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Ultra Scalper Pro

Scalping Expert Advisor trades from daily support and resistance levels. Trading expert does not use indicators. Recommended use a broker with 5 signs and a low spread. To protect the account from trading during spread expansion, added parameter: "MaxSpread", in which you specify the maximum allowable spread (15-20 pips). A month opens 16-18 deals on average.


  • Expert always uses Takeprofit, Stoploss and Traillingstop;
  • Expert does not use a grid or martingale system;
  • Expert can work with deposits of various sizes (from $ 20 and more).

Recommended Settings

Currency pair: GBP / USD, EUR / USD;

Timeframe: H1;

Minimum deposit: any;

External variables

  • Lots - fixed lot volume;
  • MoneyManagement - lot size, which depends on the size of the deposit and the risk set by the trader;
  • Risk - level of acceptable risk;
  • VirtualStops - virtual sl and tp;
  • TimeToStart - time to start the expert;
  • TimeToFinish - time of the end of the expert’s work;
  • Magic - a unique number of orders;
  • Stoploss - stoploss;
  • Traillingstop - trailing stop;
  • TakeProfit - take profit;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread;
  • Extremumstep - indent from the level (in pips);
  • Commission - the size of the commission for 1 lot;
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Versão 1.60 2019.09.05
Добавлена возможность переключать между виртуальным стопом и реальным.
Versão 1.53 2019.09.03
Мелкие дополнения.
Versão 1.52 2019.08.27
Исправлена ошибка подсчета переменной "Extremumstep".