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MT4 Telegram Signal Provider


Envíe sus señales a MUCHOS CANALES: canales de telegramas múltiples, correo electrónico y envíe notificaciones push al terminal móvil
Escanee los pedidos muy RÁPIDO: escanee en segundos, no en ticks
Enviar información de TODOS LOS TIPOS DE PEDIDOS: Abrir (incluidas las órdenes pendientes), cancelar, cerrar (incluido el% de cierre parcial), desencadenar y modificar órdenes
FILTRAR las órdenes de envío por: Tipos de orden (pendiente, activada, modificada, cerrada), Símbolos, Números mágicos y Comentarios
Enviar manualmente o automáticamente las capturas de pantalla de gráfico
PUEDE PERSONALIZAR las propiedades de las capturas de pantalla de gráficos en las señales de envío: resolución, imagen de fondo, plantillas ...
5 MODOS para enviar capturas de pantalla de gráficos: base en símbolos, comentarios, números mágicos, plantilla y sin envío
Enviar informes: informe de ejecución, informe diario, informe semanal
PERSONALIZA TOTALMENTE tu texto de señal, informe diario e informe semanal:
Diseñe su texto de señal, informes diarios y semanales de la manera que desee, agregue texto previo, texto posterior, emojis, líneas ...
Use muchas variables calculadas disponibles para mostrar: los valores de tiempo (segundo, minuto, hora, día, mes, año), información del pedido (símbolo, precio de apertura, precio de cierre, tiempo de apertura, tiempo de cierre, lotes abiertos,% parcial de lotes cerrados , boleto, comentario, número mágico, vencimiento ...), información de la cuenta (margen, margen libre, nivel de margen) y otra información (beneficio de pip, beneficio de moneda, comisión, swap, beneficio real ...)
EDITE la hora de los pedidos (hora de apertura, cierre) en la base del informe en su hora local
PERSONALIZAR TOTALMENTE Unidad de pepita: calcule exactamente la unidad de pepita para cualquier símbolo, en cualquier corredor
ACTUALIZAR regularmente y agregar funciones requeridas por los clientes.


1. Cree un bot y complete el token API

Abra la aplicación Telegram
Escriba "BotFather" en el cuadro de entrada de búsqueda y presione ENTRAR
Haga clic en el primer menú "BotFather" en la lista de la izquierda
Haga clic en el botón "INICIAR" en la ventana inferior derecha o escriba "/ inicio" y luego presione
Haga clic en un texto "/ newbot" o escriba "/ newbot", luego presione ENTER
Elija un nombre para su bot, luego presione ENTER o "ENVIAR
Elija un nombre de usuario para su bot, debe terminar con el carácter "bot", luego presione ENTER o ENVIAR
Se crea un nuevo bot y Telegram le enviará un token API
Rellene el token API en los parámetros de entrada de EA con "copiar y pegar".

2. Cree un canal (si aún no lo tiene), agregue su bot y configure su bot como administrador:

Haga clic en el menú en la parte superior izquierda de la aplicación Telegram y elija "Nuevo canal";
Dé un nombre a su canal, luego haga clic en "CREAR";
En su canal, agregue su bot y configúrelo como "Administrador" para que su bot pueda enviar mensajes a su canal.

3. Busque la ID del canal y complete la ID del canal EA:

En la aplicación Telegram, haga clic en su canal en el menú izquierdo, luego haga clic en el menú superior derecho de 3 puntos
Elija "Administrar canal" en el menú desplegable, luego elija "Tipo de canal"
Elija "Canal privado" y luego GUARDE
En un navegador web, acceda a https://web.telegram.org/#/im
Inicie sesión si es necesario
Haga clic en su canal en la lista de la izquierda
Puede ver una cadena en el enlace en la barra de direcciones del navegador web, se ve así: ... im? P = c1234567890_9876543210987654321
Concéntrese en 10 dígitos 1234567890, agregue la cadena "-100" antes de los 10 dígitos, es su ID de canal
Su ID de canal será así: -1001234567890 (13 dígitos)
Rellene el número de ID de canal en la entrada de configuración EA.

4. Establecer Metatrader permite el contacto de EA con Telegram a través de https://api.telegram.org/

En la aplicación MetaTrader4, haga clic en Herramientas en la barra de menú, luego en Opciones, luego en la pestaña Asesores expertos
En la línea de verificación inferior, marque Permitir WebRequest para la URL listada
Agregue una nueva URL "https://api.telegram.org/" y luego presione el botón "Aceptar".
Comentários 22
Lingesh Sathasivam
Lingesh Sathasivam 2021.07.20 20:24 

Awesome tool. I love it. By having few more features, this product can lead other telegram signal provides.

fxbfdr 2020.12.18 06:55 

I have been using his signal provider for a month now and his Signal Provider works wonders for me. It takes just a bit of time to be familiar with it but once you do, it's easy. His EA delivers right on time. When I have any questions, he usually replies to me within a day. He listens to my issues and attends to them appropriately. I have a list of service providers to try just in case they do not deliver. But I'm very glad that I tried his first product first because of that my search for a good service provider ends with him. His product and support deserve a 5 star.

Zack van Zyl
Zack van Zyl 2020.10.20 02:37 

Fantastic EA, works great. Never skips a beat. Also Nguyen's support is fantastic. Takes your request into consideration and implements it! Thank you for a great product.

