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Hedge EA Trendline Trigger

Hedge EA is developed to capitalize the market regardless of the direction it is moving. It starts with user-defined lot size for example 0.1, and gradually increase to 0.2 and so on (according to multiplier and maximum level setting) if the market reverse. The EA has several modes of entry for fine-tuned timing for example Trendline Buy that activates the first position only after price crosses the line. More importantly, the EA is equipped with a recovery management system that gradually closes position if the market is ranging. The EA is also developed with built-in protection that blocks usage using the incorrect setting that will result in a loss. The EA displays the current setting and stats of the current trade. The trigger modes are: 1) TRENDLINE BUY, 2) TRENDLINE SELL, 3) PRICE INPUT BUY, 4) PRICE INPUT SELL, 5) AUTO BUY (24hours Non-stop) 6) AUTO SELL
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Versão 1.5 2018.12.27
Added input atr_bars with default setting 10, to set the number of descending ATR Bars for Fully AUTO_BUY or AUTO_SELL mode.

AUTO_BUY / AUTO_SELL with filter set to false, the EA will not wait for bar closing to open position, but will immediately opens position instead.