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Dragon Trend

Trend indicator with Multi-level Take Profit indication.

Possibility to setting in normal or Aggressive mode.

Fully customizable in color and alarm.

Very useful to understand the trend and where price could go

No need to explain, see the images.

You'll se the trend, 3 possibly target and stop loss (or other take profit) when the trend change.

You can adopt various strategy, for example.

1) Open trade and try to close it at target 1

2) Open 2 trade, close 1 at target 1, stop in profit for 2 and try to go at target 2

2) Open 3 trade at entry, close 1 trade at target 1, stop in pair for other 2. Close trade 2 at target 2, put stop for trade 3 at target 1. Wait since cahnge of trend.

...and much more...

But remember this is only an indicator ..... not the truth !!!

Gabry Mi
Gabry Mi 2018.11.22 18:07 

Great indicators, super effective product quickly cushioned

and excellent support from Marco.

thanks to the author

Versão 1.24 2018.11.27
Some improvement and bug fixed.
Versão 1.23 2018.11.22
Changed calculation of Take Profit, now based on atr
Possibility to change the font and the font size of string
Added indication of entry point
Some minor bug fixed
Versão 1.20 2018.11.22
Possibility to setting Take Profit in period and multiplyer.
Some code improvement.