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Relative Trend Bias

Relative Trend Bias

The Relative Trend Bias indicator is a simple indicator that helps you identify the current directional movement bias of a financial instrument based on the number of bars specified.

  • Helps you identify the current trend based on a bar period of your choice
  • Shows you level "safety zones" for reversals
  • Shows you when the trade bias changes while the indicator is active on the chart 
  • Indicator is forward facing.  It does not backdraw/backpaint but it can be tested on the indicator strategy tester.  
  • V1.1 Update: Trend Bias Change Alert Capability - Terminal and Email

Quick Introduction(Video)

Trend Bias Transition Markers - Know when the trend bias changes


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Versão 1.1 2018.10.11
Added Trend Bias Change Alert Capability for Terminal and Email