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MACD Display

MACD Display is a MACD disaplay and cross monitoring indicator,which can works on 6 timeframe at same time.

Indicator advantage:

1. Deviation from the point can be drawn on the main picture and indicator drawing. It is convenient to observe and can be hidden or displayed by parameter setting.

2. Deviation from the entry point is clearly indicated by the arrow in the drawing.

3. Cross-cycle monitoring can simultaneously monitor the MACD deviation and the golden dead fork of the six-cycle framework of the product.

4. top divergence, bottom divergence, gold fork, dead fork signal can be prompted by the window alarm, effectively reducing the time of the car.

5. can hide the MACD cylinder, easy to observe the signal.

More EAs and indicators from the authors https://www.mql5.com/en/users/chenshaofei/seller

Parameter Description:

Separator1 - descriptive parameter, default, not important
FastMAPeriod - macd fast line cycle
SlowMAPeriod - macd slow line cycle
SignalMAPeriod - macd signal period
Applied_price - macd application price
Show_histogram - whether to display macd cylinders
Separator2 - descriptive parameter, default, not important
drawIndicatorTrendLines - whether to draw back offline on the indicator drawing
drawPriceTrendLines - whether to draw the price back on the main image offline
displayAlert - Whether to enable the deviation from the window alarm prompt
crossAlert - whether to enable the gold death fork window alarm prompt
Separator3 - descriptive parameter, default, not important
PeriodMinute - Whether to enable multi-cycle monitoring
Minute1 - Other monitoring cycle 1
Minute2 - Other monitoring cycle 2
Minute3 - Other monitoring cycle 3
Minute4 - Other monitoring cycle 4
Minute5 - Other monitoring cycle 5

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