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Trade History Exporter automatically exports trade history to a CSV (comma separated values) file. Trade History Exporter: - automatically exports trade history every time a trade is closed - allows you to manually force an export by using the "W" key on your keyboard - can use Order Comments as Magic Numbers - useful for instance when using a Trade Copier - calculates the Net Profit per trade
36 USD
Telegram MT4 Order Channel Manager is a tool to manage order and send text message to channel through Telegram chat app . Attention: This EA can only work for One Telegram Bot in One MT4 Account . If you want to attach to another account, you should make new Telegram Bot and use new token for that account . It does not work in backtest. Watch the video to see how it works. There are 9 menu to choose: 1. Account Info - Gives information about Balance, Equity, Profit, Order List. 2. Quotes - Gives
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An automated system for sending notifications so that none of your subscribers miss your trading events from your trading terminal. A utility that sends notifications to the Telegram messenger about any trading operations on your account. Step-by-step instructions for connecting the utility to a channel in Telegram -> H ERE Advantages: Easy setup and detailed instructions, Possibility to send adjustable screenshots, Customizable notification text using emoji, Adjustment of notifications abou
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Descriptions This signal/trade copier for TradingView -> MetaTrader consists of three parts: Google Chrome browser at your computer Copier EA as you purchase from here Bridge app running over Windows 64-bit OS (e.g. Windows 10 or 11 or Windows Server)   You could find the user guide & bridge app download link from this post . The latest vervion 2.36 of bridge app is updated on June 16, 2022. That bridge app will seamlessly scan TradingView alert popup at Google Chrome and feedback
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The utility is designed to close several types of orders. Closing is done by pressing the hot key. How to place and delete orders by voice using the utilities of this type, see the video below the description.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTpVWJkEic6TzoXr0qc9RIw/featured Provided closing options: KEY "1" DELETE BUY STOP. KEY "2" DELETE SELL STOP. KEY "3" DELETE BUY AND SELL STOP. KEY "4" DELETE BUY LIMIT. KEY "5" DELETE SELL LIMIT. KEY "6" DELETE BUY AND SELL LIMIT. KEY "7" DELETE ALL PEN
Trade History Exporter automatically exports trade history to a CSV (comma separated values) file. Trade History Exporter: - automatically exports trade history every time a trade is closed - allows you to manually force an export by using the "W" key on your keyboard - can use Order Comments as Magic Numbers - useful for instance when using a Trade Copier - calculates the Net Profit per trade
10 USD
Partial Close MT4
Ahmed Alaoui Chrifi
This is a very simple, and easy-to-use Trade Manager with features like   Auto Partial Close, Auto Stop-loss, Breakeven. EA  closes a profitable position in partial closes when the price moves first in the direction of profits, and then comes back. EA monitors the position. If the price moves in the direction of profits, then ea establish the first level of rollback price at a distance. If the price continues to move in the direction of profits, this level of profit continues modifying this le
30 USD
Telegram Forwarder II
Yaser Sabbaghi
3.67 (3)
Telegram Forwarder can forward all activities related to trades and position taking as a signal to Telegram messenger. It can also forward indicators' alert to Telegram if you modify indicator code (I can do it for you too) to hand over alerts to Telegram Forwarder. This EA is intended for business and professional usage. You can introduce your own Telegram bot and customize water mark in screenshots. Telegram forwarder is able to forward signals for "new order", "modification of order", "Pendi
69 USD
"Support or Resistance Alert Broken" is a simple and very intuitive tool that allows you to create or eliminate horizontal and trend supports and / or resistances with a simple click. When the support or resistance line is broken by the closing price at the end of the current candle, the "Support or Resistance Alert Broken" tool will send an alert with sound, as well as a notification to the MT4 or MT5 mobile application. This tool can send alerts from multiple pairs at the same time. Utility
30 USD
This QuickClose help you to close all orders having profit immediately with only ONE CLICK, its work is very fast. You can choose which symbol you want or close all symbols so it will helpful for you in your trading to manage trading faster. This EA can quick close all Buy and Sell Orders by a selected symbol or total. This SymbolButton is designed for closing orders. There is available Manual and Automatic closing functions. Automatic closing function will close the orders according the paramet
30 USD
CCI Dashboard for MT4
Taras Slobodyanik
5 (3)
Multicurrency and multitimeframe modification of the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator. You can specify any desired currencies and timeframes in the parameters. Also, the panel can send notifications when crossing overbought and oversold levels. By clicking on a cell with a period, this symbol and period will be opened. Parameters CCI Period — averaging period. CCI Applied price — price type. Clear the chart at startup — clear the chart at startup. Set of Pairs — set of symbols — Ma
30 USD
This product (later referred to as "script") is intended for qualitative analysis of raw data and statistics when choosing trading signals for subscription. The script also performs calculations regarding compatibility of quotes data between signal provider's trading server and subscriber's trading server. Possible discrepancies in values of quotes are determined through retroactive analysis of transactions carried out by the signal provider. If said compatibility percentage is less than 90%, th
35 USD
Account Risk Analyser, allows you to keep track of your account risk, risk exposure to individual pairs and risk on base currency pairs. Get notified when your risk on a base currency pair exceed a predetermined risk level. Get notified when your account exceed a predetermined risk level. Risk Analyser based on the NNFX methodology of not over leveraging on any base pairs. Parameter inputs Percentage risk trigger for Trade instruments Percentage risk trigger for Account Alerts Chart Alert Mail A
55 USD
Fox Scalper
Yaseen Al Hashem
5 (1)
This is a scalper EA based on ZigZag and Moving Average indicators that used martingale strategy for trading. You have full risk management This EA does many trades per day as its method is clear The EA can work with any brokers: STP/ECN The EA can work with any pairs (recommended GBPUSD) The EA can work with any timeframes Inputs Risk – choose your risk between high and low Pip set – d istance between two orders Take Profits - m odify take profit as pips Stop loss - m odify stop loss as pips
199 USD
Скрипт используется для сбора статистики по переходам цены между уровнями сетки, размер которой задается в настройках (смотрите индикатор Transitions between levels ). Данные записываются в CSV файл. Есть два режима сбора статистики: SeparateTransition - учитывается каждый отдельный переход (смотрите скриншот 2). Время перехода - время, когда цена коснулась нового уровня. Accumulation - в файл записывается количество однонаправленных переходов  (смотрите скриншот 4). Например, -7 - семь пеерех
30 USD
Script to calculate equity and balance at a specific date and time.  This script makes up for a lack of MetaTrader account history, that does not show how the balance and equity changes in time. Balance calculation includes closed orders only. Equity calculation includes orders closed before and orders that are still open at the specified time. Example: date and time set to 2020/07/06 00:00. If I had a Buy 1 lot EURUSD position opened at price 1.12470 on the 2020/07/02, the program woul
This is a free version of our Great tool with limited functions. The ChartChanger is a great utility tool to reduce the number of open charts on your terminal. There is three section to it: Symbols, Time frames and Templates. You need only one chart to be open and still you can scroll up to multiple ones. Symbols: With the push of a button you can change from one symbol to another, and your applied indicators will stay on the next chart. For the symbols there is an auto detection mode, or you ca
My Trades in Pips
Bernhard Schweigert
4.65 (20)
