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Profi Arrows

I present to you the Profi Arrows indicator. The indicator is based on non-standard Moving Average indicators. It represents the input signals in the form of arrows. All signals are generated on the current bar. It is maximally simplified to use both for trading with only one indicator and for using the indicator as part of your trading systems.

There are 2 operating modes in the indicator. Option with redrawing the signal, and without. In the mode without redrawing, the option of redrawing the bar is possible, with strong movement.

In discussion. In post number 1. Added 2 indicators for the tester, for the MTF mode.


  • Price- The calculation price for the Repetition truy mode.
  • Period- The period of the indicator.
  • Dynamic filter-Dynamic filter.
  • Repetition- Operating mode.
  • ArrowUP - The color of the Arrow and price tag.
  • ArrowDN - The color of the Arrow and price tag.
  • ArrowGap - Indent from the price to display arrows.
  • CodUP - Type of arrows displayed.
  • CodDN - Type of arrows displayed.
  • ArrowSize - The size of the displayed arrows.
  • Signal_Price - Select true to price the bar.
  • AlertsMessage - Select true / false to receive messages on the terminal screen.
  • AlertsSound - Select true / false to receive a sound message.
  • AlertsEmail - Select true / false to receive email notifications.
  • AlertsMobile - Select true / false to receive push messages.
  • AlertsOnCurrent - Signal delay, true for receiving Alerts on 0 candle.
  • SoundFile - Type of sound file.

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