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Morning Luck

Automatic trading system based on the morning Flat indicator, puts pending orders on the borders of the night channel .All trades have a fixed stop loss and take profit .The traded pair GBPUSD H1, can be used on other instruments after optimization.

The EA contains a switchable flat indicator .The robot's operating time in the input parameters corresponds to (+2GMT). when switching to daylight saving time,you need to adjust the time manually.

* Use default settings 

* Does not use dangerous strategies: martingale, grid, averaging and pyramiding

* Account type: any

* Minimum Deposit of$100

Days -number of days to calculate and display the indicator

EndHour -the end hour of the indicator

StartHour -the hour when the indicator starts working

StartMin -minute when the indicator starts working

EndMin - the minute when the indicator stops working

Width - the thickness of the displayed lines 

Style - the style of displayed lines

UP Color - the color of the top line

DN Color - color of the bottom line

TXT Color - the color of the numeric label that determines the volatility in pips

Show Indicator-show-true,do not show-false

fixing lot-trading a fixed lot

AutoLot-automatic lot trading on. - true or off.- false

Risk percent - risk percentage based on the current leverage and available funds

Max Lot -the maximum lot (for testing, set to 1000), for real -50

Stop Loss -the size of the stop loss in pips

Take Profit - the size of the take profit in pips

Slip - maximum slippage in pips when executing an order

Trailing Stop is the size of the trailing stop in pips

Trailing Step-step of the trailing stop in pips

Breakeven level - the level of breakeven 

Breakeven Points - the level of excess in pips

Expir expiration of the warrant in hours 

Magic-unique number for finding your deals 

Start Hour1 - start hour for setting pending orders

End Hour1 -the end hour for placing orders

Start Min1 = minutes of the beginning of work 

Shift from lines-offset the price of placing orders in pips

Distance price from lines - the distance at which the price should be located from the indicator lines in pips 

End Min1 -minute finishing work

Updated settings locate in screenshot !!!

If you like this robot, do not forget to leave your review You can also make a donation to my PAYPAL : pavel-predein@yandex.ru

Rollo Palma
Rollo Palma 2020.02.14 23:16 


MAHMOUD SHWAISH 2020.02.11 16:40 

Running in demo account for a while so far result same with back test . thank you

Versão 1.3 2020.02.11
Добавлена информационная панель и уровень текущей прибыли -убытка по открытой позиции в долларах
Versão 1.2 2020.01.18
In the new version, an information panel for profit accounting is available .
Versão 1.1 2020.01.13
Added new parameter "Distance" in input settings