A trading tool you do not want to miss. The indicator displays all trades/deals in the chart with the symbol it is attached to. It prints the number of pips in profit or loss. By choice it prints a vertical line through sub-windows for better analysis. Check also the PRO-version here:  My Trade History PRO As well it adds the information about the total result of trades in the deposit currency and the total pips. You can choose to show only the trades of the day or to show only trades within a n
RedFox Copier Pro
Rui Manh Tien
5 (3)
Now price is 149$. First 10 copy for this price .  Final price $449 Time saving and fast execution Whether you’re traveling or sleeping, always know that Telegram To Mt4 performs the trades for you. In other words, Our   Telegram MT4 Signal Trader  will analyze the trading signals you receive on your selected Telegram channels and execute them to your Telegram to MT4 account. Reduce The Risk Telegram To Mt4   defines the whole experience of copying signals from   Telegram signal copier
149 USD
Account Summary
Ziheng Zhuang
5 (1)
This is a MetaTrader 4 script. It helps to summarize all trades into every symbol. Input Select Period: This is 7-option input. It includes Last Month, This Month, Last Week, This Week, Today, All History, and Date Specified. Specify Starting Date: Enter a date if you selected Date Specified in "Select Period" input. Specify Ending Date: Enter a date if you selected Date Specified in "Select Period" input. The summary is saved into a file in MQL4\Files folder. Also, there is pop-up window for
One Click Trader is a tool designed for MetaTrader 4 platform, which enables you to take your trading to the next level. It enables you to open, manage and close your trades in simple an efficient way by just one click of your mouse button. Up arrow minimizes the OCT panel Down arrow maximizes the OCT panel Right arrow displays the next panel with additional features Left arrow hides the panel with additional features Red SELL button enables you to open short market orders Red SELL STOP button e
50 USD
Guard channel
Alexandr Gershkevich
This is a semi-automatic Expert Advisor. A user draws a support or a resistance line in the form of a horizontal line or a trendline on a chart. A command in the format of UP|DN_xxxx:yyyy is specified in the line name; the Expert Advisor understands it as a signal to buy or sell setting a stop loss and a take profit. EA settings include a parameter with a lot size and a value for moving stop loss to breakeven. If stop loss = 0, the EA does not use breakeven. If this parameter is greater than zer
30 USD
Aleksej Shcherbak
The program is designed for copying your successful orders. The price is often fluctuates within a channel. But there is no time to monitor the terminal and place the next orders, especially if it happens at night. Place an order, when it closed with profit, the program repeats your order as a pending limit order. This will continue until the order closes with a loss, or the price goes too far away and the pending order will not trigger. An offset is provided for inclined channels. The order wil
30 USD
Profit Loss Symbols Dashboard Dashboard displays all manually entered pairs in settings and shows their profit loss information. One click to navigate between all pairs on one chart. Dashboard can be hide or displayed. Green Colour: Symbol(s) in Profit Red Colour: Symbol(s) in Loss Blue Colour: Current Chart Yellow Colour: Timeframe Selected TRY HAWA GOLD WITH 80% WIN RATE MT4 VERSION: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58832 MT5 VERSIION: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/59276 Pl
PivotSmoothed  indicator can display the multi air boundary and the first support pressure level of the day (which can be adjusted by modifying the parameters). It can clearly see whether the current trend or shock is. It can adjust the parameters to obtain different levels of support pressure level, and it can also adjust the smoothing days to obtain a more stable trend description. This index can provide good horizontal reference and trend suggestions for friends who trade in the day, and can
50 USD
Excel to Orders
Volkan Yurci
4.25 (4)
Why do you need this script? If you have lots of analyzed orders in Excel where need to be placed on MT4 , this script will be very handy and time saver for you. All your orders are processed in seconds and the your order's results are written to an output file. Please also see my other product's video.     Send Orders from Excel to Metatrader with Zero Latency How it works? 1. Prepare  .xls file and save it as ...MQL4\Files\Excel_to_Orders.csv Input csv structure: Ref no (string) [ free forma
Waddah Attar Easy Positions Risk Management This EA gives you a full ability to close one position or close all positions . Close buy or sell trades in any position . Close profit or loss position . by clicking on a command button on the chart with confirmation message . Show you  a full information about your positions like : count - lots - average price - points - profit -  profit % - used margin for this position and the risk percent . and also the scrolled table of trades that position ha
30 USD
Pips Calculator
Ezinne Judith Orji
A simple Utility Trading Tool for calculating your profits automatically. once your  orders are active, it calculates your profit or loss in pips value and displays it at the bottom right corner of the screen. ADVANTAGES - shows order movement graphically - Helps you calculate profit and loss percentages per trade in each asset. - Shows progress of each trade - Easy trading  - Helps you meet daily profit targets - Professional trading
Telegram ChartSnap is an utility tool to bridge your MetaTrader 4 activities to your Telegram chat/group/channel. It will screen shot your MetaTrader 4 chart and send it to your dedicated Telegram chat/group/channel through a Telegram bot. The whole process will keep repeating based on a time cycle that predetermined by the user. It is a convenient tool for those who like to get access to their favorite system/dashboard that only available at MetaTrader Desktop. Beside that, trader can easily
250 USD
Hello Traders! Version 3.0 of the script has been released!  What's new?  Thanks to your suggestions I have inserted these changes to the tool: 1 - Data input are now date picker, it will be easier and faster to set the data export period; 2 - A message box will check that there is not a file with the same name in your folder; 3 - Error message to check that data insert are correct. If you like this product, take a look to the FULL INTERFACE!   MT4 To Excel Interface This script is a very use
35 USD
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Mentfx Mmanage
Anton Jere Calmes
5 (8)
Drag and Drop Trade Manager. Draw your entry and have the tool calculate the rest. Advanced targeting and close portions of a trade directly available in tool (manage trades while you sleep). Market order or limit order on either side with factored spread. Just draw the entry, the tool does the rest. Hotkey setup to make it simple. Draw where you want to enter, and the stop loss, the tool calculates all necessary risk with your desired % risk. Check out the video for a breakdown of how it looks
300 USD
The product will copy all telegram signal to MT4   ( which you are member  ) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up. Work with almost signal formats. Work with all type of channel or group, even channel have "Restrict Saving Content". Work with multi channel, multi MT4. Work with Image signal. Copy order instant, auto detect symbol. Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. How to setup and guide: Let read all details about setu
189 USD
News Trade EA MT4
Konstantin Kulikov
5 (5)
Apresento um robô útil que eu mesmo uso há vários anos. Pode ser usado nos modos semiautomático e totalmente automático. O programa contém configurações flexíveis para negociação nas notícias do calendário econômico. Não pode ser verificado no testador de estratégia. Somente trabalho real. Nas configurações do terminal, você precisa adicionar o site de notícias à lista de URLs permitidos. Clique em Serviço > Opções > Conselheiros. Marque com V a caixa "Permitir WebRequest para os seguintes UR
150 USD
Telegram MT4 Signal Trader é um EA que ajuda você a negociar sinais recebidos por meio de canais, grupos e bate-papos do Telegram. Você nem precisa ser o dono dos canais. Se você pode ler os textos de sinal em sua conta do Telegram, você pode negociar todos eles. O EA precisa de uma ferramenta gratuita incrível - o aplicativo Telegram Reader que ajuda a ler textos de sinais de canais, grupos e bate-papos privados do Telegram por meio da API do Telegram. COMO CONFIGURAR Leia o guia do usuá
199 USD
