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The Fox

The Fox EA is a fully automated EA that works on both Classical and ECN accounts on USDCHF pair and is programmed to trade using both level trading and hedging strategies.

All you need is to set the risk percent and start trading.

The screenshots section shows the back-test results.

The minimum balance of $2000 is required for standard accounts or $20 for micro accounts.


  • Lots = 0.01
  • Riskpercent = 0.5 (risk percent and its optimum at 0.5 for balance starting from $2000)
  • Magic Number.

Symbol: USDCHF.

Timeframe - H1, but other timeframes can be used as well.

Juan Perez Pereira
Juan Perez Pereira 2019.09.08 18:16 

Martingale = failure

EShaker 2018.07.25 10:31 

Fulltime support and patience of the developer, "Hatem"

Great EA with good results as per the shown back-test

Versão 1.20 2018.08.01
improvement to the code
Versão 1.10 2018.07.09
Improved the code to make it run faster.