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MarkAndGain ll

This is a universal EA  with positive(for traders) slippage. With the help of settings you can create your own strategy. It can be trend, counter-trend, averaged, grid, martingale :), antimartingale.

Martingale  sooner or later loses. But you can treat trading as fun as a game.

1 use case. Suppose you have 50 dollars. Do you want to try your luck? You may to make small deposit and use my trading advisor. After 15 trading days, check the result. Of course, you need a virtual server for trading.

2 use case. Use the multiplication factor of the lot equal to 1. In this case, the trading advisor will be very low risk. You can withdraw a fixed amount from the market, for example 50 cents from a series of orders (excluding broker commissions and swaps). In this case Close: equity=0.5  (set like this in Comments)

3 use case. Lottery with extreme risk

4 use case. Rebate generator

Working timeframe M1.


 Universal with positive slippage virtual levels (positive for traders). The system does not use regular takeprofits and stop loss.

Parameters (one of the safest)

MarkAndGain ll

Magic (base expert)528 Set a unique number
 Max spread0  Max spread (when "0" - the max spread is not limited)
Fibo koeff for lots1.52  Fibo koeff for lots 1.618-normally
    Value may be (1-2)  if> the risk increases
                   First level height  111  First level height
                   Next levels height  111  Next levels height
Open mode0  Open: 0-zero, 1-only buy, 2-only sell, 3-revers, 4-trend, 5-antitrend
                         Open level   0.9  Open level for Open mode 4 and 5   (0 - 3.99)
                        Close mode     4  Closed by: 1-only height, 2-only equty, 3-height&&equty, 4-heightORequty
          Profit in $, if Closed by equty   0.5  Profit in $, if Closed by equty  (if Close mode "2")
                    BE koeff height   1.6  BE koeff height if  levels <=6    (if Close mode "1","3","4")
       Height increase factor >6 levels   1.0  Height increase factor if levels >6
           BE koeff height for >6 levels  1.73  BE koeff height if levels >6       (if Close mode "1","3","4")
                        Profitstop   4.1  The value Profitstop for closing positions
Open Hour0  Start hour
Open minute0  Start minute
Close hour23  End hour
Close minute59  End minute
                 Stop work Thursday?   true  Stop work Thursday? 
                  Thursday stop Hour    1 Thursday stop hour, if "stop work Thursday ?" =true
                    Stop work Friday?  true  Stop work EA in Friday?
                     Friday stop hour    1  Friday stop hour, if "stop work Friday?" =true

Trading Requirements

Caution is advised. In order to trade via this EA, you need the following:

  • A good broker, with low spreads and stop levels.
  • For use on EURUSD M1 chart.
  • A good Internet connection.
  • A lot of stamina.
  • Works great on ECN or low-spread account (no more than 2 pips).
  • Closeby should be allowed.

Recommended Minimum Deposit

  • For Standard Forex accounts - 100 USD with the minimum lot of 0.01.
  • For Mini Forex accounts - 1,000 cent with the minimum lot of 0.01.

It uses unique indicators, martingale, grid.


It is better to test in real time, because positive slippage can only be seen on real quotes       

MarkAndGain ll can be tested on M1 EURUSD at all ticks in visual mode.


This is written to assist in automating a current strategy, I am NOT liable for any funds lost during use.

Trading is a risky endeavour, ensure you backtest your strategy thoroughly or use a demo account before switching to real funds!

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