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Verdure Lot Calculator


Money management is an all-important aspect of trading that many traders often overlook. It is very possible that even with a winning strategy, bad money management can often result in huge loses. Verdure Lot Calculator aims to help traders minimize risk and exposure in the Forex market. Verdure Forex Calculators implements Lot (Trade or Contract Size) Calculator as an indicator on MT4 platform.

Lot Calculator (trade or contract size)

A lot refers to a bundle of units in trade. In Forex a Standard Lot is equivalent to 100,000 units of the quote currency of the Forex instrument you are trading. Lot calculator helps to determine the trade or contract size of any position you want to enter so that you are not risking too much of your capital on any position With the Lot Calculator, you have the option and flexibility to either use a percentage of your Account Balance or Account Equity or use Money value. For example, you could use 2% of either your Account Balance or Account Equity or you could use say $50 risk for every trade. The calculator will calculate your lot value for you irrespective of whichever method you use.


  • Account Currency - Non-editable field that contains the account currency.
  • Currency Pair - Defaults as the forex instrument on which the indicator is attached.
  • StopLoss (Point) - Stoploss value in points (no need to recalculate pips value on a 5 or 3 digits chart).
  • Risk Type - Can be Percent or Money value.
  • Risk (Percentage) - Percentage of risk when 'Percent' is selected as Risk Type.
  • Risk (Money) - Money value of risk when 'Money' is selected as Risk Type.
  • Balance/Equity - Use Account Balance or Account Equity to calculate risk.

Benefits Of Using Verdure Lot Calculator

  • Highly accurate result as data used is that of your broker.
  • Sleek, clean and intuitive interface.
  • Advance error handling and reporting.
  • As with any panel, it is barely visible on the chart when minimized which gives you plenty of room to do your analysis.
  • Helps greatly with money management.
Adriano Caldas
Adriano Caldas 2016.04.09 16:12 

Works fine, but you can't open as default chart template. There is an issue and you will not able to use it if saved as your default template, even if you try to remove and add again.

RedAlex 2015.02.04 16:37 

Finally I found what I need. The calculator allows me to quickly estimate potential loss (on the percentage or cash) in the account currency. Works correctly regardless of the currency pair, the number of decimal places provided by the broker. Definitely helps me to entering transactions in accordance with my strategy. I highly recommend.

Versão 4.0 2017.07.04
- Fixed issue affecting brokers with suffix or prefix in symbol names
Versão 3.0 2017.05.25
- Editable field for currency pair
- Can now be used with brokers with prefix or suffix in name of currency pairs
Versão 2.0 2015.02.04
Stop Loss is now implemented in points so that no conversion is needed on 5 or 3 digit charts. So for a 5 or 3 digits chart, a 20 pips Stop Loss would be 200 points.