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GA scalp

GA scalp


About the form of Expert Advisor:

Focus on the scalping EA of the GBPAUD currency. Trading 4 days a week, 2 hours a day, will not use any dangerous actions such as Martin, grid, jiacang.

About EA parameter settings: 

If you want to guarantee a stable and low-risk benefit, then use my default parameters.

AutoOrder = 1; "Single switch for GA scalp EA. 1 is on, 0 is off

DefaultLots = 0.1; Fixed Trade Batch

MoneyManagement = 0; "Net value ratio trading batch switch. 1 is on, 0 is off

Double Risk = 0.5; "Net value ratio transaction batch"

MaxOrder =1; "Maximum position orders in the same direction and at the same time"

StopLoss = 100; Fixed Stop Loss

TakeProfit = 75; "Fixed Stop"

*** The code has a built-in mobile stop loss stop. The opening condition is to automatically stop 1 point after 7 points of profit.

Gmt = 0; "Trader Time Difference Adjustment"

OpenTime = 22; "Start time, minutes: 00"

EndTime = 23 ; "End time, minutes: 59"

*** I am using ICmarkets, trader time 22:00-23:59. If there is a difference in trading time, please use the ICmarkets server time as the benchmark.

Comments = "GAscalp" "EA Notes"

Details about the transaction: 

Load and GBPAUD currency exchange, the time period is M5. Only trade GBPAUD! ! !

Trading in 0.01 batches per 100 US dollars.


Account type: Try to use a low spread account such as ECN, and the delay should be controlled within 10ms.

Traders and VPS servers: I am using ICmarkets, VPS is Alibaba Cloud's US East server delay can be controlled within 1ms.

*** Don't look down on this slippage during the delayed trading period will make you crazy.

*** I would be happy to assist you if you need ICbanks account opening and commission cashback. The following is the account opening link

Https://cn.icmarkets.com/?camp=9728 (Please check if you are introduced by the broker to open an account?), otherwise it will affect the subsequent cash back!!!)

The trading environment of the backtest report is the ICUKs data GBPAUD spread of 20. The compound annual yield will be between 15% and 30%.

I don't recommend trading in a gambler's mindset. Because this will let you lose everything as fast as possible. The advancement of the income is that you have the principal to continue in the market!

Synchronization signal 

Concerned about the "GBPAUD Scalp" signal, I will announce the EA closing time in advance on a risky event.


If you have any other questions, you can directly trust me!

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