STRUMENTO PODEROSO DA ATENÇÃO!!! Se está aqui, é porque está curioso sobre a ferramenta Forex. A ferramenta baseia-se nessun movimento reale per il mercato Forex, utilizzando calcoli matematici reais com base na variação percentual. Porque Forex e matematica. OK, quer uma prova. CONTATTATORE-ME.  A matemática não é uma opinião. Un'esecuzione dello strumento Forex può essere utilizzata come base per la connessione matematica che esiste tra i vari modelli. Saberá anticipatamente n
2 350 USD
Recover Trader
Antonis Michos
4.2 (5)
Telegram group here Total Upgrade of the product at 14 / 03 / 2022 Welcome. Important to know: In testing mode ,the EA EA will keep opening Buy testing orders and recovering.It will not stop. Two ways of recovering. 1.Full auto: Attach the EA in the chart you want to recover. Set the money value ( always a negative value ) you want the EA to start recovering. The EA will open the first recovery trade only after the conditions of the indicators that are used ,met. Set the lot size yo
197 USD
Promining digital ea
Rene Taborete Repunte
5 (2)
PROMINING EA+Ai é um sistema de negociação algorítmico totalmente automatizado mais eficaz em pares XAUUSD GOLD. O sistema usa o gráfico de vários prazos para negociar, o EA segue a tendência simultaneamente. É um scalper muito rápido que é muito ativo com negociações. É especialmente projetado para negociar em pares XAUUSD. Junte-se ao nosso grupo MQL5 no qual compartilhamos novo arquivo de conjunto, atualização e atualizações. Quando você compra o robô Promining EA + Ai, você pode participa
600 USD
TradeMirror is a trade copier EA for MT4/MT5 platform. Why TradeMirror We understand the importance of security, stability and privacy for financial software, so we've gone the extra mile to harden these three elements in detail: Provides a user-friendly graphical interface that is easy to operate Focus on privacy and security, suitable for various financial scenarios with privacy requirements for order distribution Precise replication of orders, millisecond distribution Support full platform,
2 000 USD
FTMO Protector 3
Dmytro Kolesnyk
5 (1)
PROTECT YOUR FTMO Account in a simplest way Must-Have Account Protector for any Prop-trading Account and Challenge MT4 Expert Advisor that protects your Forex Prop Trading account from an unexpected drawdown! FTMO Protector  is a MetaTrader Expert Advisor that lets you manage trades and control your profit and loss across multiple Robots and currency pairs using a simple parameters and settings. Use as many EAs and Instruments you need, the Protector will: 1.   Calculate your midnight E
700 USD
Supply and Demand Dashboard Supply and Demand Dashboard is a forex system that can help you generate lucrative profits from forex easily without having to work hard to learn forex knowledge because this Dashboard is complete with all the needs and functions that are sophisticated and effective for a forex trader. This system is made based on Supply and Demand techniques to measure Market Direction (trend) more accurately than using indicators such as Moving Average, MACD, trendline and so
300 USD
News Trader Pro
Vu Trung Kien
4.33 (15)
News Trader Pro é um robô único que permite a negociação com notícias pela sua estratégia pré-definida. Ele carrega pedaços de notícias de vários sites populares de Forex. Você pode escolher qualquer notícia e programar a estratégia para negociar, então o News Trader Pro vai operar com essa notícia através de uma estratégia selecionada automaticamente quando a notícia for publicada. As notícias dão a oportunidade de ter pips desde que o preço tenha um grande movimento com a publicação. Agora, co
299 USD
EA for Cycle Sniper Indicator This utility is designed to open/close auto trades according to the Cyle Sniper indicator's signals. Different entry rules  with various stop loss, take profit options can be applied. You will find the details in this blogpost.  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/749655 Some important issues are explained in the video. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. IMPORTANT NOTE: You can not test the full functions of the EA on the strategy t
399 USD
MT4 Strategy Builder
Jacobus Van Schoor
4.21 (14)
O MT4 Strategy Builder ('StratBuilder') é um utilitário de gerenciamento de ordens de negociação em grade que roda na plataforma MT4. Este produto agora também está disponível na plataforma MT5: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/68858 É fortemente sugerido que um servidor virtual privado (VPS) seja alugado do MQL5 e que a configuração no computador do comerciante seja migrada para o VPS, para permitir que o StratBuilder funcione 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana. O conceito único do Strat
340 USD
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal
299 USD
Uma estratégia de arbitragem triangular explora ineficiências entre três pares de moedas relacionados, colocando transações de compensação que se cancelam para obter um lucro líquido quando a ineficiência é resolvida. Uma transação envolve três negociações, trocando a moeda inicial por uma segunda, a segunda moeda por uma terceira e a terceira moeda pela inicial. Com a terceira negociação, o arbitrador obtém um lucro de risco zero da discrepância que existe quando a taxa de câmbio cruzada do mer
299 USD
Corporate Report
Pavel Verveyko
5 (1)
The script displays info about the share's corporate reports and dividends. The data is downloaded from   investing.com : Report date Profit per share (EPS) Revenue Market capitalization Amount of dividends Date of payment of dividends Dividend income The product cannot be tested in the tester (since it is not possible to receive data from the Internet). Before launching:  Add 2   URL   https://ru.investing.com/earnings-calendar/Service/getCalendarFilteredData  and   https://ru.investing.com/
275 USD
This is a visual strategy builder . The way it is supposed to be. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing a single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution , strategy tester and cloud optimization . More information about the product, including some real life EAs creation examples can be found in the article: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/4951 Mission A
199 USD
Currencies Cleaner panel will give you an overview of all the most traded market's currencies in a single click. First of all the panel will refresh all your charts, opening them four times in all timeframes needed. 1 - CURRENCIES It uses a complex algorithm to study the movement of 17 different indicators. It means that the algorithm not only "reads" the actual value of an indicator, but also creates a probability of success using the position of this value on the indicator and the last movem
199.99 USD
Sergey Malysh
5 (1)
Uma série de produtos sob marca FiboPlusWave Um sistema comercial pronto baseado nas  ondas de Elliott e níveis de Fibonacci . Simples e de fácil acesso. Exibição de marcação das ondas de Elliott (opção geral ou alternativa) em um gráfico. Construção dos níveis horizontais, linhas de apoio e resistência, canal. Sobreposição dos níveis de Fibonacci para as ondas 1, 3, 5, A Sistema de alerta (no ecrã, E-Mail, Push notificações).    Particularidade s : sem se aprofundar na teoria das ondas de Ellio
360 USD
The utility allows you to open, monitor and manage open positions on the forex market and only on instruments in which it is possible to create triangulations or those instruments that share the same currency in the numerator or denominator: ex: EURSUSD --- GBPUSD --- EURGBP The help of operational lines and valuable information on the panel allow the trader to manage trades more easily. Recommended for novice and experienced traders. External variables CrossSymbol = choose the cross on wh
550 USD
Virtual KillerTrade
Antonis Michos
5 (11)
Telegram group here Welcome. Virtual Killer Trade is an exceptional EA which : Guides you WHEN to open the FIRST trade. After that an intelligent system starts to manage that trade and you do not have to worry when to close it neither when you must open a second or third etc one !!! Attach the EA, wait for the signal,open the trade and then go to sleep !!! FOR more experienced traders,you do not have to wait for a signal.Open the first trade when you believe and then leave the r
197 USD
Strategy Builder offers an incredible amount of functionality. It combines a trade panel with configurable automation (covert indicators into an EA), real-time statistics (profit & draw down) plus automatic optimization of SL, TP/exit, trading hours, indicator inputs. Multiple indicators can be combined into an single alert/trade signal and can include custom indicators, even if just have ex4 file or purchased from Market. The system is easily configured via a CONFIG button and associated pop-up
