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Forex Gump Bot

The bot trades according to the scalping strategy. First, the signals of four indicators are determined, after which the bot expects a sharp price movement in the opposite direction. When the price sharply went in the opposite direction, the robot opens a deal at a short distance. The transaction is closed upon receipt of a minimum profit. Therefore, the robot does not hold long open transactions. All open trades are closed within one or more candles.

Forex Gump Bot is a fully automated trading system. A trader needs to install it on a chart (preferably on a VPS server) and then the robot will begin the trading process in a fully automatic mode. The bot will analyze the market itself, open and close deals.

Features of the Forex Gump Bot:

  • with default settings, the robot trades on GBPUSD. For other currency pairs, you need to find other settings.
  • minimum trade deposit $ 100
  • Broker's recommended spread is up to 15 pips (1.5 pips).
  • recommended leverage 1: 500
  • It is recommended to run the bot on the VPS server so that it trades 24 hours a day.

Forex Gump Bot settings:

  • increase - is the strength of the impulse. In this parameter, we indicate the strength of the momentum at which the deal will open. The larger this parameter, the stronger the price movement must be for opening a deal. If you specify the parameter is very large (more than 12), the robot will open deals only with large price movements. This can lead to the fact that the robot will open deals very rarely or will not open at all. If the parameter value is small (for example 4), the robot will open deals with small price fluctuations.
  • step - this parameter indicates at what distance a pending order will be placed from the current price.
  • trailingstop - virtual trailing stop size in points.
  • StopLoss - stop loss size.
  • TakeProfit - take profit size.
  • Lots - indicate the initial trading volume of transactions. Further, the trading volume will proportionally increase relative to the growth of the balance sheet. When the balance doubles from the initial one, the trading volume will also become twice as large.
  • spread - the maximum spread at which the robot will open deals.
  • Magic - the magic number of the robot.

Comentários 2
GUY HASSON 2020.10.06 11:09 

the ea is working well and making money on a real account when the increase input is set to 7.

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GUY HASSON 2020.10.06 11:09 

the ea is working well and making money on a real account when the increase input is set to 7.

kepler777 2020.09.16 01:51 

I have bought the Gump bot, I am surprised by the results it gives in the metatrader strategy tester .. can these results be given in real? Why are the accounts in the strategy tester with an account of 1000 euros and 0.10 lots in 2 years so millionaires are you a millionaire in the strategy tester .. what happens? will there be a catch? Could it work the same in the strategy tester as in real?

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