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NRP Trend Bars

NRP Trend Bars

Your all-in-one Trend direction indicator, with Presets and Customisable options !

Get the most of Trends with NRP (No-repaint indicator) Trend Bars, designed to get the best of Trend Entries, Continuations and  Reversals

One of it's function is the detection of the new trend starting, consolidation and possible trend change. It gives you the opportunity either to get in-&-out of the market in time

PRESETS (Sensibility) 

    ⚜️   LOW:        Used for trend entries and confirming trend directions
      ⚜️   MEDIUM:   Useful to take trend re-entries (continuation trades)
        ⚜️   HIGH:       Used for trading short-term operations, and for counter-trends (reversals)


            ⚜️   Fast Period:  Set your custom Fast Period
              ⚜️   Slow Period: Set your custom Slow Period

                Feel free to send any feedback to direct messages!

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                Versão 1.3 2020.08.10
                Fixed custom parameters, now 100% funtional
                Versão 1.2 2020.07.27
                Added alerts