199 USD
Este Painel também é um Expert Advisor com envio manual e automático de ordens. Essa foi a forma que eu encontrei de vencer o meu principal inimigo, a ansiedade. Não se iluda, estude, analise, adapte esse método ao seu estilo próprio, entenda, sinta o mercado antes de tomar qualquer decisão. Aqui, em muitas das vezes, não fazer nada, também é uma estratégia. Além do modo manual, semiautomático e automático de operar, nós veremos quase 300 robôs que varrem o mercado 24h por dia incansavelmente.
250 USD
O preço de parada de lucro e o preço de parada de perda manual são definidos para cada ordem. Função de ordem Selecione 2 (comprar um lote de encomendas) ou 3 (vender um lote de encomendas) Primeiro preço: o preço da primeira ordem de um grupo de ordens Quantidade total: a quantidade total de todas as ordens em um grupo de ordens Ponto de parada de lucro: a definição de preço de parada de lucro de cada ordem Intervalo de preço: o intervalo de preço de cada duas ordens de um grup
619 USD
Live Forex Signals é projetado para negociação em sinais do site   https://live-forex-signals.com/en   e   https://foresignal.com/en . Parâmetro Nome de usuário e senha se você tiver uma assinatura para sites live-forex-signals.com/foresignal.com. então você deve preencher esses parâmetros com suas credenciais; se não houver assinatura, deixe os campos em branco; TimeOffsetInMinute    deslocamento do tempo de negociação em minutos, o parâmetro padrão é adequado para a maioria dos corretores; Co
200 USD
Latency arbitrage is a trading strategy that allows traders to make instant profits by acting fast on opportunities presented by pricing inefficiencies between two or more brokers: it entails trading against a lagging broker knowing the future price in advance, received from other price feed, fractions of a second earlier. These inefficiencies can be caused by liquidity providers or network issues on the broker's side. Under ideal trading conditions, latency arbitrage is a zero-risk strategy tha
499 USD
Semi Automated EA for working as your trading assistant. Overview Trading planner will make you act like professional traders in real markets. Before entering markets, they make a plan for their trades, screening out all opportunities in all time frames. Trading Planner can be used for all Time Frames (M1 ~ MN). Simply draw trendline as a trend and Support/Resistance . At this version , market opportunities will be taken by trendline using strategy of 1, 2, 3 . Simply draw the trendline by defin
176 USD
The product combines a manual trade panel with the ability to perform actions automatically in a highly configurable way. Actions include capturing indicator values and then based on those values raising alerts, open/close or partially close trades, scale-in, setting up pending orders, adjusting stop loss, take profit and more. On-chart controls can be configured, such as tick boxes and buttons, so can be fully interactive. The EA also handles money management, news events, hidden stop loss, tak
159 USD
The  Easy Strategy Builder (ESB)  is a " Do It Yourself " solution that allows you to create a wide range of the automated trading strategies without any line of codes. This is the world’s easiest method to automate your strategies that can be used in STP, ECN and FIFO brokers. No drag and drop is needed. Just by set conditions of your trading strategy and change settings on desired values and let it work in your account. ESB has hundreds of modules to define unlimited possibilities of strategi
199 USD
This means now you can trade on multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts simultaneously, mirror the trades of any trading bot to your friends and family accounts (even if it is locked to your MT4 account number), create investment portfolios of many MT4 accounts, remove risk of unregulated Forex brokers, turn losing trading strategy into a winner and become an independent account manager immediately without the need to sign any contracts or opening expensive PAMM accounts with the broker. Reverse Trading
150 USD
Mais do autor
Telegram MT4 Signal Trader é um EA que ajuda você a negociar sinais recebidos por meio de canais, grupos e bate-papos do Telegram. Você nem precisa ser o dono dos canais. Se você pode ler os textos de sinal em sua conta do Telegram, você pode negociar todos eles. O EA precisa de uma ferramenta gratuita incrível - o aplicativo Telegram Reader que ajuda a ler textos de sinais de canais, grupos e bate-papos privados do Telegram por meio da API do Telegram. COMO CONFIGURAR Leia o guia do usuá
199 USD
!!! EARLY BIRD STAGE WITH SALE OFF 50% !!! BLACK FRIDAY, THE PRICE BECOMES 49 USD, LET BUY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE MT4 Alert Signal Trader   is an EA that helps you trade MT4 Alert popup. Some indicators can provide signals by showing an alert popup containing signal texts. This EA will read and trade these signal texts. The alert texts should contain at least 2 elements:  (1) a symbol text   (ex: "EURUSD") and  (2) a command type   (ex: "Buy", "Sell", "Close") that trigger EA's trading activitie
49 USD
MT4 Alert Sender is a free ea tool that help you send the alert messengers in MT4 program for many different purpose with ease. Very simple and effective, you only need to input the alert content in a input box, then click a "Send Alert" button. The EA will send alert message. An alert pop-up shows your content in a new window pop-up. You can combine of using MT4 Alert Sender EA with any other tools out there for your need. Thanks for your trust in my product.
MT4 Auto Break Even is a small tools help automatically move orders' stop loss to order's open price (entry price). This action is called as move stop loss to break-even, help you secure your profit when the market price goes to the right direction. This tool is very easy to use, only attach it on any chart and it will do the work. SOME PARAMETERS: Debug mode: Run the EA on debug mode will enable it showing alert that tell you what the EA is doing. Auto break even: Default is "true" . It means
30 USD
MT4 Auto Trade Management Pro is an EA help you manage all open orders in MT4 platform. This tool help you get more advantages when you trade by manually or by other EA. FEATURES:   A lot of functions Auto Close all Opposite Orders Auto Close all Orders: By total win/loss. By time Auto Close all Buy/Sell Orders of all Symbols: By total win/loss Auto Close an Order: By win/loss Auto Close Partially an Order: After reaching pip value or reward/risk ratio Auto Break-Even: After reaching pips o
99 USD
KMBC Trader MT4
Nguyen Van Anh
INTRODUCTION KMBC Trader EA is based on 4 famous indicators that can help you get an annual profit of over 90% in the last 14 years. Focusing on long-term trading strategies may potentially help your account growing year by year. INDICATORS The 4 famous indicator is: Keltner Channel Moving Average Bollinger Bands Cumulative Sum FEATURES Built-in trade management Indicator parameter customization HOW TO SET UP Symbol:   EURUSD ( specialize  in EURUSD) Timeframe:  D 1 Lot:  Amount for a new
199 USD
Nguyen Van Anh
"ONE SHOT, ONE KILL" - Trade like a Pro SNIPER . The best EA for anyone who loves the ACCURACY, PATIENCE, PERFECTION. The EA works like a sniper who hidden and waits until the best chance coming. So that, it only places about one order per month on average. While waiting, it takes time to analyze the market to find a unique pattern with the highest win rate (you can see it takes time in the backtesting). - This EA isn't suited for people who want to trade a lot of orders per day, trade every day
30 USD
Dow Jones Top Bottom Trader EA5 has its own unique Breakout strategy . It BUYs when the price is near the top and it  SELLs near the bottom of the previous bar. It uses 2 MACD indicators with the completed different settings to define trend and effectively filter wrong signals. EASY SETUP Symbol: US30 (Dow Jones) Timeframe: H1 Minimum Deposit:  10000 USD for amount 1 lot, 1000 USD for amount 0.1 lot, 100 USD for amount 0.01 lot Setting: Use default setting. SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE Test befo
30 USD
KMBC Trader MT5
Nguyen Van Anh
INTRODUCTION KMBC Trader EA is based on 4 famous indicators that can help you get an annual profit of over 90% in the last 14 years. Focusing on long-term trading strategies may potentially help your account growing year by year. INDICATORS The 4 famous indicator is: Keltner Channel Moving Average Bollinger Bands Cumulative Sum FEATURES Built-in trade management Indicator parameter customization HOW TO SET UP Symbol:   EURUSD ( specialize  in EURUSD) Timeframe:  D 1 Lot:  Amount for a new
199 USD
Lingesh Sathasivam
Lingesh Sathasivam 2021.07.20 20:24 

