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Object Copier

Did you have to start again the very same analysis because the original one, from where you want to modify, just have so much information that no longer fits?

Have you ever wanted to change some in one of your charts and make this new line, Fibo or channel automatically appear in some or the rest of your set of charts?

Object Copier is the solution to replicate any object into one or several charts at your desire.

No matter if you changed an object, or made it from the scratch. With Object Copier, replicating some pieces of your analysis in the exact price and position to other charts is now as simple as make one click.

Just install the technical indicator in the "source" chart.

Press the selection button to tell, on which charts in your platform you want to receive the same object with the very same characteristics (color, style, text, or even customized Fibo levels). Activate the selector in those charts, that you want to receive the objects and confirm the selection. From now on, copying the objects will be as easy as touch the object and press the small button that will appear.

If you don’t want to make a copy, just keep working. In a couple of seconds, the emerging button will go away.

Object Copier can transfer any graphical object that you can place on a chart, identically to one or several charts as easy as one click.

This is a must in your analysis tool box.

Mike Dull
Mike Dull 2017.04.21 14:57   

Hola, como puedo hacer para que el indicador no me copie los objetos de otro indicador? Por ejemplo si este indicador crea cuadrados y cada uno tiene un número diferente, en [Exclude this objects], puedo poner Rectangle* ?

Un saludo


teodosy87 2017.01.30 12:43 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

danielC 2014.08.11 13:54 

Respecto al indicador me gustaría hacerle una recomendación (si puede ser): seria interesante, que una vez modificadas de situación ciertas lineas u objetos en el gráfico fuente, el gráfico asociado sufriera también dicha modificación sin tener que volver a seleccionar dichas lineas u objetos que no hayan sido eliminados previamente. Gracias por su amable atención y enhorabuena por el indicador.

Versão 2.40 2015.02.05
Added capability to remember selected charts when indicator re-start (like when you change the time frame of the chart where ObjectCopier is installed, or when close the platform)
In settings you can set the number of selected charts to remember (default is 4)
Versão 2.20 2014.10.02
Adjust buttons to Build 711
Versão 2.11 2014.09.04
Fixed a bug with alert at the start of indicator.
Versão 2.10 2014.08.20
Augmented the amount of charts up to 100 per profile to work with.

Added the new ability to exclude some objects. This could be useful if you have in your source chart some indicator that uses graphical objects to display its info, and you do not want this objects to be replicated by ObjectCopier.

Just add the exact names of those objects you do not want to be replicated to "Exclude Objects separated with comma" (comma-separated, no spaces).
Versão 2.0 2014.08.14
Now the product can automatically copy the newly created objects to destination charts.
The objects in the destination charts are automatically modified when some of them are changed in the source chart.
The selection buttons can be toggled on/off by pressing Shift+B.

To have a better idea of how to use this new functions, please watch the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKGrs-d-Ea4