Bottom Bearish Inside Break Out Bar

Candle Alert can notify about the appearance of a determining candlestick.

This indicator can simultaneously be used in two modes:

Historical mode, which is looking for models on historical candlesticks. The number of those candlesticks is specified by the user. The indicator conceals them. Put 0 in the properties of the indicator to search among the candlesticks on the chart.

Trade mode, which is looking for models appearing with the last closed candlestick. When Candle Alert comes across that candlestick, it alerts about it or notifies via an email or a push notification if they have been enabled in the terminal settings.


One of the distinctive features of Candle Alert is its flexibility, which is necessary when working with Japanese candlesticks. It adapts the threshold value of the candlestick size, recognizes if recent movement was up or down to distinguish patterns unrelated due to their size or location with respect to previous bars.

Configuring this indicator is most flexible too. It allows either to select certain models for recognition or to set up a search of all models with only one parameter. 

This indicator features methods of support and resistance, used in the SupportResistanceScreener indicator. It allows assessing the risk/reward ratio for the last pattern in the Trade Mode and spot models with unfavorable ratio less than 1:1.

Note: for the indicator to work, at least one pattern has to be selected.

Setup details are described in the "Discussion" tab.

A video demonstration of how to use Candle Alert is also available. You can use the CC function for translating the subtitles in Youtube

Sunny001 2015.07.09 23:25 

I activated this last week and just wanted to say I'm very satisfied with this indicator. It does exactly what it says it does, there is a lot of room for your own customization and having the alerts sent to my phone makes life a lot easier.

Versão 1.30 2015.07.16
Added a parameter that allows you to disable the Alert, Push Notification and Email for this indicator (but still plot on the chart the names of the candles' patterns).
Versão 1.20 2015.01.13
Added continuation patterns Three Rising and Descending Methods and improved Piercing and Dark Cloud Cover recognition process.