Awesome tool. I love it. By having few more features, this product can lead other telegram signal provides.

fxbfdr 2020.12.18 06:55 

I have been using his signal provider for a month now and his Signal Provider works wonders for me. It takes just a bit of time to be familiar with it but once you do, it's easy. His EA delivers right on time. When I have any questions, he usually replies to me within a day. He listens to my issues and attends to them appropriately. I have a list of service providers to try just in case they do not deliver. But I'm very glad that I tried his first product first because of that my search for a good service provider ends with him. His product and support deserve a 5 star.

Zack van Zyl
Zack van Zyl 2020.10.20 02:37 

Fantastic EA, works great. Never skips a beat. Also Nguyen's support is fantastic. Takes your request into consideration and implements it! Thank you for a great product.

Slavko Hohos
Slavko Hohos 2020.09.28 18:32 

This is really one of the best and most professional programmers. I have been using EA for a month now and with Nguyen Van Anh professional support I am very happy with the product. It’s never hard for him to respond to a message and help with setup. Big THANKS

Jahdee Dowdie
Jahdee Dowdie 2020.08.13 19:17 

The product is amazing! nd is very flexible!! on top of that if you need help Nguyen helps way more than i expected from this site tbh updates are good and communication is the best Worth it! Replys daily if not way sooner

Phan Thanh Phung
Phan Thanh Phung 2020.08.05 07:51 

very good and fast support.

ForexLove 2020.07.18 22:48 

great software with a lot of good features, TOP customize Settings I really compliment the work done on this EA, Thank you

STEFANO LEONARDI 2020.07.08 12:16 

excellent product, excellent support

Le Viet Long Tran
Le Viet Long Tran 2020.06.17 08:44 

Excellent product! I had plenty of issues and difficulties but the author patiently responded and solved all of them. Now the App works perfect for my signal channel on Telegram! Highly recommended.

Daniel1988nrw 2020.06.04 16:26 

bad support (late replys) very complicate EA Finally it didnt works for me.

Achmad Bimo Singo Wijoyo
Achmad Bimo Singo Wijoyo 2020.05.11 09:44 

I am a user of this EA for a long time, when I experienced problems developers responded very well. If there is a 10 star review I will give 10 stars. But a maximum of only 5 stars and I give 5 stars to developers. VERY GREAT !!!

Narif Rahmat Santosa
Narif Rahmat Santosa 2020.05.07 21:53 

Its great product and great support from developer. Once I have idea to add some features, the developer created it. Highly recommend to used this EA to run telegram signal. Thank you Bro Nguyen!

trendtradingdna 2020.04.30 19:16 

I have rented the EA installed and everything worked in the beginning then one day it is working and the following day it is not working. I have sent messages to the product maker and error logs but he doesn’t bother to answer in a timely manner and to solve the obvious problem and not working product at all. Don’t buy it

QuachGia 2020.04.18 04:19 

I tried many MT4 Telegram Signal, but this EA is really good. Many functions and seller have a fast response. I hope he will update more new functions in the future. Thank you.

Vijaya Kumar Hegde
Vijaya Kumar Hegde 2020.02.13 16:59 

Good product and great support from Mr Nguyen. He cleared all doubts with lot of patience. Thank you

Minh Tam Nguyen
Minh Tam Nguyen 2020.01.07 12:19 

Good EA with awesome supporter!

Luiz Moura
Luiz Moura 2019.11.21 21:38 

Excellent product.

The developer is a very considerate person.

Resolved the issues I reported to him.

Highly recommend the product.

Finfree 2019.09.18 04:11 

Consistently missing out trades in the daily report (especially the loss one), which makes it an inaccurate report. I am not sure if other users have the same problem as mine.

Andrea Lanza
Andrea Lanza 2019.08.21 21:38 

Professional software with very good and fast support.

Mr. Nguyen solved my problems in less than 24 hours.

Thank you.

comenoill204 2019.07.16 05:19 

Amazing EA ... plus Good Support...

highly recommend if you wanna run telegram forex signal service

Cinzia Focarelli
Cinzia Focarelli 2019.06.22 10:54 

I really compliment the work done on this EA with the latest update is really the TOP.

Nguyen Van Anh is always available on any questions even the trivial ones. Thanks for support. I ask as a support for everyone to put a guide in pdf with the detailed explanation on the properties of the EA to use it to 100% of its potential.

