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Tactic Lines

Auto tactic trade with two Lines:
 They are (Top Line) and (Bottom Line), for tactic trade.

Big Features:

  1.  Line will be auto created and detect the Top of shape, and Bottom of shape.
  2.  Display  how far the Line from market price.
  3.  When Market Price *Touch (Top Line), will create a new order : **Sell**.
  4.  When Market Price *Touch (Bottom Line),will create a new order:**BUY**.
Moving the Lines:
  1.  Double Clicks on Line,it will be movable by User's Mouse.
  2. You can let a Line longer by Double Clicks on it,and starting drag the head of Line.

Small Features about Inputs:

  1. You can let Lines are longer by modify *Inputs "P2_DetectBarNumber".
  2. Line Color are editable by modify *Inputs " Far_Color", "Near_Color"," Pass_Color".
  3. Each New Order will has StopLoss and TakeProfit and Lot as defined in *Inputs.

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