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This bot is based on the analysis of adaptive moving averages. The expert is characterized by stable signals, which can be used as accurate short-term signals. This is a semi-scalping system that analyzes the market using reliable indicators. Scalper is a system or not, depends on the parameters TakeProfit and StopLoss.
Using this adviser, you need to understand that this bot requires optimization. The bot works both on netting accounts and on hedging accounts. But the settings must be optimized different for these types of accounts. By default, the bot is configured to work with hedging accounts. You do not have to spend time creating strategies on moving averages. The strategy is ready - just optimize it. The market is dynamically volatile, and the parameters of the bots just need to be optimized at least once a month. Optimization does not take much time. The file for optimization is provided in the discussion.

Trading recommendations:
  • Trading preferably on the M1 timeframe.
  • It works on any currency pair, by default EURUSD with a hedging account type.
  • The expert correctly processes errors and works reliably in the market.
  • It works with a capital of $ 100!
  • Leverage - Install any.
  • Any broker.
The following are the parameters of the adviser:
  • Magic - Magic number.
  • MoneyManagement - Risk determines the lot size depending on the balance;
  • StopLoss - Stop Doss;
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit;
  • IndexBar - The initial bar for reading the indicator;
  • TIMEFRAMES_MA1 - Moving period No. 1;
  • LENGTH_MA1 - Moving length No. 1;
  • METOD_MA1 - Moving Method No. 1;
  • APPLIED_PRICE_MA1 - Calculate movings relative to price No. 1;
  • SHIFT_MA1 - Moving offset No. 1;
  • TIMEFRAMES_MA2 - Moving period No. 2;
  • LENGTH_MA2 - Moving length No. 2;
  • METOD_MA2 - Moving Method No. 2;
  • APPLIED_PRICE_MA2 - Calculate movings relative to price No. 2;
  • SHIFT_MA2 - Moving offset No. 2.
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