Thank you

Nindya Pradiana
Nindya Pradiana 2019.06.14 05:03 

Thats Amazing Utilities!

Very fast respon from Nguyen if i have problem.

Hope you can create more Utilities again!

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Versão 10.17 2021.12.27
- Add Take profit 1, 2, 3 set up
- Add Pip unit customize __10
Versão 10.16 2021.11.03
Fix bug on sending screenshots based on comment
Versão 10.15 2021.10.04
- Fix a daily report sending on time bug.
Versão 10.14 2021.09.07
- Add "Only Send Orders having Stop loss value" parameter
- Add "Only Send Orders having Take profit value" parameter
Versão 10.13 2021.08.23
- Add "Seconds to send a signal (second)" parameter: This function helps delay sending signals to Telegram, prevent you signals are blocked by Telegram server because of sending message too fast.
Versão 10.12 2021.08.07
- Fix minor bug in "sending the report via chatting with the bot" function.
Versão 10.11 2021.08.03
- Add parameter {R:R} that show Risk/Reward ratio
- Add parameters {OpenText3}, {OpenText4}
Versão 10.10 2021.08.03
- Add variables {Dday}, {DHour}, {DMinute}, {DSecond} to show duration time of close orders.
Versão 10.9 2021.07.14
- Add parameter "Send Daily Profit Reports on Sunday": Now the users can turn on/off the sending daily report on Sunday.
Versão 10.8 2021.07.11
- Add parameter "Chart Caption": The users can write caption for chart in sending chart screenshot mode.
Versão 10.7 2021.06.07
Improve code.
Versão 10.6 2021.06.07
Fix minor bug.
Versão 10.5 2021.06.05
-Improve logic
Versão 10.4 2021.05.30
- Fix bug of sending wrong screenshot for closed order in magic number mode.
Versão 10.3 2021.05.08
- Fix minor bug.
Versão 10.2 2021.05.08
- Add Send ChartScreenShot mode: Base on Magic Number in order 1;2;3... (Best for Auto Trading): Now you can set up easier for sending chart screenshot base on magic number in order. Only open new chart in order, attack your EAs on them, and set magic number value in order 1;2;3... for each chart from first to final. The EA will send the screenshot of the first chart if magic number of the order as 1, of the second chart if magic number of the order as 2...
Versão 10.1 2021.04.05
- No show pip values when stop loss price = 0 or/and take profit price = 0.
- Fix minor bugs.
Versão 10.0 2021.04.05
- Add "Win Rate Simulation" function: Help show a random number in a defined range for win rate and loss rate.
Versão 9.25 2021.03.19
- Add parameter "Send Market Orders": Now you can turn off the signal sending function, and only send reports.
Versão 9.24 2021.03.11
- Fix {br} bug in open order events.
Versão 9.23 2021.03.08
- Add "Modify Symbol Name" function, help you remove prefix & suffix in symbol name when you deliver signal to your clients.
Versão 9.22 2021.01.12
- Variable {PercentageProfit} can be used in body part of daily & weekly report.
Versão 9.21 2020.12.18
- Add variables {OldOpenPrice}, {OldStopLoss}, {OldTakeProfit} so that you can use them to show old values of modified orders in signal.
Versão 9.20 2020.12.14
- Change logic for showing pip profit for SL & TP.
- Support full emojis on browser.
- Add variables {PercentageProfit} & {TotalPercentageProfit} for showing % profit in close signals and reports.
Versão 9.19 2020.10.23
Add a GUI panel: Help you easily send Running Orders report, Daily report, Weekly report right in MT4 program.
Now you can send reports by 3 methods: Automatically send report by set up time, manually send report by chat with the bot via telegram, manually send report by click a send button on the GUI in MT4 program.
Versão 9.18 2020.10.20
Auto split long reports to send by multi messages. Now you can send the very long reports.
Versão 9.17 2020.10.19
Add filter function: List cancelled orders in reports. Default is "true", set it as "false" if you don't want to list the cancelled orders in the daily reports and weekly reports, that make the reports be long.
Versão 9.16 2020.09.28
Fix problem of sending the too long reports that cause the EA hangs.
Versão 9.15 2020.08.16
Fix bugs in Daily & Weekly Report Sending function that causes sending unlimited reports.
Versão 9.14 2020.08.15
Add parameter "Telegram Chat ID Numbers": Help authenticate bot owners/managers. Only the owner/managers of the bot can give orders to the bot now.
Versão 9.13 2020.05.20
Fix wrong detecting of closed order.
Versão 9.12 2020.05.19
- Improve program code, the EA runs faster and more stable.
- The EA can detect and show new price value, take profit value, stop-loss value at the same time in modified orders.
Versão 9.11 2020.05.19
EA will not send signals of the orders older than 10 minutes compared to the current time
Versão 9.10 2020.05.14
Fix bugs for variable {CDay}, {CMonth}, {CYear}.
Versão 9.9 2020.05.13
- Fix some mirror bugs.
- Improve the code.
- Add variable {CurrentTime} that return time value format yyyy.mm.dd hh:mm:ss of computer running MT4 program.
Versão 9.8 2020.05.11
- Support up to 200 open orders in the MT4 program.
Versão 9.7 2020.05.11
Fix "out of array range" error.
Versão 9.6 2020.05.06
- Fix Daily Profit Report & Weekly Profit Report issues: the EA sometimes doesn't send Reports at the weekend.
- Add the function of Sending Reports (Running, Daily, Weekly Profit reports) by manual.
- Add the function of Sending Chart Screenshot base on Symbol Name by manual.
***Chat with the bot "/start" or "/help" for more details.
Versão 9.5 2020.05.01
Fix zero divide error.
Versão 9.4 2020.04.27
- Fix Magic Number Filter issue
Versão 9.3 2020.04.15
- Add variable {StopLossPip}: Return difference pip value between stop loss & entry price.
- Add variable {TakeProfitPip}: Return difference pip value between take profit & entry price.
Versão 9.2 2020.04.14
- Support format text showing on Telegram. The following tags are currently supported by Telegram:

<b>bold</b>, <strong>bold</strong>
<i>italic</i>, <em>italic</em>
<u>underline</u>, <ins>underline</ins>
<s>strikethrough</s>, <strike>strikethrough</strike>, <del>strikethrough</del>
<b>bold <i>italic bold <s>italic bold strikethrough</s> <u>underline italic bold</u></i> bold</b>
<a href="/go?link=http://www.example.com/" target="_blank" title="http://www.example.com/" rel="nofollow">inline URL</a>
<a href="/go?link=tg://user/?id=123456789" target="_blank" title="tg://user/?id=123456789" rel="nofollow">inline mention of a user</a>
<code>inline fixed-width code</code>
<pre>pre-formatted fixed-width code block</pre>
<pre><code class="language-python">pre-formatted fixed-width code block written in the Python programming language</code></pre>
Versão 9.1 2020.02.26
Fix error "cannot set timer".
Versão 9.0 2020.01.04
* Notice: The setting files for version 8.x aren't compatible with version 9.x with a BIG changes
* Update in new version 9.0:
- Many codes are improved.
- Define the variable texts and it's return value by your text.
Example 1, {Symbol} will return the symbol name of order as a default setting. Now you can change the text "{Symbol}" to "{Sym}" in the setting, then the "{Sym}" variable will return the symbol name of order.
Example 2, "{OpenText1};OPENED" in the setting means: When an order is opened, the variable "{OpenText1}" will be generated and it will return value "OPENED". If you change it to "{OText};OPEN" for example, then when an order is opened, the variable "{OText} will be generated, and it will return value "OPEN"
- Send Running Order Report of all symbols or a symbol
- Chat with Bot to send Running Order Report (type "/help" in the chat to know this function).
Versão 8.16 2019.12.15
Add variables:
- {Swap}: Returns swap of the order in the currency.
- {TotalSwap}: Returns total commission of the orders in currency.

Modify the variables' values:
- {CurrencyRealProfit}: Returns a real profit with the commission and swap subtraction.
- {TotalCurrencyRealProfit}: Return a total real profit with the commission and swap subtraction.

{CurrencyRealProfit} variable is used for close order signal text in the default setting.
{TotalCurrencyRealProfit} variables are used for daily & weekly reports in the default setting.
Versão 8.15 2019.12.12
Fix error of showing variable {CurrencyRealProfit} for Closed Orders.
Versão 8.14 2019.12.08
Remove the parameter "Currency Profit with Commission Subtraction".
Add variables:
- {Commission} Returns commission of the order in currency
- {TotalCommission} Return total commission of the orders in currency
- {CurrencyRealProfit} Returns real profit with commission subtraction
- {TotalCurrencyRealProfit} Return total real profit with commission subtraction
Fix bug making miss out trades in the reports.
Versão 8.13 2019.12.08
Add a parameter "Currency Profit with Commission Subtraction": Now you can calculate Total Currency Profit with Commission Subtraction by setting this parameter to "true". The default setting is "false", it means the Total Currency Profit will be calculated without Commission Subtraction.
Versão 8.12 2019.11.25
- Add parameter "Send Daily Reports on Monday": Now you can choose for sending daily reports on Monday or not.
- Improve code for sending Daily Reports and Weekly Reports.
- Update some other minor issues.
Versão 8.11 2019.10.30
Add variable {CloseLots%}, now you can use this variable to show the percentage of closed lots.
Versão 8.10 2019.09.24
Fix an error in daily report.
Versão 8.9 2019.08.21
- Add parameter "Send Pending Orders": Now you can turn off the function of sending signals of Pending Orders. It is useful when you have the systems that place and change pending orders a lot, and you don't want to bother your clients by only sending the signals when the orders are triggered.

- Add parameter "Send Modified Orders": Now you can turn off the function of sending signals of Modified Orders. It is useful when you have the systems that change the SL and TP a lot, and you don't want to bother your clients by only sending the signals when the orders are closed (by SL, TP or manual).
Versão 8.8 2019.07.26
Fix error in returning {PipProfit} value in Daily and Monthly reports.
Versão 8.7 2019.05.24
Remove "Summary Profit Unit" parameter. Improve Daily and Weekly report appearance.
Versão 8.6 2019.05.19
Fix some bugs in daily & weekly reports.
Versão 8.5 2019.05.08
- Add Report Structure function: Now you can almost fully customize your Daily Report and Weekly Report.
Versão 8.4 2019.05.06
Improve the code and fix bugs
Versão 8.3 2019.04.30
Improve the code and fix bugs
Versão 8.2 2019.04.29
Improve the code and fix bugs.
Versão 8.1 2019.04.24
Fix some bugs.
Versão 8.0 2019.04.16
- Improve coding: The EA can catch many order events faster
- Add Cancel Order Event: The EA can detect the Cancel Orders
- Add Some Send Screenshot functions: The users can send Screenshot easier.
Versão 7.4 2019.04.02
- Fix error in Daily and Weekly Reports.
Versão 7.3 2019.03.27
- Add "Pip Unit Customize" function: By default, the Pip unit is the number beside the last digit number. But now you can customize the Pip unit for any symbol through "Pip Unit Customize".
Versão 7.2 2019.03.25
- Add Send Chart Screenshot base on Magic Number function: Now you can easily send the chart screenshots base on Order MagicNumber. This function is best for Autotrading, MT4 Signal Provider will send the chart screenshot where your EAs were attached.
- Fix some errors: Optimize the appearances of Daily, Weekly reports and of order prices (open, close, stop loss, take profit, modify).
Versão 7.1 2019.03.21
- Fix the sending text without screenshot error.
Versão 7.0 2019.03.21
Version 7.0
- Add Signal structure function: Now you can almost fully customize your signals. Example: Add pre-text, post-text, emojis, replace the hard code text in the signals.
- Add the time offset parameters: You can modify the order time information in your signal to your local time. You can set the EA working time to your local time instead of the MT4 computer time (when you use a VPS in a different timezone).
- Add Daily report parameter: You can send a daily report
- Improve code: EA runs faster and more stable.

Version 6.0
- Send signals to many Telegram channels
- Send the signals to email, mobile terminal
- Customize chart screenshot resolution
- Apply template and timeframe base on comments (your strategies)
- Filter sending signals by order types (trigger or close)
- Filter sending signals by symbols, magic number, comments.
Versão 5.1 2019.01.30
Now, MT4 Telegram Signal Provider can check and send information of Opened, Closed, Trigger, and Modified orders.
Versão 5.0 2019.01.10
Add "Logo file name (*.bmp)" parameter: Now you can show a logo in your signal's chart image.
Your signals become more professional.
Versão 4.0 2018.11.28
1. You can check the EA in Testing mode.
2. EA scans new orders every X second (default is 5 second), not on ticks.
3. EA can send pending order signal now.
4. EA can send Weekly Report right after you setup it on chart.
5. EA can send Weekly Report on Saturday and Sunday.
Versão 3.1 2018.10.22
Fix error on weekly summary at pips setting.
Versão 3.0 2018.10.13
Add parameter: "Summary Profit Unit". Now you can show the profit unit in Weekly Signal Report by "Pips" or "Currency".
Versão 2.0 2018.10.08
Add "Signal Picture Timeframe" parameter: Now, you can set the timeframe of the signal picture you send to your channel.
Versão 1.1 2018.10.06
Remove Input Parameter: Channel Name